November 27, 2016

Cardinal Dolan's Edifying Example of Leadership

From Gloria TV News:

Here are 5 takeaways from this photo, from the perspective of a common, ordinary pewsitter:

1. Cardinal Dolan is immune from the potentiality of placing oneself in a near occasion of sin.
     1a. Cardinal Dolan is smelling the sheep, but obviously not trying to proselytize, ala Pope Francis.

2. Cardinal Dolan is immune from the effects of immodestly dressed women upon his trap-door conscience.

    2a.Cardinal Dolan is taking lessons from professional dancers for his upcoming appearance on DWTS (Dancing With the Stars).

3. Cardinal Dolan is being a good shephard and showing by example just how far he we men can go (notice the hand; how his eyes are facing straight forward; mouth contorted; pectoral cross prominently displayed) in remaining pure and chaste, without compromising one's Conscience.      

     3a. Cardinal Dolan is concerned he missed a key dance move that might eliminate him in Round 2 of DWTS.

4. Cardinal Dolan is leading by example and showing his priests (and fellow Cardinals) just how far he they can go without giving scandal and risk being sent off into forced labor as chaplain to a diocesan elder care facility (or some out-of-the-limelight posting to, say...Malta).

    4a. Cardinal Dolan is not really all that good a Dancer and the DWTS judges will soon find this out. 

5. Cardinal Dolan is a scandal to his Priests and Faithful. 

    5a. Cardinal Dolan doesn't give a crap what others think of him as the leader of 2.8 million Catholics.

Or, am I being to judgemental? Rigid? Insecure? 

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