September 26, 2017

A Few Thoughts On the Filial Correction

I have written before that if Rome and certain of her henchmen (an apt description for most) that wear red, purple and black - or white, for that matter - cassocks, and who want every last one of the Catholic Faithful to march in willing lock-step to their new brand of Catholicism, they first have to remove all of the pre-concilliar documents that faithfully and forcefully contradict all of their new paradigms. Otherwise, they can only keep the cover on for so long and only pull the wool over the eyes of the faithful not much longer (time means nothing to God, except as it works to complete His Providence.)

Chief among those set-in-stone pre-concilliar documents - and the most blatant example of just how ineffective, weak and powerless they are - is the Sixth Commandment. The best they could ever hope for was to modify #6 into sub-categories that would allow for open and unrepentant adultery, and to further sub-categorize those exceptions under the headings of "mercy" and "for the children". In this they achieved their goal by taking the politician's playbook and baptising it into the Catholic Church. Politicians that already use those terms to get emotion-based voters to smilingly vote their money and freedoms away now have had their religious counterparts doing the same thing for decades: getting the emotions-based Catholic pew-sitters to willingly and sheepishly acquiesce to teachings, ideas and documents that are in direct contradiction to their Catholic Faith. 

The trouble is - and why it was doomed to fail from the start - is they left intact and unlocked the rooms where all the ammunition that was needed by the more Faithful of the clergy and laymen (both male "laymen" and female "laymen", in a nod to PC-correctness) to use against them remained for the taking. And use it they are now doing - privately and finally publically. And I believe that the pressure will continue unabated for this Pontiff to correct his obvious errors, or face the just as obvious consequences.  Now that the the wheels of God's justice (and mercy) have finally turned with an ear-splitting groan, more names will surely follow those of the original 62 signatories. 

So what did change? Why now? Why did it take so long? 

Louie Verrecchio plainly points out (here) what he believes is the reason (my emphasis):

" certainly wasn’t the objective sense of the text of Amoris Laetitia, much less was it the dogmatic teachings of the Holy Catholic faith that are contradicted therein; rather, what changed, apparently, is that God’s grace has begun to open the eyes of those who were previously blind."

And I concur, for what it is worth. 

God's time is not necessarily our time; He works to His Providence, not ours. Now is His right time; now is His right place. The sifting of the wheat from the chaff has its beginning and we must wait until the wind stops blowing to see what - or who - is left. 

Let us continue to pray for the Holy Father, Pope Francis, that he returns to the Faith and to the patrimony he was elected to serve. To sustain the old, not usher in the new. To continue to proclaim the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The One True Church of Christ, outside of which no one - NO ONE- can be saved. 

Oratio pro Summo Pontifice (Prayer for the Pope)

V. Oremus pro Pontifice nostro Francisco.

R. Dominus conservet eum, et vivificet eum, et beatum faciat eum in terra, et non tradat eum in animam inimicorum eius.


Deus, omnium fidelium pastor et rector,

famulum tuum Franciscum, quem pastorem Ecclesiae tuae praeesse voluisti, propitius respice: da ei, quaesumus, verbo et exemplo, quibus praeest, proficere: ut ad vitam, una cum grege sibi credito, perveniat sempiternam. Per Christum, Dominum nostrum. Amen.

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