December 28, 2017

SSPX USA - Video Traces Fatima Pilgrim Statue's Journey through United States and Canada

Recently released by the SSPX, a beautiful video of the Fatima Pilgrim Statue that made its way across the USA this almost-passed year. A more fitting tribute to Our Lady I cannot imagine and one that I am sure showered many Graces upon our Country and all those devoted to Her.

Would that every parish in every diocese, with every bishop in every state, had all united in this prayer and devotion to Our Lady, the Patroness of the USA. Can one contemplate the infinite amount of Graces that would have befallen our ever-increasing immoral country...


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December 4, 2017

The End of a Pontificate (and the 10 Commandments)

The Eight Commandments of Holy Francis

Alright...Francis has now made of himself a God-clone and the 4th Person of the Blessed Trapezoid (or is it the Blessed Polygon? I'm not sure. Probably need to ask 2+2=5 Fr. Spadaro) and has promulgated his Amoris Laetitia heresy against the Holy Trinity and the 10 Commandments as official Magisterium, binding Catholics to believe that adultery is now part of God's plan for our Salvation. 

- Even though the words of Our Lord Jesus Christ contradict it.

- Even though the Catechism of the Catholic Church forbids it.

Even though another Pope's Encyclical denounces it.

Thus - and also "officially" - ends this pontificate. No Catholic can be commanded to obey that which is against (1) God's 10 Commandments, (2) their conscience, (3) previous (and still extant) Magesterium. 

It is ludicrous for a Pope, Cardinal or Bishop to actually believe they can, with the stroke of a pen, ignore that which has been promulgated by none other than God Himself. I have written before (here) that these supposedly learned and intelligent men anarchists are simply stupid men dressed in white, red and purple who haven't a clue as to their ultimate fate for ignoring their Creator and making of themselves gods. There can only be one God; one Catholic Church; one teaching on the indissolubility of marriage; one teaching on the the prohibition of divorce. 

There can be no Holy Trinity approved trojan horse for getting us into Heaven, but there can be a Pope-Cardinal-Bishop one for getting us into Hell if we - the common ordinary pew-sitting Catholic - are ourselves stupid enough to follow it. And some probably will...


Because they are bobblehead catholics that rely on someone else to be their conscience, as they themselves cannot seem to make the right hard choices that might upset their Facebook/Twitter lives. So when a religious in charge of their Souls promulgates anything that plays to their emotions (such as does one infamous part of Amoris Laetitia), their heads bobble up and down in ascent for no other reason than it came from a "religious", whether Pope, Cardinal or Bishop. 

If it comes from the "Holy"(??) Francis or one of his dimwitted underlings, then it must be good, right? 

Wrong!Wrong! Wrong!

God gave us all an innate sense of the moral code.

The Catholic Church put that code in writing. 

Adultery is prohibited in every circumstance.

Adultery will send your Soul to Hell.

Period! End of discussion! Close your book now!

And go say a Rosary for the conversion of the Pope and all his Cardinals and Bishops before they die. 

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November 19, 2017

Moral Conscience & Erroneous Judgements-The Catechism of the Catholic Church Speaks...

The King of Our Conscience

In this blogger's opinion, the below excerpts from the current Catechism of the Catholic Church pretty much destroy any notion that any adulterer, adulteress, active homosexual, pro-abortion politician, abortion "doctor", et al can receive Holy Communion, at least as long as these passages are extant and still taught in Roman Catholic Church. 

If pronouncements from Rome/The Francis supercede any of the below authoritative texts, then these texts need to be amended as such so both pronouncement and text are in agreement with each other. 

Otherwise, there will always be conflict. And where there is conflict, there will be doubt. That doubt will beget confusion and when that confusion then reigns, so will anarchy. And when anarchy ascends to the top, there can be no True Faith. When that happens, you have what we have now - a post-VII church in its potential death throes: seminaries closed; convents shuttered; vocations shattered; bishops conferences getting in bed with the known enemies of the Catholic Church; Bishops who sow more doubt than authentic Catholic Faith; kitten Cardinals afraid of even meowing too loudly (as Mundabor fondly writes) and a Pope that is already beatified by the secular and catholic press while yet alive. 

"Rise And Rise Again Until Lambs Become Lions" is a quote from the Russell Crowe 2010 movie Robin Hood.  I believe it is an apt quote that describes the Bishops and Cardinals of the modern Catholic Church quite well. 

I am still waiting for the lions to be born...

Article 6
1776 "Deep within his conscience man discovers a law which he has not laid upon himself but which he must obey. Its voice, ever calling him to love and to do what is good and to avoid evil, sounds in his heart at the right moment.... For man has in his heart a law inscribed by God.... His conscience is man's most secret core and his sanctuary. There he is alone with God whose voice echoes in his depths."LINK       

IV. Erroneous Judgment
1790 A human being must always obey the certain judgment of his conscience. If he were deliberately to act against it, he would condemn himself. Yet it can happen that moral conscience remains in ignorance and makes erroneous judgments about acts to be performed or already committed.

1791 This ignorance can often be imputed to personal responsibility. This is the case when a man "takes little trouble to find out what is true and good, or when conscience is by degrees almost blinded through the habit of committing sin."LINK  In such cases, the person is culpable for the evil he commits.

1792 Ignorance of Christ and his Gospel, bad example given by others, enslavement to one's passions, assertion of a mistaken notion of autonomy of conscience, rejection of the Church's authority and her teaching, lack of conversion and of charity: these can be at the source of errors of judgment in moral conduct.

1793 If - on the contrary - the ignorance is invincible, or the moral subject is not responsible for his erroneous judgment, the evil committed by the person cannot be imputed to him. It remains no less an evil, a privation, a disorder. One must therefore work to correct the errors of moral conscience.

1794 A good and pure conscience is enlightened by true faith, for charity proceeds at the same time "from a pure heart and a good conscience and sincere faith."LINK

The more a correct conscience prevails, the more do persons and groups turn aside from blind choice and try to be guided by objective standards of moral conduct.LINK     

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November 15, 2017


I have self-identified as 6' 4" for well over a year now. And I demand - DEMAND! mind you - that others do the same. Otherwise they will make make me feel bad about myself and we just simply cannot have that now, can we? Uh, Uh. Nope. Not gonna happen. Not in the enlightened environment I find myself living in as I type this, anyway. (Maybe in the pre-VII days, but not now.)

