September 19, 2015

I have a disease...

... and you know what? I glad. I am so very damn glad that I do. Ecstatic. Overjoyed. Pleased. Teeming with smiles. Waaa-hooo-ooo! 

What is this disease I am so very damn happy that I've got? It's called the:

"Frankly, My Dear... I Don't Give a Damn" Disease

I just got through sifting through another expose by Michael Voris on the SSPX (nope, not linking to it...go find it yourself. I'm done with the man. I just may delete all references to him on this little spit of a blog.) 

I am tired of his FBI Files, his Vortex, his exposes' of pretty much a non-issue with most Traditional Catholics. Does he really think a mass exodus of the Faithful that attends the SSPX Masses is about to happen because he exposed some never-before-known-quasi-schismatic-bent of the SSPX that is going to rupture the Heart and Soul of the Roman Catholic Church if he - Michael Voris - doesn't bring it to light and damn fast at that? Does he not YET understand the reason the SSPX is so full and continues to grow? 

Frankly, I'm sick of hearing about it, and him, and all the rest. Yes, Yes, I know...I attend SSPX Masses and will continue to support them, so I'm completely biased. Sue me.  I've also attended the Novus Ordo and the FSSP Masses. I'm still sick and tired of him and his - what? (I refuse to call it news, Catholic or otherwise.) Vendetta? 

And no...I personally don't give a damn about all the Canon Laws everyone keeps spouting the SSPX are supposedly breaking. How many other Canon Laws are ignored or simply not enforced. How about all the Canons that mandate seeking the reconciliation of separated spouses? How about getting some Canon Lawyer on the program and dissect that one?!!? How about discussing the reasons Bishops simply ignore Canon Law! Where is the Vortex episode exposing the lies and falsehoods of annulments, and the ignoring of Canon Laws that just might possibly preserve a marriage in trouble, rather than working to end it. Where is the Vortex episode exposing how a Bishop can pronounce a Catholic and Sacramental Marriage "irreparably broken" by a civil court and then just let it go on and be annulled without so much of a conference between the two spouses whose lives and families are about to be destroyed? For the sake of what? Oh, yeah...someone is unhappy. Big friggin' woop.

And what about Canon 915? And all the politicians who openly support an institution that is murdering babies. And then selling their body parts. For a profit. Where is the damn Vortex episode on why the Bishops - every last one of them - are not camping on the door step of every Planned Parenthood office in the country?

The programs on the SSPX have devolved into a farce, in my opinion. They have - every last one of them - outlived far outlived their usefulness. 

For the Faithfull who still believe the SSPX in schism, the programs are simply meaningless.

 For the Faithful who continue to attend the SSPX Masses and receive the Sacraments and get married before an SSPX priest, they are simply meaningless.

 Who then - is he trying to convert? The few dozen on the border who are now so scared of even breathing the name "SSPX" and are all probably in deathly fear of being in "schism" themselves just by going to any Traditional Mass so they just stay where they are in the Novus Ordo?

Good Lord, Mr. Voris. 

Give. It. Up. 

Not that it probably matters to you, but I'm giving you up...and that's a pretty bold step on my part. Hell, I haven't even given up on my former wife yet, after 5-1/2 years of her divorce and annulment. 

Yes...I have a disease. And I'm glad of it... 

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