June 21, 2015

Happy Fathers Day to Divorced and Separated Dad's Everywhere...

On this Father's Day, a video reminder for Fathers separated from their children due to divorce that we do not need to be loved in order to Love; we are still Fathers before God, even if sometimes it appears not so before our children and that our children still need us, especially when they push us away trying to cope with their own pain and loss. It is then, especially then, when we must beat down the brick wall that separates parent and child and show them they are not alone - and they are still very much Loved...

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A List of Vastly Superior and Eminently More Important Subjects for A Papal Encyclical

These are just my thoughts for Papal pronouncements that would bring more Grace to the Faithful, than the current one of Laudato Si. 

In no particular order, excepting that #1 is something many people wish to see as much as I:

1.) On the Official Reconciliation of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Pius X and Rome.

2.) On the Requirement, under pain of Excommunication, for Catholic Politicians, Catholic Teachers and other Catholic's in Public Service to Uphold The Moral Teachings of Holy Mother Church.

3.) On the Establishment of a Rosary Crusade in every Diocese in the USA to plead to the Mother of Christ for Her intercession that the Catholic Supreme Court Justices of the United States respond to Her many Graces and affirm and assert their Catholic Faith and Morals, thereby upholding Traditional Marriage in the USA.

4.) On the Reversion of the Tridentine Mass back to the Ordinary Form in the Roman Catholic Church.

5.) On the Reaffirmation that Outside the Roman Catholic Church there is no Salvation, that the Sixth Commandment is still Extant and of the Existence of Hell and the Souls therein.

6.) On the ending of Ecumenism and the Reaffirmation that there is only One, True Church of Jesus Christ and all other Churches are heretical, as are their Bishops.

7.) On the Requirement that all Bishops fully support and enforce the Reconciliation of Separated Spouses, as stated in the 1983 Code of Canon Law. 

 8.) On the Reaffirmation that Holy Communion is reserved for those free from Mortal Sin and that the Sacrament of Penance is available for those who currently are not.

9.) On the Divorced and Remarried sans Annulment, reminding them they made the willful decision to Separate themselves from the Church, it is not the Catholic Church who is at fault in this and of the still extant Sacrament of Penance that will open the door to correcting their sin.

10.) On the Reaffirmation of the Roman Catholic Church's mission to convert all men to the One, True Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

11.) On the Establishment of a Universal Church fortnight Rosary Crusade for our Catholic Brethren in the Middle East, that their current sufferings might soon be ended and Peace return to their homes and countries.  

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