I mean, it's so obvious that God Himself made a mistake when he formed me from leftover parts he had lying around. He just absentmindedly grabbed from the "S" size pile, instead of the "L" size pile. I mean - I just know that to be true because I just, ya know, feel it.

Others are the aberration, not it? Good! I just luv being called "Tiny" - it makes me feel so, so, so...tiny, er... I mean, tall. But enough about me!

I am writing this post to have you celebrate my success at finally coming out about something exciting in my life - and yours! (drum roll / hushed anticipation)

I have decided to open ...wait for it!...a Water Bar! (Hold the applause...)

UH...No, really..a water bar.

Listen to me!

The business model is simple: I will sell and dispense hot and cold water only - you supply the actual type of flavored hot or cold water by simply self-identifying your particular cup of water as plain old coffee; a latte or cappuccino; a tasty craft beer of your choice; tea; or even - if I can gain the franchise rights from INBEV - a Bud Light!

Naturally, the pricing for your particular cup of water will be wholly dependent upon the type of self-identified beverage you are purchasing. Plain old water will be cheaper than a Double Sweet Chocolate Swirl Whipped Cappuccino, for instance.

This is a sure fired success that will propel me onwards and upwards and ensure financial security as the golden years continue to dawn upon my
5' 4" 6' 4" body.

YES! Instant richness and success! I can self-identify seeing my mug on the cover of Forbes magazine and a 5-column, front page write-up in the Wall Street Journal. I can self-identify my selling franchise rights and thereby gain more status quo and be ranked right up there with Amazon's Bezos or Facebook's Zuckerberg.

Jeff and Mark...they'll just have to luv me, right?... cause I self-identify as something I'm not, right? That's the way it's done nowadays, right?

I mean...I mean...

Tall people will finally have to treat me as an equal, instead of always LOOKING DOWN at me!!

That's good for me, isn't it?

Well..ISN'T IT???

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November 14, 2017

REPOST: Just Do It Already!!!

I don't write too often anymore, just when the inspiration or initiative strikes me. Too many other things seem to get in the way: work, family, laziness, fatigue. Still though, I feel guilty. There is so much to write about, so much that needs to be said regarding the assault on the Roman Catholic Church One True Church, and therefore, Our Lord Jesus Christ. As a long-standing confirmed Soldier of Christ (and USAF veteran) you'd think I'd be full of vigor in going to war. It's not like I'm going to get killed (even though untold numbers are being Spiritually killed each day) by writing of The War Against the One True Church by Those Charged With Its Defense (a good title for a book, maybe), so I have no excuses - at least valid ones anyway - for not writing more often.

So... this morning I trolled my archives and picked one from December 2016 that is still extant today and reposting it - hopefully as a prelude to more inspiration-driven posts. But even if reposting is all I do - at least I am fighting, even if it is behind the lines in the safety of the bunker. 

I even provided a graphic, this time...


I'm not stupid. 

With that declarative sentence, I must explain why I am so confident that I am not stupid. I am, after all, a Baby-Boomer: born in the late 50's; a product of the 60''s radicalization; a 70's agnostic when it came to Vatican II; an 80's ho-hum Catholic (at least until the early-decade when my parents re-introduced me to the Tridentine Mass). I have a well-formed conscience, an engaging thought process, an innate ability to see through subterfuge, and can spot a wolf-in-sheep's-clothing from 1-1/2 miles out. I am a confirmed Soldier of Christ (as well as a former USAF Veteran of 15-plus years of service). I manage to balance my checkbook each month, add to my savings weekly, pray my daily Rosary and kneel in the Confessional monthly (admittedly, it sometimes stretches a bit more, despite having weekly reminders from my Google Calendar.) My employer has enough confidence in my thought and technical service prowess that I can write a company check for $6,000 to settle a customer dispute, and not have to get upper-management clearance before I do. So, no...I am most definitely not stupid. 

It is too bad the clerics in Rome, and  probably most of the world's Bishops think I am. They must believe this in their black heart-of-hearts, for it can be explained in no other manner. They truly believe that I can have no true understanding of what "One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic" means; that I can have no true understanding of what the 6th and 9th Commandments truly mean; that I can have no true understanding of the meaning of Christ's definitive and declarative spoken words as handed down from His Apostles; or that I am simply incapable of having the proper love, compassion, and mercy to my fellow man because I am so rigid in my Catholicity-of-old. They all - up to and including the Pope, the man-in-white-with-black-shoes, Francis - think of me as a lemming; an obstinate jackass; a domesticated turkey who doesn't even know how to get back into his pen and who dies of starvation because he can't remember where the damn gate is...

No, your Greatnesses. I am not stupid, but you all are. You are stupid to think that I don't see beyond your gilded cages and corrupted minds; that most of you are protecting your turfs, your positions and your reputations. You believe yourselves to be above reproach because you have a few letters of the alphabet behind your names, or your name on a Dicastery door. You hobnob with the known enemies of the Catholic Faith, laugh robustly at their jokes at a secular dinner and shake their hands as they present you with a 5 or 6 figure check for the "poor" (read:your - and not necessarily the Catholic Church's- favorite cause célèbre).

I don't need what you believe you are in sole possession of - a brain. I already have one, complete with right reason (read:Conscience) already installed. So I don't need you to 
re-interpret for me what Christ said from the Cross ("Father forgive them..."), what He said to Mary Magdalene ("Go...and sin no more...") or what I believe are his most important words relative to our modern times: For what doth it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his own soul? Or what exchange shall a man give for his soul?

I already know that you are wrong in promoting Communion for the divorced and remarried sans annulment and without reparation and amendment; I already know that those who delude themselves into believing that what you are promoting is good and holy are potentially dooming their Souls, and also that you share in that culpability; I already know that you are subverting the laws and regulations of this country when you openly advocate universal open-borders, but yet fail in your duties to continually and prolifically defend human life with the same fervor. Where are the weekly, media-invited, pro-life marches to the local abortuary, with you and your fellow Bishops heroically distributing Holy Communion to the kneeling Faithful during the weekly open-air Mass and Benediction?? Hmmmmm???

