October 31, 2016


"It is at moments like these when it is helpful to recall the words of Pope Felix III (as quoted by Pope Leo XIII in Inimica Vis): “An error which is not resisted is approved; a truth which is not defended is suppressed…. He who does not oppose an evident crime is open to the suspicion of secret complicity.” ( from "An Error Not Resisted is Approved", posted on the blog 1P5, August 28, 2015)

I am not a very good Catholic. I know very little Latin by heart - I can't pray the Hail Mary in Latin without a missal in front of me, nor the Our Father, for that matter. I understand it even less (I got a D- in Latin in high school), except for that required in order to serve a Latin Mass (I've never served an English one, even as a teen). I have sinned and, sadly, many times grievously so. I feel rather embarrassed when the priest may recite the Prayers after Mass in Latin and almost the entire congregation at that Mass follows effortlessly along - without looking at their missal (I know...I've stolen a look or two just to be sure.) I've bookmarked webpage after webpage of Papal Encyclicals to read, but have yet to read a single one - save Casti Connubii many years ago. One could say I am a small-c Catholic, at worst; a mediocre Catholic at best. If I am objectively honest about the whole matter, I really only do slightly more than the minimum necessary to attain salvation...like praying the Rosary daily.

But regardless of the above, I've never tried to sidestep or internal forum-ize the gravity of sin, hoping to get a definite mortal one, for instance, modified into a teeny-weeny venial one ("...no Father, I really and truly was pushed into that strip club by the crowd"). I've never lost the Conscience-pricking knowledge that my tiniest and least grievous mortal sin - left unconfessed - could send me for eternity into the darkest reaches of Hell, forever spewing vitriolic hatred towards myself, everyone else and God. I always knew that if I ever got the chance as a young male adult - and a more-or-less non-practicing Catholic - to wake up next to a warm female body - sans marriage, of course - that I'd just as likely wake up in Hell if I died in my sleep. The same thing in my wanting to date and hopefully marry an attractive, but divorced, young woman, which I seriously tried to do once a very, very long time ago - and almost succeeded but for that prickly Conscience thingy. 

I still know that the Catholic Faith is predicated upon plain old Objective Truth...you know, the Truth that: 

  • God is God; 
  • Jesus Christ is God; 
  • The Holy Spirit is God; 
  • The Ten Commandments were written by God Himself and handed down to Moses.
  • God smited by the thousands the Israelites who revolted against Him while He and Moses were chatting (and wasn't this the first case of the just punishment due to man for violating the 6th Commandment, written just hours or minutes before?)
  • The Bible is the inspired Word of God, written for our instruction and sanctification by men enlightened by God Himself. Therefore, it cannot be in error.
  • Christ told Mary Magdalene to go and sin no more in order to be saved, not to just "go" and still be saved simply because she touched His hem, spoke His name and/or gazed upon His countenance.
  • Outside of the Catholic Church there is no Salvation (and no amount of ecuminism now or in the future will change that Objectively True statement. One either dies in the bosom of Holy Mother Church, or one doesn't...God won't let us have it both ways, I'm afraid.) 

So how does all this tie in to the quote at the beginning? Just this: I will bend my earthly Will to Rome and her pronouncements only as they are re-stated and defended as they have always been for 2,000 years or so. I will bend my earthly Will to any Pope  - no matter how he dresses - as long as he is doing what has always been done in defending and promoting - including proselytizing - the Roman Catholic Faith. I will bend my Will to any Cardinal, Bishop or Priest who does the same thing, just like all those before them.

I will not bend my Will to any of the above who turns the Objective Truth of the Catholic Faith into a subjective one, whether that subjectiveness is wielded by a single priest, a bishop, a cardinal, a bishop's conference or a Pope. They have no right to expect that of me and cannot even command me to do so, even under edict - unless and until they disavow or abrogate the extant Truth (example: 6th Commandment) that is in direct opposition to the re-formulated version being promoted (example: Amoris Laetitia). There can never be two differing versions of an Objective Truth (example: adultery is a mortal sin, except in Amoris Laetitia) and I have every right to challenge such drivel. A cleric can tell me that I must believe in the 10 Commandments to be a true son of the Catholic Church, but, how can he also tell me in the same breath that there are two different-but-same versions of the 6th? That would mean that there are now 11 Commandments, with a bunch a sub-commandment variations labeled 11a, 11b, 11c, 11d, etc. 


