May 31, 2015

REBLOG: #RosicaFactor - Another Wayward Priest Threatens To Sue A Blogger

From the blog Restore DC Catholicism comes another call-to-arms:

#RosicaFactor - Another Wayward Priest Threatens To Sue A Blogger

A British blogger, who writes the blog, is being sued by the associate priest in her parish.  Father Dan Fitzpatrick of the Durham Martyrs Church insists on referring to the Holy Spirit as female and the blogger rightly rebuked him.  See Father's twitter page and you'll see this (before it's taken down).

That's not Church teaching as handed down through the Apostles, who would have first-hand knowledge of Jesus' meeting.  A look at Ms. Rock's blog indicates the despicable conduct of Father Fitzpatrick as he is rebuked.  He threatens suit, then claims that Ms. Rock pulled down her post when she did nothing of the sort. I suppose he was simply looking to back down from his suit threat and save face in the process.

A facebook friend coined the term "Rosica Factor" to describe this action; here is her blog post, on Keeping It Catholic.  This hearkens back to the episode several months ago when Vatican official threatened to sue the blogger behind Vox Cantoris.  Wind of it got into the internet and the suit blew up on Rosica's face.  We can make this happen again.  I see a post on this matter is already up on theVox Cantoris blog.

The Church is Durham Martyrs Church.  Here is their contact page.  From the parish site, I gather that they're in the Dioces of Hexham and Newcastle, led by Bishop Seamus Cunningham.  Phone numbers are here, as well as facebook and twitter links.  Try them all.  If any from the North American continent calls, keep in mind that England's time is 5 hours ahead of the US east coast.

As we stood with Vox Cantoris, let us stand with  Faith In Our Families.  I will tweet this, using the hashtag, #RosicaFactor.

More posts from Faith In Our Families on this matter:

Fr James Martin SJ and Fr Dan Fitzpatrick Tweet that the Holy Spirit is Female. How sad.

Fr. Dan now publicly publishes letter saying he will NOT sue me because he’s poor- but continues to slander my name!

This is what we have to do as Catholics - defend our Faith - even if its against the Shepards themselves, for it is plain many out there do not know the religion they were born, baptized, confirmed or ordained into.

Sad state of affairs;sadder still the chickens have to guard their own hen-house from the wolves.

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