No...I actually laugh at you, to be honest. I mean, how gullible can you be? How invertebrate can you be? How uncaring can you be? How un-Godlike can you be? In sum, just how stupid can you be? You have been entrusted to lead Souls to God, for God, and into Heaven. And instead many of you are, judging from your public words and actions, trying imperiously to lead them into perdition - gullible sheep being led by gullible shepherds in a gullible man-centered modern world that crumbles all around you. For supposedly smart men, you are surprisingly stupid, and more so to think that there are not going to be consequences for leading the sheep entrusted to you astray. 

Although in your eyes I am but a stupid and gullible Catholic, in the eyes of Our Lord Jesus Christ I remain true to His words and teachings (or try to despite my frailties). As well, I shall always remain true to you and to all you preach and teach when you follow what He has taught and that He has handed down to you. When you veer away from that, I will not follow; when you preach and teach the direct opposite of what has always been taught, I will not follow. When you tell me I am sinning just because I hold fast to what has always been taught, I will tell you that you are wrong; and if you tell me I am sinning by trying to convert a friend, acquaintance or even an enemy to the One True Faith, I will probably spit in your face in disgust. 

But beyond all of the above, you can be assured that I will continue to pray for your conversion back to the One True Faith. For many of you are not acting like you have a modicum of it left and truly need the prayers. I actually feel sorry for you...I just cannot yet believe that those so learned can be so stupid as to think they are doing God's Will by subverting the 6th and 9th Commandment or denying the Roman Catholic Church's supremacy over all other religions. I would rather have a cadre of St. John Vianney's leading the Catholic Church than least they wouldn't be so impressed with their education that they believe themselves smarter than the sheep they lead.

I wish you would remember that the gates of Hell shall not prevail against the One True would make Catholic Life so much easier to live. But then again, I think we all tend to forget that the life of Our Lord Jesus Christ was not a bouquet of Roses either. How many have forgotten The Passion, what it entailed and what Our Lord endured, in order to save Souls?

Why can't you just shut-up and get back to what you were ordained to do all those many years ago? Why can't you just go and smell your sheep, instead of licking boots? Why not sacrifice a laugh or two or three at the Al Smith Dinner for the humble prayers and gratitude of your flock as they see you kneel with them in the rain at the local abortion facility in early Spring, drenched and shivering in the cold March air? Why can't you just be a simple Bishop, or Cardinal or even Pope and live up the the Trust and Confidence your Blessed Lord displayed in you when he gave you the privilege of the Miter and Crozier? 

If HE can so humble Himself as to hang from His infamous gibbet, who are you not to?

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October 29, 2017

A Theme Song for Respondents

I am quite sure the Country Music group Alabama never considered their version of "In Pictures" to be named The Theme Song for Respondents by this blog, or for that matter, to reach #4 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks when it was released in 1995. But it did the latter and I have now so named it the former. So, while they will never get to accept my statuette for this honor on national TV, it remains that this bittersweet achievement fits the honor.

I don't remember ever having listened to this song during Alabama's multi-decade run as one of Country Music's top groups (they are still touring, too!). I only found it on one of their Greatest Hits CD's and almost immediately bonded to the song and to the Dad who is lamenting over how much he's missed as his daughter grew up around him, and is now only available to him in pictures.

Although I did not at first identify him or the song as a byproduct of a divorce, in looking up more specific information for this post,  I found that the Wikipedia link does just that. In fact or not, at least I know that I am not the first to consider the song divorce related.

So...while my original intent was to tie the song into a post concerning my own parent-child relationship issues, the heartbreak of a still extant separation and the emptiness that yet pervades my memories, I wish instead to dedicate this post to all respondents - whether Mom or Dad - and their still separated children. The hope remains and prayers will continue that the reconciliation with your loved ones come sooner, rather than later.

My Dear Friends, pray always and often to Our Blessed Mother, remembering that your children are Hers also and She feels the pain as keenly as you.

And finally, remember to love your children UNCONDITIONALLY, as Our Crucified Savior did - and continues to do - for us.

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October 2, 2017



That is the first question that pops into my mind with the"schism" re-re-re-re-pronouncement by Raymond Cardinal Burke. Why has it all of a sudden become necessary to once again re-re-re-re-hash the scism /no schism argument in the Catholic world? Of what value is it? What is the ulterior motive? Where is the official statement from Pope Francis that the SSPX is now once more in schism, all talks are now verboten and Cardinal Burke is just reminding all Catholics of what the Pope has pronounced. Or...

Is Cardinal Burke the Catholic answer to John McCain?

The question has been asked and answered; re-asked and re-answered ad infinitum/ad nauseum over the years. To my remembrance, only once has the "schism" label against SSPX been OFFICIALLY promulgated, and then OFFICIALLY lifted by a succeeding Pope years later. And that decree was for five bishops only, not the whole of the Society. 

Officially is the key word here, IMHO. It doesn't matter what an individual bishop or cardinal thinks, says or writes about the SSPX /Schism meme. Unless the charge emanates from a Papal document and is signed by a reigning Pope, the charge becomes nothing more than one man's opinion. 

True, if that man firmly believes what he preaches and firmly believes his priests and laity are in moral and/or mortal danger from anything-SSPX and orders his priests and laity to steer clear or face catching the "schism pox", then I suppose that man has every Catholic right to say what he will and his flock must obey.

But I doubt that has been or is the case here. 

Where are the Cardinal's facts? What Papal document does he source to back up his claim? Why, then, is there still ongoing dialogue between Rome and the SSPX if they are in "schism"? More higher placed Cardinals than Burke have pronounced them not in schism over the years - despite their lack of "canonical" standing in the church, as Benedict/Ratzinger said. So why is this pronouncement all of a sudden in the news again? Why did the question even come up and more importantly, why did Burke answer it as he did? Is this another attempt to derail any reconciliation talks that might be thisclose to succeeding? 

Hell...I don't know.

Cardinal Burke has lost any credibility with me over his lack of movement concerning the Amoris Laetitiae debacle, and this matter has not helped to change my mind any. His fellow Cardinalate supporters have been cut in half; AL is now enshrined in Catholic law and - much like Obamacare - is here to stay, at least until a future Pope is elected, shows his Catholic moxy and confines it to the trash bin. We have men (or kittens, as Mundabor calls them) like Burke to thank for that.

