January 1, 2016

2015: A Confusing End / 2016: A Thankful Beginning

2016 is now upon us.

2015 closed - for me, anyway - with concern, confusion and uncertainty. Which is probably a good thing, for it keeps one pinned precisely to God and to Our Blessed Lord as one discovers that alone, he cannot "fix" anything.  A wise priest once told me that we must have Christ with us always, but even then there are those difficulties in our lives that only HE alone can truly fix; that only HE can truly repair. I believe we earth-bound men continually struggle with acknowledging this fact until its realization finally dawns in our prideful head during a crisis, which should then serve as a reminder not only of HIS Greatness, but of our nothingness.

Consider the last few months of 2015 that comprised fear, discouragement, frustration and just plain old don't-give-a-damn-anymore:

  • A possible cancer diagnosis;
  • An overwhelming discouragement about this damnable parental estrangement with most of my children that serves no useful purpose; 
  • The continuing financial strain of the past 5-1/2 years; 
  • The uncertainty of clearly discerning what Christ wants of me - or for me; 
  • My frustration and disgust with the Church Hierarchy - including the Pope - as they groan, pussy-foot, coddle and now overtly embrace the acceptance-without-repentance of all sins of the flesh; 
  • The outright anger at the same gilded-throne Hierarchy as they tout more concern for Mother Earth and non-existent global warming, than they do for the loss of Souls, the conversion of the masses to Catholicism or even of the dangers of Islam. Ecumenism and Salvation-for-all runs amok.

For most Catholics, much of the above is just a blip on life's radar, as they surround themselves with their spouses, children and Christ and find the fortitude, strength and courage needed to climb the mountain back to Peace of Soul.

Unfortunately, some of us are mired knee-deep in this evil tragicomedy known as divorce, and therefore are missing two-thirds of the foundation that can help us through such times. Not that Christ alone isn't sufficient enough, but we are mortal creatures after all, and sometimes need the physical, emotional and vocal support of those we love on earth to help us over and through these peaks and valleys. This weakened foundation is made all the worse by the harsh realities of divorce that have encased minds and hearts in emotional cocoons, and then keeps eating away at one's heart until every ounce of Love it has to give has been consumed by one or all of divorces' insipid and numerous by-products. 

But is there is yet some measure (or treasure?) of goodness found even here? I believe so, for such was the Heart of Our Blessed Savior drained upon the Cross of every ounce of HIS Love for HIS children...and can a mortal Heart do any less? Will his own children, like many in Our Lord's time, come too late to the realization of the immensity of the Love that will, in time, cease only when the Heart does? What then of the pain in theirs, forevermore left unrequited, though ample opportunities came and went? One can only imagine, but the thought itself remains too painful to ponder for very long. At least for me...

Such as the above are what closed my 2015...

So...how has 2016 begun? Already I have been Blessed with:

  • A cancer free report from my doctor;
  • A great easing of the financial strain;
  • A light - albeit a very dim one, at present - of what God may want...

Though there is more, just those three above were enough to drive the "I-can-fix-it-all-myself" meme away and remind me of the "You can do nothing without ME" reality of Our Blessed Lord, the Savior and King of this wayward and now-seemingly atheistic world in which I live. Now, all I have to do is remember that for the rest of 2016. 

Please remember to pray for the Holy Father, Pope Francis, and the Cardinals and Bishops who advise him. Pray for priests and for priestly vocations and for their correct formation in the seminaries.   

Remember also, that we here below are just marionettes, whose strings that control our actions are tied securely to the fingers, hands and, most importantly, to the Sacred Heart of Our Lord and Savior.

My many, many thanks to the readers of this small endeavor; it is your continued clicks that help to keep me at the keyboard - and also a reminder from our Lord that it's not yet time to call it quits. 

May you all have a Blessed and Holy New Year! 

Copyright 2016 David Heath - All Rights Reserved