July 10, 2017

The End of the Line

I have decided to permanently close this blog. I find it difficult to make any substantive posts lately, and I have many incomplete drafts setting idle to make that point. I will keep the lights on for a couple of weeks or so, then turn them off and unscrew the bulbs.

Time. Work. Energy. Inspiration. All have been lacking of late. In addition, there are some important personal factors entering in the mix as well. It's time to quit. 

Thank you to all who have read this small blog, especially those who kept coming back. It was much appreciated and I hope what was written helped you in some small way. I am most grateful. 

God Bless to all. 

Copyright 2017 David Heath - All Rights Reserved


  1. Here is an idea, in case it has any meaning between you and God. I could be misguided in suggesting this. Before I say what it is, let me explain that today is the first time I happened upon the existence of your blog - or your existence, for that matter, so I don't know your situation or how to interpret some of your statments. I don't know if you're actually expected to die soon or if you're just detatching yourself to dive deeper into the spiritual life of death to self. But in case you may be so inspired, I wonder if you would host some sort of support group or just online forum, or whatever, for victims of divorce, or direct traffic toward a resource you want to share with them. Thanks be to God, I have so far been spared, my parents never divorced and neither did I. But I know people who have been deeply wounded by divorce, whether as children or as spouses, other members of said families too. I read your 3 part blog about divorce. It is too valuable to discard or to take it offline. It needs to be sent far and wide to the ends of the earth, both electronically and on paper. Even video and audio, just every way you can. If you're not in a position to do all this, maybe you can "pass the torch", so to speak, to a new runner to keep carrying that light, in perpetuity til the end of time. Your family will remain in my prayers, and I beg your prayers for my family and friends too. So much is at stake. Whatever God gives each one of us, let us carry it all the way to Calvary and die nailed to it for the sake of reparation, healing of families, universal family reunion in Heaven, and our ultimate Resurrection with Christ.

  2. I couln't distinguish whether my previous comment got through or what happened. After I clicked "publish" there was this blank space. I wanted to say that your 3 part series about divorce is MUCH too valuable to take offline. If you can no longer carry on, PLEASE pass on all your spiritual treasures. It should be perpetuated electronically, on paper, audio, video, just any and every way you can. And, if it were possible, you could host some sort of support group or forum for victims of divorce. I'm not divorced, but I know people who are suffering the times before, during or after divorce, adults and children suffering. (Again, I was unsure whether you meant that you were dying physically or simply diving more deeply into a contemplative life, of death to self, in the spiritual sense.) In case the previous message didn't make it, I repeat again: Let us carry whatever God gives us all the way to Calvary - but yes, I also pray that you may see a healing of your family in THIS life, please God! Pray for my family too. God bless you!

  3. Yes, I agree with the previous comments. Please keep your blog up--will pass a link to your site to my family & friends. People need to read this ASAP!!!

    As the BVM said at Fatima many marriages are not of God and don't please the Lord.

  4. Dave,

    Hang in there!

    This is Karl from my days in Bai McFarlane's yahoo group. Stay the course.

  5. Good to see this blog is still up, thank you. God bless you!!


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