Cardinal Burke, please go quietly into the Signatura and stop granting interviews. Live out your life in the comfort of your Roman dicastery and leave the SSPX unencumbered to continue their reconciliation talks with Rome.


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September 27, 2017

The Protesters Anthem

Since 20-some percent of the NFL "Professional" (and I use the term loosely) athletes, a smattering of other similar "Professional" sportsmen(?), along with some of their handlers/coaches and owners/masters, clearly have no love of this country, its flag, its music, its opportunities (which include their ever-swelling personal bank accounts) - and probably not even of God Himself - I thought I would write for them their own "national anthem" to sing while they doth protest on bended knee while they are taking the liberty of scalping their fans (no longer am I one) on Sunday afternoons. 

With much regret to Samuel Francis Smith, his My Country Tis of Thee and to England, I now present to you "The Protester's Anthem" (sung to the tune of God Save the Queen):









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September 26, 2017

A Few Thoughts On the Filial Correction

I have written before that if Rome and certain of her henchmen (an apt description for most) that wear red, purple and black - or white, for that matter - cassocks, and who want every last one of the Catholic Faithful to march in willing lock-step to their new brand of Catholicism, they first have to remove all of the pre-concilliar documents that faithfully and forcefully contradict all of their new paradigms. Otherwise, they can only keep the cover on for so long and only pull the wool over the eyes of the faithful not much longer (time means nothing to God, except as it works to complete His Providence.)

Chief among those set-in-stone pre-concilliar documents - and the most blatant example of just how ineffective, weak and powerless they are - is the Sixth Commandment. The best they could ever hope for was to modify #6 into sub-categories that would allow for open and unrepentant adultery, and to further sub-categorize those exceptions under the headings of "mercy" and "for the children". In this they achieved their goal by taking the politician's playbook and baptising it into the Catholic Church. Politicians that already use those terms to get emotion-based voters to smilingly vote their money and freedoms away now have had their religious counterparts doing the same thing for decades: getting the emotions-based Catholic pew-sitters to willingly and sheepishly acquiesce to teachings, ideas and documents that are in direct contradiction to their Catholic Faith. 

The trouble is - and why it was doomed to fail from the start - is they left intact and unlocked the rooms where all the ammunition that was needed by the more Faithful of the clergy and laymen (both male "laymen" and female "laymen", in a nod to PC-correctness) to use against them remained for the taking. And use it they are now doing - privately and finally publically. And I believe that the pressure will continue unabated for this Pontiff to correct his obvious errors, or face the just as obvious consequences.  Now that the the wheels of God's justice (and mercy) have finally turned with an ear-splitting groan, more names will surely follow those of the original 62 signatories. 

So what did change? Why now? Why did it take so long? 

Louie Verrecchio plainly points out (here) what he believes is the reason (my emphasis):

" certainly wasn’t the objective sense of the text of Amoris Laetitia, much less was it the dogmatic teachings of the Holy Catholic faith that are contradicted therein; rather, what changed, apparently, is that God’s grace has begun to open the eyes of those who were previously blind."

And I concur, for what it is worth. 

God's time is not necessarily our time; He works to His Providence, not ours. Now is His right time; now is His right place. The sifting of the wheat from the chaff has its beginning and we must wait until the wind stops blowing to see what - or who - is left. 

Let us continue to pray for the Holy Father, Pope Francis, that he returns to the Faith and to the patrimony he was elected to serve. To sustain the old, not usher in the new. To continue to proclaim the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The One True Church of Christ, outside of which no one - NO ONE- can be saved. 

Oratio pro Summo Pontifice (Prayer for the Pope)

V. Oremus pro Pontifice nostro Francisco.

R. Dominus conservet eum, et vivificet eum, et beatum faciat eum in terra, et non tradat eum in animam inimicorum eius.


Deus, omnium fidelium pastor et rector,

famulum tuum Franciscum, quem pastorem Ecclesiae tuae praeesse voluisti, propitius respice: da ei, quaesumus, verbo et exemplo, quibus praeest, proficere: ut ad vitam, una cum grege sibi credito, perveniat sempiternam. Per Christum, Dominum nostrum. Amen.

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September 24, 2017


My children were all Consecrated to Our Lady at their baptisms, so I have no doubt that their inevitable Salvation is therefore assured. Whatever wrongs or errors they may presently hold - all are adults, with the youngest one becoming so this January - that keeps high the wall between us, Our Lady does not long leave Her children in that state and will come to their aid, and this repeatedly so. And oftentimes without being asked. There will be for each of them a "comes the dawn" moment to drive home this Truth, and they will wonder how they could have been so stupid for so long. They will still struggle to be sure, but they will struggle with a renewed sense of their eventual Salvation by their Blessed Mother. 

That being said, I sometimes still fear that at least two of my children may never fully drop the wall, despite the reasons for its erection having long since been disproved. Too much time may have elapsed; too little urging to talk out the hurt. Too many parental mistakes made at the beginning. There has been too little of "me" into their lives over the last few years to any longer retain hope that I can have any real positive influence. In large part because they moved 600 miles away and I simply could not afford the bi-weekly travel expenses, even to a halfway point, to keep alive the parent-child relationship.

I have become a stranger to these children. 

I have become only a "biological" Father in some photograph.

I have become just someone they used to know.

The saving Grace in all of this is that I have been granted over the intervening years a thawing and/or repairing of parent-child relationships. I have been privileged to once again being a residential parent, this made all the more striking as the request came from the estranged children themselves to live with me (they wanted to finish high school with their friends, but still unthinkable in the early stages.) Granted, it wasn't all lovey-dovey amongst us, but it did afford some opportunities for discussions, which should have been ongoing since day one anyway. But the lines of communication have remained open with most even after graduations. And now, once more, another has come home to jumpstart their career in more familiar - and missed - surroundings. 

Is not all this the work of a Most Blessed Mother, trying to correct errant children - whether Parent or Child? 

It doesn't take a Theologian to tell me to nod my head "Yes". 

All it takes is my Heart, my Faith and my Love.

AVE MARIA, gratia plena, Dominus tecum. Benedicta tu in mulieribus, et benedictus fructus ventris tui, Iesus. Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, ora pro nobis peccatoribus, nunc, et in hora mortis nostrae. Amen.