I fear the Church is fast losing one of its Four Marks: "ONE". How long before the others - Holy, Catholic and Apostolic -  fall prey to this ecuministic nightmare? The one world religion of the new world order is appearing just around the corner, and are there no Princes of the Church willing to rise to Her and their defense? Will those few whose voices were being heard, but that are now being silenced continue to allow themselves to be shunted aside for those with more heterodox views of Catholicism?  Will they continue to two-step around the truth to protect their citadels? Are earthly trappings more important than Heavenly ones? When will the line in the sand be drawn - and by whom? Vocal-only resistance simply emboldens those in the minority to continue unabated. It took the marshalling of the Vendeans into battle to defend their Holy Mother Church, not words; it took the marshalling of the Cristeros into battle to defend their Roman Catholic Faith, not words. Can any one Prince of the Church believe this war will require less of them than it did simple peasants? Are their earthly trappings somehow worth more than those of Bl. Miguel Pro? Somehow, I doubt it...

I'm going to pay some homage to ecuminism here and borrow from and slightly edit the oft-quoted Protestant catch-all acronym: WWJD.  Instead of "What Would Jesus Do?" however, I will Catholicize it by changing it to: WHAT WOULD JESUS DEFEND?  

For very good reasons, I don't think He would be defending one iota of what some in high places are currently attempting to do with His Church and His Mass.

Nor would it surprise me to see Him marshalling a few nearby peasants, grabbing his whip and chasing them out of His temple...again. 

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October 22, 2016

Public Rosary Procession in St. Marys (Kansas, USA)

Ed. note: I was privileged to be part of the walking Faithful again this year...

From the SSPX District of the USA:

Public Rosary Procession in St. Marys

October 19, 2016 
To mark the beginning of the month of the Holy Rosary, Assumption Chapel in St. Marys, KS held a public Rosary Procession.

As night fell on St. Marys, Kansas on Sunday, October 2, a train of candles, like an earthly Milky Way, stretched itself through the streets. Nearly 1,300 candles and torches illumined the evening while hymns to the Blessed Virgin and the repetition of Hail Marys made their way heavenward.
The candlelight procession honored the Virgin Mother during the month of the Holy Rosary. And it is done annually to pray for the restoration of Christ the King. Such a restoration, St. Pius X reminded the world in his encyclical Ad Diem Illum Laetissimum, begins with Mary. The Pontiff asked:
Can anyone fail to see that there is no surer or more direct road than by Mary for uniting all mankind in Christ and obtaining through Him the perfect adoption of sons, that we may be holy and immaculate in the sight of God?”
The procession, which started on the Academy grounds, wove its way into the center of town. At the head of the procession marched the Knights of the Immaculata and Honor Guard of Mary, two Marian sodalities for the boys at the Academy. Close behind them, Fr. Joseph Wood, accompanied by Fr. John Bourbeau and Fr. Paul Franks, carried a reliquary of the Blessed Virgin that contained a piece of her veil. And following immediately after the priests came the religious, the Children of Mary, the Eucharistic Crusaders, and finally over 1,000 faithful from Assumption Chapel.

Read the rest here, which also includes a photo gallery:

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October 15, 2016

Divorce: 6 Years On - Part III / III

         "I've dealt with my ghosts and faced all my demons
                         Finally content with a past I regret
        I've found you find strength in your moments of weakness
                         For once I'm at peace with myself
       I've been burdened with blame, trapped in the past for too long
                         I'm movin' on..."
 ("I'm Movin' On" by Rascal Flatts)

And so here we are, today, October 15, 2016, the 6th anniversary of living within the bubble wrap of divorce. In it's entirety, the timeline breaks down as follows:

  • 6 Years
  • 72 Months
  • 313 Weeks
  • 2,193 Days
  • 28 Minutes
  • 45 seconds

