October 22, 2016

Public Rosary Procession in St. Marys (Kansas, USA)

Ed. note: I was privileged to be part of the walking Faithful again this year...

From the SSPX District of the USA:

Public Rosary Procession in St. Marys

October 19, 2016 
To mark the beginning of the month of the Holy Rosary, Assumption Chapel in St. Marys, KS held a public Rosary Procession.

As night fell on St. Marys, Kansas on Sunday, October 2, a train of candles, like an earthly Milky Way, stretched itself through the streets. Nearly 1,300 candles and torches illumined the evening while hymns to the Blessed Virgin and the repetition of Hail Marys made their way heavenward.
The candlelight procession honored the Virgin Mother during the month of the Holy Rosary. And it is done annually to pray for the restoration of Christ the King. Such a restoration, St. Pius X reminded the world in his encyclical Ad Diem Illum Laetissimum, begins with Mary. The Pontiff asked:
Can anyone fail to see that there is no surer or more direct road than by Mary for uniting all mankind in Christ and obtaining through Him the perfect adoption of sons, that we may be holy and immaculate in the sight of God?”
The procession, which started on the Academy grounds, wove its way into the center of town. At the head of the procession marched the Knights of the Immaculata and Honor Guard of Mary, two Marian sodalities for the boys at the Academy. Close behind them, Fr. Joseph Wood, accompanied by Fr. John Bourbeau and Fr. Paul Franks, carried a reliquary of the Blessed Virgin that contained a piece of her veil. And following immediately after the priests came the religious, the Children of Mary, the Eucharistic Crusaders, and finally over 1,000 faithful from Assumption Chapel.

Read the rest here, which also includes a photo gallery:

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