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September 19, 2017

Prayer Request - Daniel McDonald 1999-2017

In your charity, please remember the Soul of young Daniel McDonald, who died in a multi-vehicle auto accident this past weekend. I did not know him or his family personally, but he was employed by the same Catholic company that I work for. A fine young man with a bright earthly future that was interrupted by God's Providence for his Heavenly one.

Requiem aeternam dona ei, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat ei. Ut animam suam, et omnes animas omnium fidelium defunctorum per misericordiam Dei requiescant in pace. Amen.

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July 10, 2017

The End of the Line

I have decided to permanently close this blog. I find it difficult to make any substantive posts lately, and I have many incomplete drafts setting idle to make that point. I will keep the lights on for a couple of weeks or so, then turn them off and unscrew the bulbs.

Time. Work. Energy. Inspiration. All have been lacking of late. In addition, there are some important personal factors entering in the mix as well. It's time to quit. 

Thank you to all who have read this small blog, especially those who kept coming back. It was much appreciated and I hope what was written helped you in some small way. I am most grateful. 

God Bless to all. 

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June 3, 2017

Dead Man Walking...

Brown said, “Well immediate reaction is this is a crazy decision. It is against the facts. It is against science. It is against reality itself. We know we have to decarbonize our future. If we don’t, it is a horror. People will die. Habitat will be destroyed. Seas will rise. Insects will spread in areas they never have before. 

Let me take this opportunity to say goodbye and to thank anyone and everyone who has ever stopped by my blog. It has been great knowing all of you - and that includes you, Jerry (although I am sure you do not know me or my blog, I certainly know you). I really thought I had a longer tenure on this earth, but apparently that has been robbed of me and I am slated to could be today, tomorrow or even before I finish this blog post. Somehow I thought God Himself had the power of life and death over me, but apparently I have been mistaken all these years and it is really - Donald J. Trump! Like Obama had apparently been my "Savior" by surrendering me to the Paris Eco-Gaia crowd, DJT is my "Satan" and has forever condemned me to an early and untimely death, all the while he sits gleefully and maniacally on his red-hot throne, plotting his next move against - Hillary? Nancy? Mother Earth? George Soros? "Oh, the inhumanity of it all", seems apropos, does it not? My oh my...he is a despicable despot, is he not? 

Oh well, I suppose I should get my affairs in order now...

- go to Confession one last time and free myself of any leftover grievous sins against earth and nature (you know, all those wanton acts of evil perpetrated on those creepy crawly bugs by my feet, and let's not forget about all that Ozone burning I did during my career as an HVAC Technician).

 - contact my Estate attorney and get that Will updated to include my wife and kids (oh, wait! If I am slated to immently die because DJT pulled out of Paris, won't they cease to exist right along with me - and with The Jerry noted above? Here now; gone a nano-instant later. ZUT!!

- contact all those 1% corporate elites I owe money to from my free-wheeling days as a credit card user and laugh in their face that they aren't going to get paid! HA! HA! The jokes on you guys! No more Monaco vacations on my dime, Mr. Soros! HA!

So, it's goodbye, folks! Don't expect any wake or service as I don't think anyone will be alive to come anyway, as DJT has accelerated the time-clocks imbedded into our palms and they are set to go RED any moment now!!

Just.get.ready. NOW!

The saving grace of all this is that I won't have to listen any longer to the blather-and-blah-blah-blah of the likes of Jerry Brown, anyone with a Hollywood address, any Democratic "Catholic" politician or the liberal-left-progressive MSM, as they will vaporize and burn right along with me because of the lack of ozone layers. Or will we all get asphyxiated because of all the CO? Or is CO2? H2O, maybe? ZUT! I can't remember which one is our enemy any longer...ZUT!

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May 29, 2017

The Hoosiers-Avengers-Rome Thingy

Part of the storyline in the movie Hoosiers is that of the relationship between a Father and his son, a key player on the high school basketball team. A former basketball star himself, the Dad is now an alcoholic - and an embarrassment to his son. The son for his part acknowledges the drunk as his Dad, despite the embarrassment over his Dad's frailties. There is redemption near the conclusion, as both acknowledge a truth - a son's love for his Father and the Father's acknowledgment of his alcoholism (as depicted by him in the hospital, presumably "drying out".)

Such is where I find myself with the current Chair of St. Peter. He is an embarrassment to me (and to not just a few other Catholics.) I truly cannot stomach looking at his ever-present media photos, some of which are - intentionally or not - not very flattering. Even as I continue to pray for him and his good intentions, I cringe at the headlines I see each morning coming from Rome (and elsewhere in the Catholic World) that bespeak of an institution spiraling out of control, as headline after headline churns my insides so as to make even my Keurig 2.0 coffee taste bitter:

Pope Francis: many young people in the Church have fallen into the ‘temptation of rigidity’ 

Rigid as compared to what, Holy Father? Following the 2,000 year old Traditions of the Church founded by Christ, as opposed to following the 50 year old Vatican II New Evangelization, now into its what? 15th reiteration? And where in Italy is the Mt. Sinai where God gave you the additions to His 6th Commandment of "Thou shalt not commit adultery"? Seems to me God the Father was a bit presumptuous in wanting to chastise most severely all those revelers at the Mount, was He not? He probably regrets that now, I would think, don't you? Most assuredly, HE was too rigid too as well, do you not agree?

I can't wait to hear more good news for modern man from the newest Book of the Bible: The Ongoing Acts of  the Francis.

I truly am heartless (I have no time for anyone attempting to defend an emotional-based position.) A cruel bastard (I don't care about all the troubles you have in living a life polar-opposite to most natural and moral laws.) An unloving twerp (a woman's right?!?! to choose? How about a baby's right to choose you being his/her Mom?) A rigid olden-times Catholic hell-bent on sending my rigid and neo-palgeanistic (is this even a word??) soul to the Dark Side of the Force. A baby-boomer who gets high on smelling the incense wafting throughout the aisles of church, and rides a wave of ecstasy as the schola chants the propers. I revel in the swift justice of God to the rebelliousness found in the Old Testament - remember Onan's seed? I still marvel at the ultimate act of Forgiveness of Christ on Calvary, as well as His swift justice and righteous anger in driving the moneychangers from the temple.

