September 12, 2015

A Fast-Track Commentary on Fast-Track Annullments

The Separation of the Plates of Fidelity and Marriage by the Magma of Modernist Clergy

I've written often on this blog (and prior to this tectonic shift in annulments) that were the liberals granted their push for communion for the divorced and remarried that there would be no need for a Catholic marriage any longer. They will have succeeded in finally neutering the last of the three marriage bona left standing - Fidelity. Having this last bonum already weakened by No Fault Divorce's onslaught, it now appears that Marriage's death knell has come not at the hands of the un-catholic Synod's Minions, but at the ever-merciful hands of Gru himself.

So, can it now effectively be marriage ala carte at whatever religious conviction suits you? Maybe, as it appears the "it's all good because we must be happy in our wedded life" is the new norm. Gone is the requirement pray for each other. Gone is the privelege to sanctify each other through the patient acceptance of the respective marital crosses.  Besides which, aren't we all good little minions anyway and will reach Heaven despite ourselves? (After all, we're not really sure there is a more than a smidgen of a populated Hell anyway, according to this article. Or is there?)

So now, imagine this scenario: "Fr. Mike" speaking to "Mr. and Mrs. Marriage-in-Trouble": "'re unhappy in your catholic marriage? Well then... try our new fast-track annulment process and move on! Once your free of  this most un-catholic of burdens, I recommend you go ahead and try the Lutheran wedding service and see how that one wears on you. You needn't worry, though...if that one doesn't work out, just wait it out 'til we canonize Martin Luther in 2017 and then petition the Lutheran's for an annulment...I'm pretty sure that once St. Martin Luther's elevated to Sainthood, our respective laws will be merged and you'll be eligible for another fast-track annulment. I would then recommend the Southern Baptist sect...they seem to all be happy in their marriages."

Far-fetched? Irreverent? Naive? Mockery? Well, if you believe the above imagining of Fr. Mike's conversation is all those, then you must apply the same to what is currently going on with the unrelenting assault upon Catholic Marriage.

There is no one left to compare Pope Francis to except Barrack Hussein Obama, in so far as "never has so much damage, been done to so many, in so short of time, by one man". The trouble is, the masses of supporters for each man keep smiling and supporting their bulls**t, all the while refusing the reality of the damage strewn behind their (i.e. the mass populace's) puckered butts, or more importantly, their (i.e. the mass populace's) weakened Souls. [ Ed. note: my harsh critique of this Pontiff is mild compared to that of other bloggers, so don't squirm as you read it. It doesn't detract from his position as Head of the Church on Earth nor of my allegiance and prayers for him as such, any more than does my former wife's divorce and annulment for her.] [UPDATE: The underlined parentheses above clarifies who I meant by the pronoun "their"...lest anyone think I was referring to the POTUS or the Pontiff, which I wasn't. Even I was confused after reading it a few hours later, hence, the needed clarification.]

Vatican II - while not entirely full of error - is full of enough critical errors as to make it entirely culpable for what has just occurred. The streamlining of annulments is just the continuation of the streamlining of Catholicism started in 1962. And it may not be over with yet...

As the sayings go: "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" and its corollary: "the floor of Hell is paved with the skulls of Bishops."

God help us...

[Ed. note: the foundation for this article is rooted in a comment I made to this post: Who Is The Pharisee Now?  I am indebted to its author for stimulating my ever-aging thought processes...I think.]


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