Not a long time, by others standards who have lived it far longer than I, but nonetheless an era I'd just as soon not have had to live through. Nor should anyone, for that matter. My opinion of divorce as a means to solve marital woes is no secret (at least within this blog) and will never change. I still believe it to be - in the cases of the 80-plus percent of "irreconcilable differences" - an escapism for the sake of the adults, more so than the "it's for the children" meme. My justification for this statement? Simply this: Can an action that has as its main byproduct known and documented harm to children really be undertaken just "for the children?" How could any parent fall for such drivel? How could any parent (especially Catholic ones) truly justify an emotional action that perhaps may end their own emotional woes, but at the same time have no interest (can they be so naive?) nor, apparently, the understanding in knowing that all they have done is to transfer their own emotional woes onto the backs of their own children? Children who - no matter their age - are ill-equipped to handle them? It defies logic, and Mr. Spock would raise his quizzical eyebrow at the very thought of trying to parse that objectively true fact. 

I've long since stopped trying as well, and have learned to live within the bubble I had a hand in the making of; a hand in trying to stop before it got its own wind; and a hand in trying to repair the damage already done. The die has been cast and little in the way of overt and external actions on my part are going to change mindsets that have seemingly become immune to change. If I had to put a finger on the exact moment in time this revelation sunk in, it was probably the day one of my older teenage children remarked to me:

       "I don't mind sacrificing my happiness..."

Now...tell me that your Parental Heart didn't just have a fatal myocardial infarction. I know mine did before the last sound of "happiness" ever reached my ears. I was simply dumbfounded at such a statement and it did but confirm the emotional cocoon that some of my children were yet wrapped in after 6 years - and likely will be for some time to come, apparently. No less so than other children of divorce, and no less the heartache for the parent or parents of those children.

In searching for a theme for the final entry of this divorce trilogy, I fell back onto the oft-used and ubiquitous meme of "..movin' on", which seems to be yet extant - but no longer exclusive - to the bubble of divorce. The first stanza of Rascal Flat's song surely speaks to a large majority of those enmeshed in divorce as innocent respondents (and here I refer to those who neither promoted nor wanted divorce - no matter their own frailties) and who continue the march onward in the battle to repair family and parent-child relationships - and their children's lives. Respondents who can identify "...with [their] ghosts and faced all [their] demons, Finally content with a past [they] regret". As would we all, for who would not have any regrets over the incalculable harm inflicted upon their own children? And the contentment comes from knowing that, although they may not yet be forgiven by some, they are at least forgiven by the only One that trully matters through the power and efficacy of the Sacrament of Penance. It is within this Sacrament that they "find strength in [their] moments of weakness", as well as the courage and fortitude to continue to carry the Cross their Lord has placed before them. And no, Christ does not Will - nor want - evil to befall us, but when it does so unbidden, He will always provide the means to endure - if not always with patience, at least with conviction and courage. 

So...how to end this? What do I pass along that has not already been said before? I'll not write of my personal woes any longer to be sure - there are others who have fared far, far worse than I, and continue to do so more silently. I sincerely hope that what has already been written has, at the least, caused some who are contemplating divorce to step away from the precipice and re-evaluate their priorities - and your own personal happiness is not one of them when you have children, my friends. You willingly, albeit implicitly, gave your assent to the potential for marital unhappiness the moment you said:

                       "I Will."

Does a personal commitment vowed then, mean so very little now?

For me, I will continue to do what I have always done, though now more so in the background than overtly. Too much time has elapsed for certain minds and hearts to voluntarily change, though I fear the life's lessons yet to be learned for those dear to me. But such is life, is it not? We either change of our own volition, or we are forced into change by circumstance, which many times is not going to be to our liking. Whatever the future may bring, I will continue to ensure that my children will always know they will forever remain much loved in my heart - as I hope will all children of divorce concerning their own parents.

            "At last I can see life has been patiently waiting for me
                     And I know there's no guarantees, but I'm not alone
           There comes a time in everyone's life
                   When all you can see are the years passing by
           And I have made up my mind that those days are gone."

Please. Wake up to reality before your days are gone - along with your wife or husband...and your children.

October 9, 2016

Restore-DC-Catholicism: Stand With Faithful Catholics Of Nashville TN

Lending my voice to what is posted over at Restore DC Catholicism, link below...

