September 16, 2016

A Commentary on Things Past and Present

For many Catholics - indeed all Catholics - the line in the sand has now been drawn. It is now a wide furrow that is unable to be mistaken for anything other than what it represents - God vs Man; God's Law's vs man's laws; Purity of Soul vs Lust of Nature. Black and white has now been made a neutral grey, its purity and beauty now decided by the whim of the person, rather than the immutable Truth of God. More fitting words cannot describe it better than:


It is indeed finished. The pews may empty more, now. The collection basket may be a bit more lighter the Sunday after the announcement than the Sunday before, because some will believe the Bishops and Cardinals could have/should have done more (in grand scheme of this life, what is more important: junk theology or one's immortal Soul?) Some may walk out when a priest presents his judgement on why his flock must now contravene God's Law and welcome and celebrate with openness, joy and love the "couple" in the next pew who have now been confirmed in their sin. There is no need any longer to Hate the Sin and Love the sinner...we can now Love the Sinner AND his/her sin because the most prominent of Catholic's have pronounced it so. The first priest who lawfully refuses to lay the Sacred Body and Blood of Christ upon an unworthy tongue will be crucified, like his Savior before him, when the news goes viral. His Bishop may pronounce it is not the way of the Diocese and that Christ Loves all men and women, including those in the darkest reaches of lust, and announce this particular priest has decided to take a sabbatical and re-discover his Ecumenistic Catholicism and become a better "servant to the poor" and " a smeller of the sheep". You know it will happen, because it already has.

And it will also happen because the Church has (apparently) lost Her focus. The focus was lost within the Pontificate of John XXIII and most certainly in that of Paul VI, he of the Mass we now call the OF, the Novus Ordo. That is where the grey's, the green's, the red's and the blue's all coalesced into something that was able to be individualized by the local celebrant. The black and white Objective Truth of the now-EF Tridentine Mass was shoved aside - illegally, as it turns out - in favor of the new: the new that was, in part, helped in its production by Protestants who had no business dipping their heretical fingers into our Catholic Latin Mass. Such is the world of Ecumenism at the expense of Truth. When the Mass was changed, so was our Foundation and our Faith and we are now reaping the whirlwind of this lack of catechetical teaching of the past 60 years.

Theoden: "I will not risk open war."

Aragorn: "Open war is upon you whether you would risk it or not."

Who will now rise in defense of the Sacred; of the Bible; of the chosen words of Christ Himself? Who now will sacrifice his clerical career to the man on earth, and yet willing do so for the greater reward that awaits him from the Man in Heaven? Who will be the first to stare down the evil that infects Holy Mother Church? Who will be the first to sacrifice his Bishop purple or his Cardinal red for the lowly life of a parish curate in northern Manitoba or the farther-most reaches of Nairobi? Raymond Cardinal Burke? Bishop Athanasius Schneider? Robert Cardinal Sara? Archbishop Blase Cupich?

I doubt it...but might be wrong...hope I am wrong. For the moment, we are defended in large part, not by the upper-level hierarchy, but by the Michael Matt's, the Louie Verrecchio's, the Anne Barnhardt's. By the SSPX, the Father Michael Rodriguez's, the Father Lawrence Cizik's. The sheep are for the most part, guarding themselves, are they not? Where are they who will "...Open thy mouth for the dumb, and for the causes of all the children that pass. Open thy mouth, decree that which is just, and do justice to the needy and poor" ?

Where are you? We need you! Christ needs you! Holy Mother Church needs you! How long will you remain cowering in the darkness of your palatial dens, waiting for others to do the work that you were given Divine command to perform yourselves?

Well? Where ARE you???

Copyright 2016 David Heath - All Rights Reserved

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