August 15, 2015

Of Darkness and Light...Of Frustration and What's Right

I know I said the lights were going out, but there is so much going on in the Catholic Church. Can I write and still give due diligence to family and self? Can any sane Catholic with a modicum of intelligence really stand idle and let it all go unanswered? 

Anyway, while I ponder answers to the above, allow me to post vent a bit with some comments on marriage, the Family Synod, the embracing of sodomy as good and holy, the profanation of the Holy Eucharist, et al.

1. You people (read: Bishops and Cardinals) already implicitly approve of divorce for Catholics, as one is required before approaching your tribunal for an annulment. You use as justification that since a civil divorce is in hand, the marriage is irremediably broken. [HAH! And how would you know? Did you ever speak to the other spouse?] Did you ever stop to think that it may be in hand only because you required it in the first place??? 

It doesn't seem to matter that marriage is the first Sacrament instituted by Christ and that it has the favor of Law [cough-cough], you still ignore the various Canons that mandate the reconciliation of separated spouses. There are 7 such Canons, in case you have forgotten...the same number as the Sacraments, the first of which some of you most assuredly want to neuter during your October 2015 "surprise" [its not really a surprise, though, is it?] Your intentions are so, so you really think we Catholics are just ignorant toddlers who don't see clearly, can't think coherently, and have no understanding of your actions?

2. You (read: Bishops and Cardinals) don't really care about children of divorce, only about the one disaffected spouse (See, I have my civil divorce! This means I had an unhappy marriage and am deserving of a second, more happier one. See!!!) You have no more concern for the innocent children than you do for the Holy Eucharist that you want to let be profaned come October. If you truly cared about the children, you would enforce the Reconciliation Canons...if you truly cared about the Holy Eucharist - the True Body and Blood of Christ (remember Transubstantiation?) - you would enforce Canon 915. You do neither, so - and this is a very explicit "so" - you loudly proclaim to all that you do not care about either children or the Holy Eucharist.

3. Do you remember what Sodomy is? No? Let me explain via a simple Google search:

sod·om·y,ˈsädəmē/ noun: sexual intercourse involving anal or oral copulation. other words:

"one mans bodily appendage that is generally used for emptying out liquid waste, being forced into another man or womans bodily cavity that is generally used for emptying out solid waste."

Clear? Good...

Now then, please tell me how God and/or Christ could ever - EVER - approve of either of the above modern definitions of "Lurv". And what do you find so loving, warm, sincere, compassionate - and Catholic -  about practicing sodomites who claim to be practicing Catholics but who are in violation of God's laws? Do you even attempt to save such Souls by counseling them they run the risk of condemning themselves to Hell if they die unrepentant of this most grievous sin, or do you simply confirm them in their sin under the (dis)guise of human compassion? Remember the words of St. Paul to the Hebrews: Marriage honourable in all, and the bed undefiled. For fornicators and adulterers God will judge. Or does every cleric ascribe to the "we don't know if hell exists" meme? 

4. Why do Sodomites and the-divorced-and-remarried-outside-the-Church-of-their-own-FREE-WILL need special handling anyway...what's so special about them as compared to other sinners? Where is the special handling for those who defraud the laborer of their wages? Aren't they special too? Don't they also have inordinate passions - lust and greed - that need lots of "pastoral care" ? Huh? Why stop with those two? Why not just go ahead and re-write the whole "Sins That Cry to Heaven for Vengeance" thingy and get it updated to the 21st century / Vatican II enlightened thinking? 

Do you remember Sodom and Gomorrah? Do you remember Lot's wife? Do you remember Moses and Mt. Siani?  "But, wait!" says you. "That was all the Old Testament stuffy-fluff. It no longer applies since the mid-to-late 60's Renewal...that stretched into the happy (or was it hippy?) 70's only to be further enlightened by the Re-re-evangelation of the 80's...and then apparently stagnated with the re-re-re-re-renewal of the 90's only to be re-born again into the double-aughts as ????


When will all this nonsense ever - EVER! - be done with? Just how many re-iterations does Vatican II have to go through before the reality hits home? How much explaining on how it's supposed to work does it take? How many Popes will have to be elected before there is one that may "get it right"?

5. Finally, why the hell are you (read: Bishops and Cardinals) hitching your wagon to the climate change, immigration, nuclear proliferation, and other social - and secular - issues, and forgetting entirely the reason for your very existence - THE SALVATION OF SOULS AND CONVERSION OF ONE AND ALL TO THE ONE TRUE FAITH??

And you people (read: Bishops and Cardinals) wonder why you have problems...Sheesh.

As a parent, I understand that teen children can sometimes be obstinate and are many times unreasonable, but despite those traits, they can at least see reason when it stares them in the face. 

What I can't understand is: Why can't you??

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