The heavy handedness of the local Ordinary is simply NOT CATHOLIC. No one should have any qualms of conscience about withholding funds from any parish any where that openly supports what is known by Roman Catholics to be at odds with the perennial Church teaching. No matter who promulgates such drivel; no matter what subjective interpretation has been used cover over the Objective Truth as it has always been taught, we still must hold fast to that TRUTH! - despite its subjective covering. 

Kudo's to the above blog owner and to those parents who choose to fight such un-Catholic and uncharitable tactics. My prayers are with you.

Restore-DC-Catholicism: Stand With Faithful Catholics Of Nashville TN

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October 8, 2016

Dear Jorge

Dear Jorge, 

Hey! How ya doin', Bud? It's really nice to see everyone lovin' ya, you know...it makes this Baby Boomer's heart flutter, as it seems to me the 60's and 70's have arrived in the Catholic Church - "Make Love, not war"; "I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony"; "Imagine there's no heaven. ...no countries, no possessions" and this beauty, "You may say I'm a dreamer..." All this is what you are wanting, is it not? Isn't this is your personal mantra; your belief, your ideology? Glad to see it's all working for you...  Yep. I'd say you are living the dream, no? I mean...molding and forming a big, out-dated, medieval and archaic conglomerate out of its Dark Ages and into the Modern Man era? It's hard to imagine that everyone - and I mean everyone - wouldn't be onboard with you.

I have to tell you, though - and don't take this personally  - but I can't be one of them. I know you don't really care about that, as you've already made known what you think, me being a Traditionalist and all. But no matter, you know I've "got your back" with my daily Rosary intentions. I still hope - and pray, obviously - that you'll come around to my way of thinking. But that's in your "God of surprises" hands, is it not? When that time comes, I hope that you are not all that surprised...and further still, pray that time comes before your Particular Judgement. Ah, ah...don't laugh, my Friend...despite all you do and hope to accomplish, that particular aspect of this medieval and archaic conglomerate  is still an extant teaching. At least, I think so. I haven't checked the Vatican homepage this morning...

Which begs a question as to why you leave all these past teachings intact, all the while you promote through your executive actions the exact opposite? For instance, I - and probably all Catholics - know that you want, approve and more or less demand Communion for the divorced and remarried sans annulment, but yet you leave intact the 6th and 9th Commandments, the strong words of Our Lord against adultery in the Bible as well as the various Saints and prior Papal documents against it. Wouldn't it clear the air for all concerned if you simply wrote and promulgated another Papal document that negated all these that conflict with your desires? Just asking, man...hope you're not offended...don't mean to be judgemental, but it is a fair question, isn't it? I know I'm repeating what I've written before, Jorge, but you have never answered...why?

I also - and again, please don't be offended - but I'm getting tired of seeing your picture plastered all over the newswires, day in and day out - don't you ever sleep, my friend? You aren't that photogenic after all - a clown nose, really?? Can you imagine me posting daily pictures of myself in the blogosphere, in various good will poses, in the same white robe/black shoes outfit? Couldn't you at least shake things up a bit and wear a different pair of shoes? Red ones, would be good, don't you think? White and Red are always good companion colors. After all, they have symbolic meanings: White = Purity and Red = Blood (as in Martyrs and Our Lord's Passion). Wouldn't that shake things up a bit!! Hey, now that I think of it, didn't your predecessor's of old wear red shoes? Everyone seemed to like it, and it's all about being liked nowadays, is it not? I can't wait to see your next photo!! Surprise me!

More seriously, though, I really can't get too excited about all that you're doing - chalk it up to my faulty upbringing, I suppose. My parents must have been radicalized in their youth and  gifted me with that same radicalization. But, you know...all that radicalization makes sense: Clarity. Order. Discipline. Universality. Forgiveness (but forgiveness with mercy and justice). And most importantly - Hierarchy. Hierarchy with God and Christ at the top, me at the bottom and you, remember, in between. I sometimes think that you think that you are at the top...but you aren't, really. You do know that, right, Jorge? You do know that you are only a caretaker of sorts, correct? That you cannot change the basic foundation of this medieval and archaic conglomerate, without changing its Divine and Salvific origins? You have to remember that its founding members restricted it to all those who willingly enter by its narrow gates, and not to those who simply walk in at the open borders? That it is we - the common ordinary peoples of the world - who must change and NOT this medieval and archaic conglomerate? Remember these prophetic words uttered by your Boss (which you have chosen not to abrogate, at least not yet: "Enter ye in at the narrow gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there are who go in thereat." and "Strive to enter by the narrow gate; for many, I say to you, shall seek to enter, and shall not be able." 

