May 23, 2015

One Peter Five has an excellent commentary on Can a Catholic Criticize the Pope?. It is well written, clearly sourced and full of Truth. I follow his line of thought on the matter, rather than that of CMTV...mainly because what generally comes out of Rome can be - and many times is - a danger to my Faith and as such, must be resisted. That is just plain old Catholic common sense, backed up by plain old commentary from the Gospels and Saints. I made a comment on the above blog page, and have posted parts of it here, expanding on the theme - for better or for worse - below. I urge all to click over to Steve Skojec's excellent blog and read the article. [Ed.]

It doesn't take a Theologian to parse through the words and actions emanating from Rome, the Pope and others in high office to determine that many times they are at odds with what has been taught prior to today, or at least the last 50 years. At the same time we lament to our friends or write on our blogs of the incredulity - and pain - we endure for our Faith, we also continue to pray for the Pope, Cardinals and Bishops to be True Shepherds and defend the Faith of 2,000 years. The Faith that Christ brought to Earth to save many; not the faith of man being designed and constantly redesigned to save all men. It is clear that the Church has charted a course to become friends with the world, no longer content to remain just friendly.

Has the Church apparently "lost" its mandate of Christ to preach the Truth to all men of the Catholic Faith, alone of all the other man-made "religions" that will gain us Heaven? Are we now to think and believe all men will be saved, as long as they die with "Jesus, I Love You" on their lips? Can we now attend any Church and gain Heaven without converting to Catholicism? And if not, then why is there such a push toward world-wide ecumenism without the requisite conversion to Catholicism? Why are heretical "Bishops" given the same footing as those of Apostolic succession? (See Louie Verrecchio's excellent post here for more on the above points.)

And as for the questions that are at the forefront of many a laymen's mind and have been since October 2014:

- IF the Church does approve of Communion for the divorced and re-married sans annulment; 

- IF the Church gives its blessing to adulterous marriages;

- IF the church throws under the bus the Faithful spouses still living their first and only vows;

- IF the church denies the Justice due to those Innocent Spouses by the continued ignoring of Canon Laws concerning Separation of Spouses;

then I must ask: Of what use and value is the requirement for having to be married within the Catholic Church? 

Am I advocating that Catholics may no longer need to be married within the Catholic Church for validity? Absolutely not! But, it most certainly begs the question...

You cannot bring into full communion known adulterers and adulteresses without Confession, true contrition, repentance and restitution, can you? You cannot hold other sinners hostage to the former, while allowing other sinners a free pass to forgiveness, can you? You cannot continue to keep the validity of marriages only within the Church, while at the same time condoning those that have been consummated - civilly and intimately - outside the Church, can you? You cannot have your cake and eat it to, can you? 

Or can you?

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