November 21, 2016

G.K. Chesterton, Love and Channeling Pope Francis

(11/21: Updated to correct some grammatical errors-Ed.)

      "To love means loving the unlovable."

We now find ourselves in a crisis of Faith, namely:
  • the direct assaults upon the 6th and 9th Commandments that are explicitly and/or tacitly approved by most of the worlds Bishops; 
  • the near idolization of the current man-in-white-with-black-shoes-who-lives-in-luxury-while-extolling-others-to-smell-like-sheep; 
  • the simple ignoring (or ignorance?) of the above individual who likes to be thought of as just a simple bishop, but actually rules with an iron hand, and a diffusive, divisive and destructive mind;
  • a man who claims to follow a spirit to justify his actions, when even the most mediocre pew-sitting Catholic can judge the fruit and know it is not the True Holy Spirit in action that the former claims his to be...
And the above quote, though erroneously attributed to G.K. Chesterton (see here) nonetheless has a certain Truth to it that cannot be ignored. Regardless of whether Chesterton actually said it or not, I believe it speaks with a great deal of Truth relative to this particular moment in Catholic history. 

The current occupant of the Throne of St. Peter is certainly "lovable" by all those who hold to his ideology and he is most certainly "unloveable" by the far more numerous Catholics who hold fast to Tradition, whether it be in the actual liturgy or more simply, in living the traditional Faith as our forefathers did. The trick is how to reconcile both while one watches the foundation of Catholicism being chipped away, exponentially, day-by-day. 

How can one "love" someone whose sole ambition is the remolding of something that is not even malleable, because its Creator made it so? How can one "love" a father who continually belittles and derides his very own children and yet still expect them to give due reverence and follow his every whim and wish, and that unquestioningly? How can one "love" the person who has been handed the Keys to the Kingdom here on earth for safekeeping, and then have to watch helplessly as that same person unlocks the door that, though always reserved for all, is still only guaranteed to a few...and then throws away the keys in a Papal fiat (no, not the car).

Is the current Pope "unloveable" enough to "love" him? Sure he is...but he doesn't need my "love".

 He needs my prayers. 

I confess I do not like the man. I respect the office the man holds, and therefore pray for him daily and at each Mass. But I will never like the man, let alone "love" him. He doesn't need it. 

But he does need my prayers. 

He doesn't need me to follow his every word-at-30,000 feet as being pure, unadulterated Catholicism; he needs me to hold fast to all that has been taught by him, but only to those teachings that are aligned with what previous Popes, Saints and Our Lord have taught before him. 

And he needs my prayers. 

Pope Francis doesn't need to lecture me about being unstable and rigid and insecure simply because I follow exclusively the Traditional Latin Mass, a Mass that was unjustly suppressed by his predecessors. And of whom I can rightly say were unstable and rigid and insecure in their own right because of their fear of the Mass codified by Pope St. Pius V. 

He does, however, need my prayers.

So, No...I don't have to "love the unloveable", at least not in the way as stated above, whether it was said by Chesterton or some other as-yet unknown poet. What the phrase in its truest sense should read, at least in the context of this post and this particular moment in Catholic History, is:

"To love means loving praying for the unlovable."

Please pray that this Pope, who is Christ's Vicar on earth (that same Christ that even Pope Francis should fear because of His "excessive rigidity" in His moral absolutes) soon realizes comprehends understands has a conversion of heart, mind and Soul and re-orients the Barque of St. Peter back to its True North position.

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, ora pro nobis!

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