Take it or leave, Jorge...but I'd be concerned about getting fired for not following the Boss's directives. You're only the CEO, ya know; your Boss, however, is Chairman-in-Perpetuity, with the exception that he will always own the conglomerate you represent and therefore can never lose control nor have it or the conglomerate wrested from him. He seems to me to be pretty strict, at least as it regards the foundation of his company. So...be careful. Forewarned is forearmed, they say. I'll keep praying for ya, to be sure!

Well, I have to get moving..have to go to the grocery store, balance the checkbook, etc. Hey! do I wish I had my very own personal bank like you do...it would sure make my financial statement look tons better! After 6 years of paying for this unwanted divorce and annulment (remember? I sent you an appeal and your court denied it? Remember that?) I could sure use the extra cash! Hah! Hah!

Anyway, I "gotta git" as they say. But I'll leave you with this promise, Jorge: I'll always keep praying for you and your "good" intentions and that you will someday find it easier to gulp more and just follow your Boss's directives a bit more religiously...it will certainly make your life easier, in some regards, and you will most certainly find many more "friends in low places"...true friends who have nothing but your best interests at heart, along with your Salvation. You might loose a few of your friends in your current entourage, but believe me, the return on your investment will be much greater - and who knows, but you might even "convert" a few dozen of those purported friends. 

At the least, I'll see less of your mug in the papers! HAH! HAH!

Kindest Regards, 


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October 4, 2016

Divorce: 6 Years On - Part II / III

The Scarlet "D" (of divorce) an innocent respondent seems to forever face is the assumption that he/she didn't know the first thing about marriage: how it works; how to keep their spouse and kids "happy"; how to overcome their own frailties; how to adapt, to adjust or to adjudicate the myriad of problems - real or imagined - of self, spouse and kids. It's not true, of course, but it seems that way to me. More specifically, the various attitudes and the seemingly overwhelming personalities which have to be navigated are compounded into infinity when spouses are on opposite sides of pretty much all things, including children and marital problems. If the words "United We Stand; Divided We Fall" had a clearly narrowed meaning when eloquently spoken by Patrick Henry, their meaning today is more broadly interpreted. And nowhere is that interpretation more broader than in marriage and divorce. If Charity is the first of the Theological Virtues to fall in a divorce, then certainly temporal marital Unity follows closely on its heels. You can't keep both intact if either one falls, for both are, in this writer's opinion, enjoined when the "I Do" is pronounced. The mortal crack forms the moment the gavel falls and, except in the rarest of cases, cannot be stopped.

You must be aware that there are no winners in a divorce and unless you are exceedingly wealthy, no one wins the financial security award: credit ratings fall out the bottom due to divorce, especially for Respondents. In my case, only in the past few months have I experienced the beginning of recovery after almost 6 years of this tragicomedy of errors. If I am financially stable at the moment (meaning I can work more-or-less normal hours, pay my bills and still have funds leftover for weekly savings deposits...mostly), true financial security won't come for another half-decade at least.

I’ve said before that divorce is an emotional decision that relies on the lower passions for validity…and is also akin to what amounts to a business decision that no businessman, whether large or small, would ever make because the ROI is not worth the inherent risk – whether to the company (the nuclear family), the employees (the parents & the children) or the officers (the Spouses). Unfortunately, at least one spouse (if not both) fail to see this reasoning, remain oblivious the pleadings of financial insecurity, and barrel onwards towards their goal, unconcerned with the devastation that has already begun to accumulate in the swelling wake behind them.