I keep hoping I will wake up some morning and find that Francis' God-of-surprises has whacked him up the side of the head with the nearest-at-hand copy of St. Jerome's Vulgate, and maybe even followed that with a whack on the other side of the head with The Catechism of Pope Pius X for good measure.

Much like when Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow whacked
Clint Barton/Hawkeye to snap him out of his cult-ish following of Loki in The Avengers:

But as I set here and ponder the Objective Truth that is Our Lord Jesus Christ and that it is His hands to which are tied the marionette strings of this world and all its happenings, I know that I must - simply put - do what St. Paul says:"I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith."

Until the current Pope (or hs successor) decides to do what he is supposed to do by direct commands of both Our Lord and Our Lady ( links. You already know what the commands are), all that any of us can do is to continue to fight the good fights and to keep ourselves strong in the One True Faith as it was handed down from Christ and His Apostles; to fight against the enemies of Christ and His Church according to our station in life; be ready to suffer all for His sake, even unto death as the martyrs of old have done. 

"And fear ye not them that kill the body, and are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him that can destroy both soul and body in hell." [Matthew 10:28]

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April 23, 2017

The Cross

"The everlasting God has in His wisdom foreseen from eternity the cross that He now presents to you as a gift from His inmost heart. This cross He now sends you He has considered with His all-knowing eyes, understood with His divine mind, tested with His wise justice, warmed with loving arms and weighed with His own hands to see that it be not one inch too large and not one ounce too heavy for you. He has blessed it with His holy Name, anointed it with His consolation, taken one last glance at you and your courage, and then sent it to you from heaven, a special greeting from God to you, an alms of the all-merciful love of God."  (Prayer of Saint Francis De Sales)

I have for, the most part, been fairly healthy these past 6 years. While some of my fellow workers had been felled by numerous maladies over the same period, other than a few sniffles and sneezes, I had escaped the same fate. My fading memory seems to remember giving Our Lord thanks every now and again for this blessing, and I suppose, a privilege of sorts. I say a privilege because, were I to miss more than a day's work, the impact on my finances would require a loan from the bank to recover. So...Our Blessed Lord has kept my health pretty stable, and because of that, so have my finances. 

Until this past winter, that is.

Since Christmas 2016, I have had 2 cases of strep throat, in between which was a throat virus that was as bad as the strep, and a mouthful of canker sores after that that left the tip of my tongue somewhat sensitive (a burning sensation caused from damaged nerve endings, I am told). And now, the right side hernia I had fixed in 2011 has been giving indications it may be returning. I am 63 and I don't really need this in my life, especially right now. I enjoy good health, both temporally and Spiritually, and I want to stay that way.

However, despite what I think or want, Someone else knows what will profit me the most, both here and in the hereafter. He knows my many weaknesses and too few strengths. He knows my penchant for wanting the easy way out and my occasional lack of fortitude. He knows the many times I very vocally proclaim my current-malady-of-the-day, as well as the small number of times I just shrug my shoulders and say "Fiat Voluntas Tua".

I came across the above prayer recently while cleaning out the center drawer of my desk (which as all office workers know is the default location for everything that does not fit in a side drawer). I remember it used to be taped to the side of my computer tower until the last office re-organization and my work station got moved. True-to-form, it wound up buried in my center drawer until its recent resurrection (prophetically, around Easter).

So, I am once again reminded of how in-control is Our Blessed Lord of my life and its various intricacies. He alone knows what is best for my eternal Salvation and also the what, why and how of my needed participation in that endeavor. He knows I will get discouraged in my efforts and is always prepared to remind me of His words of encouragement:

"...Let no temptation take hold on you, but such as is human. And God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that which you are able: but will make also with temptation issue, that you may be able to bear it."

So it is, with me anyway...

In the day to day struggle at home or at work, in my personal life or just embedded and/or overwhelmed in illness of body or of Soul, the Cross is my refuge. It is the medicine that may or may not cure what ails me (as Our Lord Wills), but it surely gives me the strength, courage and Grace to weather it out until the time of my deliverance. I have had far too many struggles the past few years where my success in keeping my balance is only due to His Mercy and Love. Left to myself and relying on my own strength, I would surely have failed. 

Although, I will likely still whine and complain when the next small-c cross appears (and I fashion out of it A BIG-C CROSS), I am equally sure He will simply give another sigh, wonder what is it going to take for my complete understanding, and then send me what I need. He will then wait patiently until the next time and see if I have learned anything of His Love. 

Probably not...but as written by Fr. Leonard Goffine:

That Christian is, most foolish who fancies that the happiness of this world consists in honors, wealth, and pleasures, while Christ, the eternal Truth, teaches the contrary, promising eternal happiness to the poor and oppressed, and announcing eternal affliction and lamentation to those rich ones who have their comfort in this world. How much, then, are those to be pitied who as Christians believe, and yet live as if these truths were not for them, and who think only how they can spend their days in luxury, hoping at the same time to go to heaven where all the saints, even Christ the Son of God Himself, has entered only by crosses and sufferings. 

I fear it will always be a struggle for me to make the first words of response to any new cross: Fiat Voluntas Tua, Domine.

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April 16, 2017


"And behold there was a great earthquake. For an angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and coming, rolled back the stone, and sat upon it.  And his countenance was as lightning, and his raiment as snow.  And for fear of him, the guards were struck with terror, and became as dead men. And the angel answering, said to the women: Fear not you; for I know that you seek Jesus who was crucified..." 

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February 21, 2017

Commentary On a Tuesday Morning...

As such, I am a so-so blogger, a kind of lukewarm addict who now writes when the "Double-I's" - inspiration and initiative - hit me or taps me on my shoulder. Or, drops a brick upon my gray head because I have had a cornucopia of Catholic news that tends to do more than cause me to shake my head in disbelief. I say that because one has to do a bit more than shake their head at the raw stupidity of some supposedly learned individuals - whether lay or cleric - that seemingly turns a blind eye to all things One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic that pre-date Vatican II. It is truly like other bloggers and Catholic commentators have written, that the entire Church of the past 2,000 years - up to and including Our Lord Jesus Christ - had been getting it all wrong. Whether it be of mercy, of adultery, of social justice, of the need for frequent confession, of the 6th Commandment or even of the condemnation of those who eat and drink unworthily the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, it was only in the Church of post-Vatican II that truly brought the "true meaning" of Our Lord into all of the above and gave them their rightful emphasis in today's modern society.

