October 21, 2015

Dear Pope Francis and the Cardinals and Bishops of the 2015 Synod On the Family...

You are scaring me. No. Let me re-phrase that: You have scared me. You have shaken my trust in you almost to my Catholic core. You have shaken the trust that you will continue to guard that Deposit of Faith of that has been entrusted to you by Our Lord Jesus Christ. You have me scared that you will change Doctrine (which you cannot do); change pastoral practice (which you can do) from what it now is to what it should never be; change the notion that sodomites have a place in the Church (which they do), should enjoy full communion (which they should not without repentance and reconciliation to Church teaching and God's Laws). Do you even remember Sodom and Gomorrah of the Old Testament? Or are you going to write that out of the next edition of the FrancisHolyBible?

You have me scared that the Church into which I was Baptized and Confirmed; into which I was married, divorced and annulled (as if the latter two weren't already enough to shake my trust), will be so changed as to be almost unrecognizable as anything but another Protestant heretical sect, which many of you probably are closet members of anyway, judging by the words that have escaped your lips of late. In times of old, in the times of Pope St. Pius X or Blessed Pius IX,  you would more than likely be enjoying the fruits of your excommunication; instead, you are basking in the glory of modern man and your fellow modernist confreres. That alone is enough to start doubting your sincerity and Love of the Catholic Church. I would be less concerned (and more sure you were on the right path) if almost all of the news anchors were reporting on the Synod's rigidity to Catholic Doctrine or the numerous personal attacks upon your honesty, integrity and concern for modern Catholics. At least then I would know you were imitating Our Blessed Lord...

However, imitating Him most of you are not. Mocking Him many of you are. Re-purposing His words some of you are doing endlessly, such as unbinding His Justice from His Mercy. At this moment in time, there are probably more heretical Protestants clinging closer to Catholic Truths than you presently are, though not even they are immune to modernist influence of their sects.

Regardless of my being afraid, I can assure you of my continued prayers for yourselves and the good intentions of the Synod, though honestly I don't know why. Probably for the same reason I still pray for my former spouse - Love. Not the "lurv" you are now promoting, but the Love of Christ shown to the world from His Cross - non-reciprocal; unrequited; all forgiving. Despite your being 180 degrees off the Roman Catholic mark by openly promoting heresy, embracing sodomy and enshrining adultery, you are still the chosen of the Church and of Christ, validly ordained priests and direct Successors to the Apostles - and one of you to St. Peter himself. Those reasons alone demand I pray for you and your good intentions, no matter what my personal beliefs and opinions are. Never will I or any pray for your bad intentions, however, which you can be assured of that many of the Faithful in the pews of your Churches and Cathedrals readily see playing out in your presence. 

As you continue your final deliberations of re-writing the Holy Bible, the Catholic Faith and current Catholic Doctrine, I think it wise you remember also Newton's Third Law of Motion, and especially so, the Creator and Author of both the man and the principle. If you do not, then don't be surprised when its application shows up if you are successful in implementing the bad at the expense of the good. When Newton's Third Law is enacted full force in your dioceses and parishes, you will feign ignorance of why, as you watch from the sidelines the exodus from the pews that will - nay MUST - happen.

Respectfully in Christ, 

A concerned Roman Catholic

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