No... people aren't always swayed by reason, but nor should they be swayed by their emotions. We Catholics are taught that the Passions must be subdued by Reason and this teaching is still extant even in the current Catechism (see #1767). As well, Part 3, Article's 5 & 6 are an indictment against divorce by any Catholic, in my opinion, were that section ever taught rightfully.  Unfortunately and thanks to No Fault Divorce, a Respondent is powerless to stop the civil and legal effects of divorce once initiated by the petitioner. And just as unfortunate, no (or very little) help is forthcoming from the Catholic Church, who prefers to just follow the "happiness" meme of modern marriages and promote annulments as the cure for the "irreparably broken" marriages that they themselves do not even make an attempt to save. (And this is made all the more apparent with recent changes to the annulment process.)

It is also an unfortunate reality that many divorced spouses fall prey to the modern meme that divorce and annulment solves all marital problems and embrace the always-promoted "healing" it provides (except for the children, of course, who carry the scars to their grave. Children are, in effect, an unwilling party to this travesty, for they have no voice in the matter, do they? Wither goes the Parent, so goes't the kids...) Truly, in some regards and from a strictly secular premise, I cannot blame them - who wants to live alone again after having been married for 5, 10 or 25 years? Who wants to face the reality of silent walls, silent bedrooms and silent dinners, when for years and decades you have lived with the cacophony of adult and children's voices, all chirping at once about the day's activities at work, at school and at home?

 It is truly a hard yoke to carry for the remainder of one's life, as the past 6 years have proven, although I've also been fortunate Blessed to have had three of my children return to live with me these last three years while completing high school. This has been the savior of sorts for me - being once again a custodial parent and relieving the ache of a heart that had long since given up hope. The human heart is a resilient muscle to be sure, but no heart can long withstand - without Divine assistance -  the loneliness of divorce and the death, decimation and destruction that it brings to spouses and families.

All of the above is brought to you courtesy of your friendly and ubiquitous No Fault Divorce. Please do not fall prey to all the modernist hype of how divorce is your everlasting friend and able to place before you your very own personal "happiness platter" that you seemingly think you deserve, after having been involuntarily starved all these years. In truth - and outside of any type of abusive marital situations (which this blog does not cover - ever), divorce is friends with no one except divorce lawyers, and the Social Workers who deal with the aftermath of those known statistically as "Children of Divorce".

As I have repeatedly said, any law that has as its main by-product, well-known and documented harm to the innocent - YOUR very own children!! - needs no further reason in order to be scrapped, or at the very least, gutted so as to make it unenforceable by any civil or ecclesiastical judge.

It bears us all to remember two admonitions of Our Blessed Lord concerning HIS children:

"Suffer the little children, and forbid them not to come to me: for the kingdom of heaven is for such." (Matthew 19:14) 

And especially the more important - and the most severe - admonition that precedes it:

"But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea."
(Matthew 18:6)

Part I here.

Part III here.

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October 1, 2016

Divorce: 6 Years On - Part I / III

Rather than working on my weekly financials, I find myself writing about the upcoming 6th Anniversary of one of the most tragic events in the history of the world: another Catholic family decimated and destroyed by No Fault Divorce, with the complicit approval of the modern-day One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Now.. I don't blame the Church for the faults of two mortal Souls who could not come to grips with their respective weaknesses, but only for the lack of pro-active efforts to stem the destruction that was not forthcoming. All I received was a terse excuse from my Bishop buried in so many other paragraphs of his reply to my pleading: "...your marriage is irreparably broken...". So...rather than initiate Canon Law for the reconciliation of separated spouses (there are 7 of these); rather than calling for a conference to discuss the effects of divorce on so many children (10); rather than calling two Catholics to the carpet for reneging on their respective vows; rather than requiring two spouses in marital discord to seek marital counseling, all I got was a hands-in-the-air-all-encompassing-phrase about my marriage being "broken" and unfixable - even though there was one earthly entity that could attempt a repair, but overtly refuse to do so. Dereliction of duty comes to mind each time I think of it. 

So...what has transpired over the ensuing years?

- ongoing Parental Estrangement from a third of the children.

- ongoing financial strain (though admittedly, this one is becoming more stable as the youngest two kids reach the age of maturity (18).

- ongoing concern for the Souls of some children who cannot let go of past Parental relationship errors, when the principal reason for their holding on to them no longer exists, if it ever existed at all.

