September 13, 2015

RE-POST: Divorced and Remarried Catholics



I posted the following comment to a recent article (here)  about divorced and remarried Catholics:

"Those who marry without benefit of annulment have voluntarily chosen to sin for the sake of self. They have chosen the wide gate, rather than the narrow one. They have chosen self over God. The correction is simple - to return to the Sacraments, fix the sin. If you can't get an annulment, then live as brother & sister, if you can't do that, then separate for the sake of your Soul and those of any children.

All the hoopla about the pastoral care of those who voluntarily chose the path of sin is incredulous, while all the silence for the pastoral care of the abandoned spouse and children is quite deafening. Since when do the needs of the one trump the needs of the many? Since when does the spiritual care of abandoners trump the spiritual care of the spouses who choose to remain faithful to their first vows? Why does the Church feel the need to lower Christ's standards to ensure the "feel-good" emotional state of inveterate sinners, while chopping the legs from under the spouses who have chosen to remain Faithful to Christs teachings and their first and only marriage? Where does true mercy lie? Where does true justice lie? It certainly does not lie with the focus on loving the sin and the sinner, but on hating the sin, loving the sinner and converting the sinner from their sin to Save their Soul.

If the divorced and remarried-without-annulment want full communion and don't want to feel bad while sitting in the pew with tears streaming down their face because they are restricted - BY THEIR OWN CHOICE - from receiving the Body and Blood of Our Lord, then correct the sin by Confession, Absolution, Repentance and Repair of the damage caused by the sin. Everyone else in the Catholic Church has to do the same thing to gain Heaven, without changing the rules...the divorced and remarried are no exception, so why is the Church trying to make them so?"

If the Church - especially here in the USA - had as much "pastoral concern" for marriages pre-divorce as they do post-divorce, it is not a far reach to say that many more marriages - and Souls - would be saved.

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