September 10, 2016

I'm Saved, Anyway...So, Why Worry?

I have come to believe  -and therefore no longer have any fear about it - that I can say and believe whatever I like about my Catholic Faith and can be assured that no one can ever complain about my particular viewpoints and/or accuse me of being too orthodox or non-orthodox; of being too traditionalist or being to-o-o-o Traditionalist; of writing some deep and thought-provoking article defending the sanctity of marriage, or of a whimsy and nonsensical diatribe on the value of defending cockatiels from extinction due to global warming. I can write what I want without any fear my particular viewpoint is being heretical or ambiguous on, say, communion for the divorced and remarried or the inherent goodness of co-habitation with a person of the same sex, or opposite sex (or what-ever-the-currently-correct-PC-sexual-neutral-gender-non-specific-I-don't-care-what-you-call-yourself term is nowadays.) I have no worries about reaching my ultimate goal, despite the many sins I have committed or may yet commit (and can I even say, commit with impunity?) 

In the words of that famous philosopher of the baby-boomers, Alfred E. Neuman (b. circa 1954): "What, me worry?"

I know that as long as I have mercy...I am saved. I know that as long as I am basically a good person...I am saved. I know that as long as I adore and follow unquestioningly whomever is the current pontiff on the throne in Rome...I am saved. I know that as long as I smile while taking my last hoarse, raspy, spittle-inducing gaspy breath and saying "Jesus!"...I am saved. I know that my many non-mortal but mostly very heavily-weighted venial sins will not confine me to purgatory ( there still such a place?) but for only the briefest of moments - and most assuredly, not even to Hell (which is only for really, really bad, bad people anyway.) 

In short, (Uh, oh...I apologize to those of short stature for such a racist term as "short"...which includes me. But can I both apologize and call myself racist at the same time??) short, I can pretty much just live and believe however or whatever I want, as long as I'm not too awful bad (I have discerned that after much careful consideration of all my know: Sola Scriptura and all that jazz.)

I say all the above because that is what many of those in high Catholic places have led me to believe. As long as I don't rock the barque of our current God-Is-Love-In-All-Forms-Catholic-Church-United (NA), well then, I can be a good text-book Catholic and...I am saved. As long as I subscribe to the USCCB's latest dissertation on Global Warming or the inherent goodness of open-borders (because...wait-for-it...MERCY!) then...I am saved. In short (racist!), no matter what...I am saved!!! 

Yes...being Catholic in the post-Vatican II, ultra modernist world is such a dream! I can be charismatic, heretical or heterodox and remain in "Full Communion" (as opposed to "half communion"?) I can attend Mass at an OF, EF or even a Mass celebrating the inherent goodness of SSA and fulfill my weekly (or at least, yearly) obligation. I can have my breakfast of bacon and eggs up to an hour before Mass or choose not to eat until after the 8 A.M. Mass. I can choose to accept the Objective Truths of the 10 Commandments as written, or, to modify any one (or all) of them as I discern is necessary to remain a "good" Catholic. I is my right and not my privilege to receive the Body and Blood of Christ, is it not? Just because someone is kinda sorta living in sin with another is no cause to deny them this right...right? Exactly!

I can believe both the immutable Truths of the 6th and 9th Commandments as given by God Himself to Moses, as well as the ambiguous directives in Amoris Laetitia given by a Pope that contradicts the former, and yet have no worries that I'm doing anything that would incur the wrath of the Author of the aforementioned Commandments. I can have both my former and current spouse (if I had one, that is) all at the same time...and still be saved! Cool! 

Now, then...

...all I have to worry about is convincing the Just Judge at my final hearing of the same thing. 

What, me worry?!?

Copyright 2016 David Heath - All Rights Reserved