October 31, 2016


"It is at moments like these when it is helpful to recall the words of Pope Felix III (as quoted by Pope Leo XIII in Inimica Vis): “An error which is not resisted is approved; a truth which is not defended is suppressed…. He who does not oppose an evident crime is open to the suspicion of secret complicity.” ( from "An Error Not Resisted is Approved", posted on the blog 1P5, August 28, 2015)

I am not a very good Catholic. I know very little Latin by heart - I can't pray the Hail Mary in Latin without a missal in front of me, nor the Our Father, for that matter. I understand it even less (I got a D- in Latin in high school), except for that required in order to serve a Latin Mass (I've never served an English one, even as a teen). I have sinned and, sadly, many times grievously so. I feel rather embarrassed when the priest may recite the Prayers after Mass in Latin and almost the entire congregation at that Mass follows effortlessly along - without looking at their missal (I know...I've stolen a look or two just to be sure.) I've bookmarked webpage after webpage of Papal Encyclicals to read, but have yet to read a single one - save Casti Connubii many years ago. One could say I am a small-c Catholic, at worst; a mediocre Catholic at best. If I am objectively honest about the whole matter, I really only do slightly more than the minimum necessary to attain salvation...like praying the Rosary daily.

But regardless of the above, I've never tried to sidestep or internal forum-ize the gravity of sin, hoping to get a definite mortal one, for instance, modified into a teeny-weeny venial one ("...no Father, I really and truly was pushed into that strip club by the crowd"). I've never lost the Conscience-pricking knowledge that my tiniest and least grievous mortal sin - left unconfessed - could send me for eternity into the darkest reaches of Hell, forever spewing vitriolic hatred towards myself, everyone else and God. I always knew that if I ever got the chance as a young male adult - and a more-or-less non-practicing Catholic - to wake up next to a warm female body - sans marriage, of course - that I'd just as likely wake up in Hell if I died in my sleep. The same thing in my wanting to date and hopefully marry an attractive, but divorced, young woman, which I seriously tried to do once a very, very long time ago - and almost succeeded but for that prickly Conscience thingy. 

I still know that the Catholic Faith is predicated upon plain old Objective Truth...you know, the Truth that: 

  • God is God; 
  • Jesus Christ is God; 
  • The Holy Spirit is God; 
  • The Ten Commandments were written by God Himself and handed down to Moses.
  • God smited by the thousands the Israelites who revolted against Him while He and Moses were chatting (and wasn't this the first case of the just punishment due to man for violating the 6th Commandment, written just hours or minutes before?)
  • The Bible is the inspired Word of God, written for our instruction and sanctification by men enlightened by God Himself. Therefore, it cannot be in error.
  • Christ told Mary Magdalene to go and sin no more in order to be saved, not to just "go" and still be saved simply because she touched His hem, spoke His name and/or gazed upon His countenance.
  • Outside of the Catholic Church there is no Salvation (and no amount of ecuminism now or in the future will change that Objectively True statement. One either dies in the bosom of Holy Mother Church, or one doesn't...God won't let us have it both ways, I'm afraid.) 

So how does all this tie in to the quote at the beginning? Just this: I will bend my earthly Will to Rome and her pronouncements only as they are re-stated and defended as they have always been for 2,000 years or so. I will bend my earthly Will to any Pope  - no matter how he dresses - as long as he is doing what has always been done in defending and promoting - including proselytizing - the Roman Catholic Faith. I will bend my Will to any Cardinal, Bishop or Priest who does the same thing, just like all those before them.

I will not bend my Will to any of the above who turns the Objective Truth of the Catholic Faith into a subjective one, whether that subjectiveness is wielded by a single priest, a bishop, a cardinal, a bishop's conference or a Pope. They have no right to expect that of me and cannot even command me to do so, even under edict - unless and until they disavow or abrogate the extant Truth (example: 6th Commandment) that is in direct opposition to the re-formulated version being promoted (example: Amoris Laetitia). There can never be two differing versions of an Objective Truth (example: adultery is a mortal sin, except in Amoris Laetitia) and I have every right to challenge such drivel. A cleric can tell me that I must believe in the 10 Commandments to be a true son of the Catholic Church, but, how can he also tell me in the same breath that there are two different-but-same versions of the 6th? That would mean that there are now 11 Commandments, with a bunch a sub-commandment variations labeled 11a, 11b, 11c, 11d, etc. 


I fear the Church is fast losing one of its Four Marks: "ONE". How long before the others - Holy, Catholic and Apostolic -  fall prey to this ecuministic nightmare? The one world religion of the new world order is appearing just around the corner, and are there no Princes of the Church willing to rise to Her and their defense? Will those few whose voices were being heard, but that are now being silenced continue to allow themselves to be shunted aside for those with more heterodox views of Catholicism?  Will they continue to two-step around the truth to protect their citadels? Are earthly trappings more important than Heavenly ones? When will the line in the sand be drawn - and by whom? Vocal-only resistance simply emboldens those in the minority to continue unabated. It took the marshalling of the Vendeans into battle to defend their Holy Mother Church, not words; it took the marshalling of the Cristeros into battle to defend their Roman Catholic Faith, not words. Can any one Prince of the Church believe this war will require less of them than it did simple peasants? Are their earthly trappings somehow worth more than those of Bl. Miguel Pro? Somehow, I doubt it...

I'm going to pay some homage to ecuminism here and borrow from and slightly edit the oft-quoted Protestant catch-all acronym: WWJD.  Instead of "What Would Jesus Do?" however, I will Catholicize it by changing it to: WHAT WOULD JESUS DEFEND?  

For very good reasons, I don't think He would be defending one iota of what some in high places are currently attempting to do with His Church and His Mass.

Nor would it surprise me to see Him marshalling a few nearby peasants, grabbing his whip and chasing them out of His temple...again. 

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