October 2, 2017



That is the first question that pops into my mind with the"schism" re-re-re-re-pronouncement by Raymond Cardinal Burke. Why has it all of a sudden become necessary to once again re-re-re-re-hash the scism /no schism argument in the Catholic world? Of what value is it? What is the ulterior motive? Where is the official statement from Pope Francis that the SSPX is now once more in schism, all talks are now verboten and Cardinal Burke is just reminding all Catholics of what the Pope has pronounced. Or...

Is Cardinal Burke the Catholic answer to John McCain?

The question has been asked and answered; re-asked and re-answered ad infinitum/ad nauseum over the years. To my remembrance, only once has the "schism" label against SSPX been OFFICIALLY promulgated, and then OFFICIALLY lifted by a succeeding Pope years later. And that decree was for five bishops only, not the whole of the Society. 

Officially is the key word here, IMHO. It doesn't matter what an individual bishop or cardinal thinks, says or writes about the SSPX /Schism meme. Unless the charge emanates from a Papal document and is signed by a reigning Pope, the charge becomes nothing more than one man's opinion. 

True, if that man firmly believes what he preaches and firmly believes his priests and laity are in moral and/or mortal danger from anything-SSPX and orders his priests and laity to steer clear or face catching the "schism pox", then I suppose that man has every Catholic right to say what he will and his flock must obey.

But I doubt that has been or is the case here. 

Where are the Cardinal's facts? What Papal document does he source to back up his claim? Why, then, is there still ongoing dialogue between Rome and the SSPX if they are in "schism"? More higher placed Cardinals than Burke have pronounced them not in schism over the years - despite their lack of "canonical" standing in the church, as Benedict/Ratzinger said. So why is this pronouncement all of a sudden in the news again? Why did the question even come up and more importantly, why did Burke answer it as he did? Is this another attempt to derail any reconciliation talks that might be thisclose to succeeding? 

Hell...I don't know.

Cardinal Burke has lost any credibility with me over his lack of movement concerning the Amoris Laetitiae debacle, and this matter has not helped to change my mind any. His fellow Cardinalate supporters have been cut in half; AL is now enshrined in Catholic law and - much like Obamacare - is here to stay, at least until a future Pope is elected, shows his Catholic moxy and confines it to the trash bin. We have men (or kittens, as Mundabor calls them) like Burke to thank for that.

Cardinal Burke, please go quietly into the Signatura and stop granting interviews. Live out your life in the comfort of your Roman dicastery and leave the SSPX unencumbered to continue their reconciliation talks with Rome.


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