September 14, 2015

"War Is Upon You..." Part Deux and a Bishop's Apology to the SSPX

Theoden: "I will not risk open war."

Aragorn: "Open war is upon you whether you would risk it or not."

And so, it seems, the above is becoming more and more
possible - nee probable  - if the events unfolding re: the Synod continue to explode upon the Catholic World. The latest salvo to hit the airwaves and expose the Synod's agenda was Edward Pentin's recent article/excerpt from his book in the National Catholic Register. There are, however, many such articles to publish the past few days to know we are enmeshed in a war to defend our Catholic Faith against the wolves-in-sheep's-clothing: from promoting heresy by a diocese to openly condoning sin for profit via fast-track cafeteria (c)atholicism. 

The Mother-of-All-Wars is here and now Dear Friends. If there remains any Catholic unsure, he needs but to read the Catholic headlines on Pewsitter. You don't even need to read the articles...just reading the headlines are enough to make you weep, as did the the women at the Foot of the Cross, over our continually re-crucified Bride of Christ.

I wrote the below comment about a year ago to this article over at New Sherwood. At the time, I noted that it " a comment I should just cut-and-paste to each and every bloggers post on the latest (what do you call it?) coming from the gathering of those who call themselves Shepherds...":

"It's becoming more hard by the day to give the honor, respect and obedience due the Hierarchy - including the Pope - when every day you see/read/hear of them rejecting the traditional "good order and discipline" of the Catholic "family". Every day they more and more tell us black is now grey, and yes is now maybe, and mortal sin is now not so bad and Our Lord is just oh-so-merciful and he won't condemn us for receiving HIM unworthily. It is difficult not to run screaming from the house.

But where else is there to go? Nowhere. So you stay and just remain a part of the family, but you resist, you disobey, you challenge... everything that goes against "the good order and discipline" of the family and that is detrimental to your and your families Salvation - and continue to pray like hell. Especially the Rosary, the only weapon that can stop this madness."

Michael Matt has another excellent commentary on his Remnant Video about The War that is now upon us. It comes towards the end of the episode which, primarily, is of Bishop Morlino's apology to the SSPX to his recent letter

The Remnant already sees the coming can anyone not?

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