August 31, 2015

The OF and EF Sacrament of Penance?

You can blame Fr. Carota for what was needed to complete this post. He wrote a very good one himself that all of the Cardinals in the upcoming SYNOD aught to read, before they vote on whether or not to negate 1/3 of the marriage bona. Fr. Carota reminds us all of our struggles with Original Sin and concupiscence (that's what the marriage debate is really all about, isn't it? Once the wine is tasted, its hard to refrain once it's taken away, so many Catholics don't even try) and the already-in-place-remedy of the Sacrament of Confession. Apparently Kasper & Marx LLC believe the Sacrament of Confession too hard for the average sinful Catholic to aspire to with any degree of hope for the Salvation of their Soul, so they will bring the Sacrament down to their level and... VOILA! Salvation secured! [Yippee! Hey, Lord! How Ya doin? Say now...this bein' catholic ain't so bad now, is it? Turns out we 21st century sinners don't really have to go through all the pain and suffering you did, after all. But, Hey! Thanks for redeeming me anyway. Too bad you thought you had to go through all that pain and suffering for little ole me, though. Oh well...see ya, Lord. The Skins and Pats game starts at Noon, and my concubine er...spouse, and I have a box seat.]

Along with the article, Father had this graphic embedded within:

It shows us the path we all have to take to recover what our sinful nature and concupiscence allowed to be lost. It is the same path that a gazillion Catholics have taken in past generations - the path of humbling ourselves before the Alter Christus and regains our Peace of Soul and Friendship with Christ, our Savior.

However, the below graphic is what Kasper & Marx LLC and the soon-to-be-loosed Missionaries of Mercy propose to be done for those who have been accepting of their sin, are comfortable living at odds with Our Lord and who now expect - nee WANT - Our Blessed Savior to condone them in their sin:

Instead of the already-in-place method of regaining one's desire to receive the Body and Blood of Our Lord worthily, we will soon have an alternate confession path that may still require steps 1, 4 and 5 but will excuse us from steps 2 and 3. I can only assume that both forms of confession will now be taught in Religious Education classes, once the merciful missionaries have shown it works. Once it has been established that this method of confession is capable of gaining new $oul$, it stands to reason the former Rite will be abrogated. 

Or will we have the Ordinary Form of Confession and the Extra-Ordinary Form of Confession? One form for the post-VII crowd and one form for pre-concilliar Traditionalist crowd? 

Confusing, no? 

But as the old theatrical adage goes: How will it play in Peoria?(read:Heaven)

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