September 21, 2016

The Sheep Are Now the Defenders of The Faith

"For the moment, we are defended in large part, not by the upper-level hierarchy, but by the Michael Matt's, the Louie Verrecchio's, the Anne Barnhardt's. By the SSPX, the Father Michael Rodriguez's, the Father Lawrence Cizik's. The sheep are for the most part, guarding themselves, are they not?"

"Despite your being 180 degrees off the Roman Catholic mark by openly promoting heresy, embracing sodomy and enshrining adultery, you are still the chosen of the Church and of Christ, validly ordained priests and direct Successors to the Apostles - and one of you to St. Peter himself. Those reasons alone demand I pray for you and your good intentions, no matter what my personal beliefs and opinions are. Never will I or any pray for your bad intentions..."

As noted above, I've already written on the sheep more or less guarding the flock, for our Apostolic Shepherds appear nowhere to be found except setting on high in their palatial estates, enjoying the Al Smith dinners, the US border "hey-look-at-me" Communion wafer give-away or playing the subservient to Islamic heretics that would just as soon slice their throat as look at them.

In bits-and-pieces conversation, in letters-to-editors, in individual blogs, in an anguished combox plea,  it is by and large the Faithful foot soldiers of Christ - who now appear to be only cannon-fodder for the modernists - who have sounded the alarm to all the other sheep of the imminent danger to their Souls. The response from the Shepherds has been nothing more than a loud belch from the gullet, let out only to expel air to allow more feasting on the modernist ham laid before them. The Faithful responses, conversely, have been rising exponentially since 2013 and it was only a matter of time before the in-your-face challenge to the arrogant and self-serving hierarchy reached a crescendo that would be hard pressed to be ignored.

 And so that time has arrived. With many prayers and much appreciation going to The Remnant, Catholic Family News and especially to Misters Matt, Ferrara & Vennari, I believe it is only going to become more loud, more vocal and more intense, for what else is left for the Faithful but to call upon their Catholic birthright and Canon Law and force the Shepherds to stand and deliver on their Apostolic promises:

With Burning Concern: We Accuse Pope Francis

"The culminating event that impelled us to take this step was the revelation of your 'confidential' letter to the bishops of Buenos Aires authorizing them, solely on the basis of your own views as expressed in 
Amoris Laetitia
, to admit certain public adulterers in 'second marriages' to the sacraments of Confession and Holy Communion without any firm purpose of amending their lives by ceasing their adulterous sexual relations. " 

Michael Matt, Christopher Ferrara & John Vennari
Please do read of their joint efforts in defense of Catholicism by clicking on the link above, and join me in continued prayers for the above men, modern-day Vendeans all, that their efforts come to fruition and awaken from their torpor the Shepherds who have been ignoring their Divine vocations, including the Chief Shepherd, Pope Francis. 

"Instaurare omnia in Christo" should be the motto not only of Pope St Pius X, but of each and every Roman Catholic. Let us hope and pray it comes soon.

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