October 29, 2017

A Theme Song for Respondents

I am quite sure the Country Music group Alabama never considered their version of "In Pictures" to be named The Theme Song for Respondents by this blog, or for that matter, to reach #4 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks when it was released in 1995. But it did the latter and I have now so named it the former. So, while they will never get to accept my statuette for this honor on national TV, it remains that this bittersweet achievement fits the honor.

I don't remember ever having listened to this song during Alabama's multi-decade run as one of Country Music's top groups (they are still touring, too!). I only found it on one of their Greatest Hits CD's and almost immediately bonded to the song and to the Dad who is lamenting over how much he's missed as his daughter grew up around him, and is now only available to him in pictures.

Although I did not at first identify him or the song as a byproduct of a divorce, in looking up more specific information for this post,  I found that the Wikipedia link does just that. In fact or not, at least I know that I am not the first to consider the song divorce related.

So...while my original intent was to tie the song into a post concerning my own parent-child relationship issues, the heartbreak of a still extant separation and the emptiness that yet pervades my memories, I wish instead to dedicate this post to all respondents - whether Mom or Dad - and their still separated children. The hope remains and prayers will continue that the reconciliation with your loved ones come sooner, rather than later.

My Dear Friends, pray always and often to Our Blessed Mother, remembering that your children are Hers also and She feels the pain as keenly as you.

And finally, remember to love your children UNCONDITIONALLY, as Our Crucified Savior did - and continues to do - for us.

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  1. David,

    From my own experience. Dedicated to my oldest child:


    My comment there will tell you about her.


    1. Very nice, Karl. Fortunately and like you, my two eldest kids were, to a large extent, isolated from the errors associated with their Mother's divorce and our parent-child relationships remained largely unaffected. For that, I remained eternally grateful.

      Over the intervening years, relations have thawed with a couple more of the younger kids, but it seems the middle group were the most affected and remain aloof and distant...prayers and constant love are the only weapons I have left to help them. All will come full circle eventually I am sure, but still, the wait can be discouraging at times, as you know.

      God Bless and thanks for sharing this wonderful testament of a Father's love...



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