Now we have to consider that:
  • there is no true Mercy unless it is the now oft-repeated "Francis Mercy", which in some cases comes at the expense of Justice; 
  • the de fide Commandment against adultery is still extant in today's 21st century catholic church - except in the world's diocese where it isn't;
  • the condemnation afforded to those who receive Holy Communion unworthily still stands in all the Catholic Bibles - excepting if you have applied the "internal forum" method of Confession in certain of the world's diocese as it pertains to adulterers;
  • there is still only the one declarative sentence against adultery inscribed in Commandment #6 - excepting in the world's diocese who now have sub-divided it into #6A, #6B, #6C, (etc, etc, etc, as needed);
  • those who follow the Catholic Bible and therefore the New Testament words of Our Lord Jesus Christ as they were spoken by Him and handed down from the Apostles are now condemned as unworthy reprobates for being too rigid in their thoughts and practices - even though these words came directly from Our Lord, Creator and King;
  • only by obeying unquestioningly the thoughts, ideas, directives, apostolic exhortations, interviews, homilies, orders, requests, suggestions or in-the-ear-whisper of the current Pope, can one be true to the Catholic Faith and gain heaven even though many of the above words openly contradict the very words of Our Lord Jesus Christ, previous Papal documents and/or the teachings of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. 

I probably wouldn't mind it so much if in doing and promulgating certain avantgarde teachings and Theology that the powers-that-would-be would rescind all the extant documents that are in direct contradiction with what they are proposing. If they do not, then they should have no true beef with those who choose not to follow such "progressive" directives and stay with what has always been. No one - whether Pope, Cardinal, priest or apologist - should be able to criticize any Catholic who speaks or writes against modernist tripe being promulgated by the current Pontificate because such individuals are not wrong. Why??? because....what was written formerly has not been rescinded or even placed on a forbidden index list of sorts and, therefore, is still valid.

So no high ranking cleric of the Modern Church truly has any leg to stand on in condemning those who choose to follow the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Faith of Our Lord Jesus Christ as handed down to His Church through His Apostles to His Children on earth. They cannot call us neo-pelagian, heretical, rigid, conformists, unmerciful, (etcetera, etcetera, etcetera to the ad-nauseum degree) because we are not doing anything wrong and can get to Heaven as easily as they can. Well, maybe not so easily considering Our Lords comments about the narrow gate and the camel through the needles eye, but you know what I mean. 

Frankly, I simply wish they would all just shut up and stop spouting all the drivel that any Catholic with any type of sensus catholicus - whether it be a First Communicant, a Confirmand or a 60-years wed couple -  knows is just plain garbage.

Where is the Catholic Sanitation Department when you need them...

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January 28, 2017

Just Some Relevant Thoughts on a Saturday Morning

Despite what goes on in Rome (or elsewhere in the world for that matter), the strings that control all are securely tied to the fingers of Our Lord. By his Will or Permission, men rule, make rules, and make mistakes, for ill or for good for the person or persons involved. 

This Pope has not been good for Catholics or the Church when he departs from its perennial teaching and mission; he is a bad ruler simply because of his patented "thug" methodology (other writers' term, but it is apropos) which at the very least is un-Catholic and un-Charitable; he has made "deplorable" those Catholics who hold fast to Our Lord's words and the Church's perennial teachings and Latin Mass, as if we were dumber than a box of rocks for doing so; he has made and promoted - implicitly or explicitly - rules that contradict the very words of God and Our Lord. I simply do not understand how any cleric wearing black, purple or red can simply brush that aside. Can they be that dumb or am I just a simpleton?

Regardless, the Pope needs our prayers and the Church clerics need to awaken from their lethargy. Until that happens, we need to stand with Our Lord when a conflict between man and God arises, for it is Him we all must answer to eventually, and I doubt He will accept the answer "Well, the Pope said it was OK for me to receive Communion without getting an annulment" or "The Bishop in our diocese allowed me to receive Communion while in an adulterous marriage without going to Confession". 

Confusion reigns supreme in the Church today. There seems to be little left of the 4 marks of the Church, for all have been assaulted in various ways for decades with no clear end in sight. 

Still, it is comforting to know where the strings that control all are secured, for it is the only security we seemingly have left. Where men will fail other men, themselves and the world, Our Lord will never fail His Church or those who strive to remain Faithful to His Teachings. 

Pray for Pope Francis, the Cardinals, the Bishops and priests for all are worthy of our prayers. We should remember well the words of Thomas a Kempis, "We are all frail but think none more frail than thyself". 

"Oremus pro Pontifice nostro Francisco: Dominus conservet eum, et vivificet eum, et beatum faciat eum in terra, et non tradat eum in animam inimicorum eius. Tu es Petrus, et super hanc petram ædificabo Ecclesiam Meam, et portæ inferi non prævalebunt adversus eam."

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January 20, 2017

The Mensa Society, Catholic Dogma and Me

I don't think of myself as very smart or enlightened, but then that never stopped me from using my brain the way God intended either. The left and right hemisphere of my brain were not put there to just take up space, or to give the liquid that surrounds and protects it its own purpose. No, my brain was put there for me to exercise my reasoning and deductive powers in order to make informed decisions according to my Conscience, my Faith and my Civil duties.

I do not need a Political Action Committee to guide tell me who to vote for - I can do that myself by reading various articles, listening to the candidates, having discussions with family and friends and then making my decision. Fortunatley, it's really not that hard nowadays, for the pool of approved candidates is very thin. No Democrat will ever get my vote, even though they may espouse other causes I may hold dear, simply because the Democratic Party platform approves sucking the life of a child out of a Mother's womb. No Republican who prefers the status quo, is more concerned with protecting his/her gilded throne and who compromises their personal beliefs ("I'm personally against sucking the life of a child from the Mother's womb, but just can't force that belief upon my constituents!") will ever get my vote. 

Much the same goes for my Catholic Faith. I was taught the 10 Commandments, the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy, the Seven Gifts of the Holy Ghost, the Seven Sacraments and the Old and New Testaments among other teachings, whether dogmatic or otherwise. To my knowledge, none of the aforementioned items have ever been abrogated or modified in any way. At least, I don't remember a "new" Moses a few centuries after the parting of the Red Sea coming down from Italy's Mt. Etna with a new and modernized set of 10 Commandments. Or is that what happened in 1962 ala Pope John XXIII and VII???