- the ever-present earthly reality that reconciliation with these separated children may not occur before my death (yes...I pray daily to Our Blessed Mother that that reconciliation does happen).

- and the stark, objective reality that the above will affect them more deeply than they can ever know, should such reconciliation not occur.

You need to understand that my kids - in the short term only - seemed to have been less affected by this travesty than most probably were under similar circumstances. Those who choose to remain separated do so, I believe, simply because all their anger was - and is still - directed towards one parent only, and that because the proper methods of pursuing divorce when children are involved were simply ignored. And there is little overt action I can do about that - then or now - though I have tried. Behind the scenes, however, my door has and will always remain open; my heart has and will always remain loving; my prayers have and will always remain forthcoming. The rest must remain, as it always has, in the capable hands of their Blessed Mother, to whom all were Consecrated at Baptism. She will eventually set things aright, at the right time, in Her good time. 

I must confess, however, that Her time doesn't always set well with my time - in my impatience, I want relationships restored sooner, rather than later; my heart wants to rekindle the parent-child love it so misses before my death, rather than after; I want my arms to wrap my children in the warmth of parental love when we all can still feel it, rather than them wrap theirs around a lifeless body and attempt to feel a love that can no longer be reciprocated. But my time is not Our Lady's time, nor is it Our Lord's time. 

It must be that I need to accept this exercise in patience, reparation and humble subjection to the Our Lord's Divine Providence.  Only He knows the hour of mine and my children's deliverance from this evil that has been an infected and ever-festering open wound for 6 years now. I will tell you that it remains, at times, very difficult to remain above it all and leave all in His hands; to continue the non-reciprocal love that is so necessary within this environment; to not become emotionally unstable at the thought of dying alone and unloved by some of my children. But for the Grace of God I would be a melting dish of unflavored Jello, no pun intended, for it is only His Grace that keeps this body and Soul formed and of right mind. 

And don't think for a minute that you would be any different if you found yourself in the same or similar situation - no vicarious intuition can prepare you for what a divorce does to you, your family, your children or your life. You do not want to go there. 


If you think you have marital problems now, be prepared to accept them 
x infinity if you pursue divorce as a matter of correction. You will be hit head on with no air-bag for protection; no EMS Technician will be standing by to give you oxygen; no hospital will be close enough to save your family from bleeding out before your very eyes. You will find yourself suspended in a surreal moment in time, from which nothing you can do can ever stop the devastation and decimation unfolding in slow motion before your eyes. 

This will be your divorce. This will be your No Fault Divorce. This will be your post-divorce lifestyle to the remainder of your days. 

As I've written many times in the past, "Divorce is a puss-filled, germ-oozing, cancerous, leprotic scourge that never heals..."

My opinion has not lessened no matter how many times the above gets written. 

Part II here.

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LIFESITE NEWS: Kansas bishops: Catholics must vote with ‘catastrophe’ of abortion at ‘forefront of their minds’

KANSAS, September 29, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — In a video on Catholic voting, the bishops of Kansas instructed the faithful to “place special emphasis on those issues where Catholics must speak with a unified voice because of the reality that certain laws directly contradict Church teaching, the natural law, and the good of society.”

The video featured Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann of the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas, Bishop John B. Brungardt of the Diocese of Dodge City, Bishop Carl A. Kemme of the Diocese of Wichita, and Bishop Edward J. Weisenburger of the Diocese of Salina. In the video, the bishops also said that Catholic voting should involve bringing a “Catholic viewpoint” to the immigration debate and should promote “good stewardship of the environment.”

Brungardt said that many issues, like immigration and healthcare, must be considered “in light of Catholic social teaching,” but Catholics might not agree on policy for addressing such social problems. However, “our political preferences should be shaped by the application of Catholic moral principles to current circumstances,” he said.

As such, Brungardt said, “All Catholics have a moral obligation to keep [the] human rights catastrophe” of abortion “at the forefront of their minds when voting.”

“In our country, over one million unborn children are killed by abortion every single year,” he said.

The bishops warned that government agencies are increasingly “attempting to punish individuals and institutions that adhere to the truth that marriage can only be between a man and a woman, and that every child deserves a mother and a father.” They noted the role judges play in this crackdown.


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