December 28, 2017

SSPX USA - Video Traces Fatima Pilgrim Statue's Journey through United States and Canada

Recently released by the SSPX, a beautiful video of the Fatima Pilgrim Statue that made its way across the USA this almost-passed year. A more fitting tribute to Our Lady I cannot imagine and one that I am sure showered many Graces upon our Country and all those devoted to Her.

Would that every parish in every diocese, with every bishop in every state, had all united in this prayer and devotion to Our Lady, the Patroness of the USA. Can one contemplate the infinite amount of Graces that would have befallen our ever-increasing immoral country...


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December 4, 2017

The End of a Pontificate (and the 10 Commandments)

The Eight Commandments of Holy Francis

Alright...Francis has now made of himself a God-clone and the 4th Person of the Blessed Trapezoid (or is it the Blessed Polygon? I'm not sure. Probably need to ask 2+2=5 Fr. Spadaro) and has promulgated his Amoris Laetitia heresy against the Holy Trinity and the 10 Commandments as official Magisterium, binding Catholics to believe that adultery is now part of God's plan for our Salvation. 

- Even though the words of Our Lord Jesus Christ contradict it.

- Even though the Catechism of the Catholic Church forbids it.

Even though another Pope's Encyclical denounces it.

Thus - and also "officially" - ends this pontificate. No Catholic can be commanded to obey that which is against (1) God's 10 Commandments, (2) their conscience, (3) previous (and still extant) Magesterium. 

It is ludicrous for a Pope, Cardinal or Bishop to actually believe they can, with the stroke of a pen, ignore that which has been promulgated by none other than God Himself. I have written before (here) that these supposedly learned and intelligent men anarchists are simply stupid men dressed in white, red and purple who haven't a clue as to their ultimate fate for ignoring their Creator and making of themselves gods. There can only be one God; one Catholic Church; one teaching on the indissolubility of marriage; one teaching on the the prohibition of divorce. 

There can be no Holy Trinity approved trojan horse for getting us into Heaven, but there can be a Pope-Cardinal-Bishop one for getting us into Hell if we - the common ordinary pew-sitting Catholic - are ourselves stupid enough to follow it. And some probably will...


Because they are bobblehead catholics that rely on someone else to be their conscience, as they themselves cannot seem to make the right hard choices that might upset their Facebook/Twitter lives. So when a religious in charge of their Souls promulgates anything that plays to their emotions (such as does one infamous part of Amoris Laetitia), their heads bobble up and down in ascent for no other reason than it came from a "religious", whether Pope, Cardinal or Bishop. 

If it comes from the "Holy"(??) Francis or one of his dimwitted underlings, then it must be good, right? 

Wrong!Wrong! Wrong!

God gave us all an innate sense of the moral code.

The Catholic Church put that code in writing. 

Adultery is prohibited in every circumstance.

Adultery will send your Soul to Hell.

Period! End of discussion! Close your book now!

And go say a Rosary for the conversion of the Pope and all his Cardinals and Bishops before they die. 

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