No, my dear modernist Bishops ...I don't need a Bishop Timmy-Johnny with his rainbow-colored vestments telling me how I should embrace sodomitical people and accompany them on their journey to Hell, and that I should never - and Bp. Timmy-Johnny means NEVER! - should I tell them that Eternal Hell is where they will wind up if they die unrepentant. 

Nor do I need Cardinal Effeminate telling me how those in irregular adulterous marriages and same-sex sodomitical relationships are deserving of the Holy Eucharist because they feel left out, abandoned or otherwise not "in communion" with Holy Mother Church and the rest of the rank-and-file parishioners. (They all are deserving of the Eucharist, and "full communion" assuming, of course, that they live chastely, go to confession, repent and make amends for any grievous sins.)

Oh, and I don't need that great bastion of Catholic Orthodoxy known as The Cardinals:Kasper & Marx LLC (and apparently, their fellow Fortune 500 collaborators, The Maltese Mafia PA, to assure me that there are now unique situations that changes a send-me-to-Hell adulterous marriage into a send-me-to-the-Communion-Rail-because-I'm-now-good adulterous marriage courtesy of Amoris Laetitia ("...and ya know, like, Christ can't do anything about it cause, you know, I Lurv Him and all that, and my unique situation was previously unknown in the Church and so I'm now good to go without all the added expense and headache of getting that pesky no-cost annulment from my diocese."

And I especially do not need a Pope Francis Bergoglio telling me day in and day out how much of an idiot I have been all these 63 years trying to live my Catholic Faith as it has always been taught and handed down the previous 2,013 years (for the most part, or at least until Vatican II); how I have been duped, dumbed down, led astray, lived in error; how I have misinterpreted the Bible, Christ's own words and the meaning behind St. Paul's correction of St. Peter. That everything I have been taught was taught incorrectly, that the God of surprises failed to surprise me or anyone else until March 13, 2013, and instead just left me to flap around in the darkness. Is it any wonder I never made it through college; never made a million dollars; never got to be the president of my own company - it's all because I've been duped into thinking I was a Faithful Catholic, fully understanding of my religion and what God and Our Lord expected of me. Now I find I've been a fool or been fooled. I am so-o-o-o-o glad  all of the above personages have brought me to a greater understanding of....


I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, my Dear Bishops, Cardinals and Pope, but it is not I who appears to be less than smart. It is readily apparent that some of you haven't a clue as to what the Catholic Faith teaches; what Our Lord said about divorce or that he raised marriage between a man and a woman to a Sacrament. You must not know the 6th commandment condemns adultery in no uncertain terms and that its author - God Himself - cannot teach error. But obviously, you can, have and are. I don't know where you got your seminary training or who taught religion to you, but they sure as hell did not know what the hell they were talking about. I know a group of elementary and middle school children who could run rings and loop-de-loops around the lot of you if you were brave enough to take them on in a debate. And why wouldn't they? They have 2,000 years of Objective Truth they can reference, whereas you have what? 50 or 60 years of watered down Catholicism based upon emotions and subjective truth? No contest, I am afraid. 

You do know that most Faithful Catholics read the headlines that your words and actions produce and simply shake their head and laugh - and then continue on following the immutable Truth of Our Lord Jesus Christ? You know that, right? 

Oh! and thanks to you, my IQ has now risen to such stature that I have (1) applied to the MENSA Society for membership as my IQ most certainly must be quadrupled compared to yours; (2) applied to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for my Doctorate in Math. This is by virtue of my complete understanding of the complex mathematical formula 2 + 2 = 4; and (3) received my Doctorate in Theology, courtesy of Dr. Ludwig Ott and Tan Books (see my Doctorate Book at the beginning of this post, awarded to me via US Mail in 2015). I use this whenever you write, speak or otherwise promulgate anything to do with the Catholic Faith. It is the first book I grab after reading or hearing what you've written, spoken or promulgated and compare them against what Dr. Ott has written - if it matches with my Dogma Doctorate, then I agree and will follow you. But when if it does not match, then I simply follow my Doctorate Book, my Sensus Catholicus and the Bible. I can't go wrong with them, for they are all based upon the immutable truth of the Catholic Faith.

All of you need to recuse yourself from teaching, speaking or promulgating anything to do with the Catholic Faith, let alone anything doing with the secular world. Why? Because it is clear that you are far, far, far away from having the required reason and clarity with which to proclaim anything, except that, maybe, you are hungry and to please feed me. 

I suppose you are unaware that the Catechism of the Catholic Church clearly states that "It belongs to the perfection of the moral or human good that the passions be governed by reason."? Or have you forgotten that in light of your own subjective "reasoning"? To be sure, it is clear to any with even a basic knowledge of Catholicism 101 that your subjective passions lead you...and lead you astray. Too bad you are unable - or is it unwilling? - to know and understand that??

Regardless of your human frailties, you all remain in my prayers, mainly for your conversion back to the One True Faith as it has always been taught and handed down since the time of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Who, incidentally, is the True Head of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church to which you are just caretakers and shepherds. 

I respectfully suggest you think about your stewardship when the Chief Shepherd comes back and asks you for the accounting of his patrimony from you. What will you have left to offer him?

"For a bishop must be without crime, as the steward of God: not proud, not subject to anger, not given to wine, no striker, not greedy of filthy lucre: But given to hospitality, gentle, sober, just, holy, continent: Embracing that faithful word which is according to doctrine, that he may be able to exhort in sound doctrine, and to convince the gainsayers. For there are also many disobedient, vain talkers, and seducers: especially they who are of the circumcision:Who must be reproved, who subvert whole houses, teaching things which they ought not, for filthy lucre' s sake. One of them a prophet of their own, said, The Cretians are always liars, evil beasts, slothful bellies. This testimony is true. Wherefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith; Not giving heed to Jewish fables and commandments of men, who turn themselves away from the truth. All things are clean to the clean: but to them that are defiled, and to unbelievers, nothing is clean: but both their mind and their conscience are defiled.They profess that they know God: but in their works they deny him; being abominable, and incredulous, and to every good work reprobate."

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