May 27, 2018

A Random Thought Process - Pt II

(Part I here)

And I still blame my parents in toto for re-making of me what I never actively pursued, at least up to my 30th year, give or take:

Just a plain old run-of-the-mill Roman Catholic who:

- is rigid in holding fast to all that was taught by Our Lord. 

- a believer in Christs' Love for all and equally as fearful of His Judgments. 

- a believer of the 10 Commandments - AS WRITTEN, WITH NO SUBSETS - and the requisite knowledge that failure to live within them can lead to (despite what some Catholic priests say to the contrary) Hell. 

- a supporter of the SSPX and the now-numerous other Traditionalist Orders, i.e. ICKFSSPBenedictines of Mary, etc.

- the very-rare ability (which I had mistakenly supposed every Roman Catholic to have) to see through the man-centered, New World Order orientation of the Modern Church. A Church that now openly embraces many non-Catholic schemas: ecumenism, sodomy, fornication and anarchy (relative to mass immigration and open borders), to name a few of the many. 

But mostly, I have the (apparently innate) ability to see the wolves in sheeps clothing, up to and including Pope Francis as he (seemingly) struggles with teaching the One True Faith to the World. Regardless, I believe he is the Pope and pray for him at each Rosary (although some of his actions can lead anyone to conclude that Francis himself doesn't believe in toto the Catholic Faith). 

So why this post? Why my bully-pulpit rants?

Because of my disbelief in how fellow Catholics within the Modern church cannot see these same wolves feasting upon the Body (and Souls of my fellow Catholics) of the earthly Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, whilst simultaneously neutering its very core. 


- Why didn't the New York Faithful vent their displeasure over the Diocese/Vatican approved MET gala by withholding funds from the Sunday Collections, say...for one year?

- Why haven't the Catholic Bishops of the world stood enmasse before the Face of the Catholic Church on Earth and read him the riot act? And no, IMHO, he is not deserving of anything less than the riot act because he has done more worse to various Catholic Faithful the past 5 years.

- Why haven't the Cardinals who elected Jorge Mario Bergoglio done the same as what the Bishops ought to have already done? Are they, too, protecting their gilded and most exalted positions, perhaps? A man cannot serve two masters, ya'll...

- Why have ordinary Catholic pewsitters seemingly abrogated their own knowledge of the Bible, Christ's teachings, past Papal documents and Objective Truth? Why follow unquestioningly most everything that comes from Rome - and especially Pope Francis - as straight-from-Mount-Sinai-commandments, when such pronouncements are objectively proven to be otherwise, vis-a-vis adding subsets to the 6th and 9th Commandments to make fornication and adultery morally licit.  

Some may mistakenly think this post a "I-am-sooo-much-holier-and-smarter-than-thou" pontificating or as RadTrad right-wing Catholicism. Such is not my intention. What is my intention is trying to understand mindsets that allow an unquestioningly blind obedience to what has heretofore always been verboten. How can a mere mortal - Pope or not - change what God Himself has stated is immoral and illicit? God can never be wrong about anything...(duh!) If a man can be born a homosexual (so says The Francis) by God's Providence, then Sodom and Gomorrah was a lie. 

If Sodom and Gomorrah was a lie, then so was the Old Testament. And if the Old Testament was a lie, then God is a lie (as atheists believe). And if God is a lie, then so is Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph. They were just a family of Jews that happened to be very meek and very holy, that also had an unspeakable horror inflicted upon their son. (So much for Roman justice, eh??)

And so...where does all the above eventually lead?  Isn't it right where we are at this moment in time? Alone and adrift in a sea of Who am I's? Am I saved? Am I Sedevacantist? Am I Opus Dei-ist? Am I Radical Traditionalist? Am I Alphabet Soup-ist?

Where did all the Roman Catholics go? How did we all start self-identifying as something other than what we are and believing our particular flavor is right? More importantly, how did we all get the notion that the Vatican - populated as it is with various capricious avarice immoral mortal human beings who sometimes masquerade as religious - can suddenly have all the answers to all the world's problems and that those answers lie in having to neuter the Catholic Faith, promote socialism and making of Christ Our Lord just a good buddy to us all?

I am really, really tired...does anyone have a new Catholicism flavor I can try that doesn't make me so tired but still gets me to Heaven? And more importantly, does not get God so mad at me that the pearly gate gets locked before I even get to knock?

But then, again, just how hard is it to simply be a Roman Catholic, live (or try to, as our fallen nature permits) as Our Lord intended and His Church (and not the Vatican II/Francis version) asks?

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May 20, 2018

A Random Thought Process (Pt 1)

The Thinker Drawing by Paul Stowe

               THOUGHT PROCESS:
any of the mental procedures involved in cognitive activities which are past interpretation, like remembering, reasoning, problem solving, imagining, and making decisions. (By Nugent, Pam M.S.-April 29, 2013. Source: Psychology Dictionary)

On a daily basis - relative to achieving Salvation - it is sometimes hard to know just what kind of Catholic I really am supposed to be in 2018: 

(1) Modernist?

(2) Traditionalist? 
(3) Radical Traditionalist?
(4) Charismaticalist?
(5) Sedevacantist?
(6) Orthodox-ist?
(7) Neopelagianist?
(8) Opus Dei-ist?

I never knew there were so many flavors of the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church instituted by Our Lord Jesus Christ. But the ultimate question yet remains: which flavor will get me to Heaven? 

For instance, I am Traditionalist (if there is, objectively speaking, such a term for a Roman Catholic). But then again, it is equally certain that I am no Modernist, either. As the Roman Catholic Church "tolerates" divorce, I can only "tolerate" the New Paradigms; the New (c)atholicism; the (latest) New Springtime of Vatican II (Met Gala, anyone??); the New Mass which, as most every Catholic knows was borne of Man and given approbation by heretics in an "advisory" capacity at Vatican II. Which - in my opinion - confirms its non-continuity to the Tridentine Mass (for true continuity, see here). 

Do I, the Traddie, accept it (the New Mass), then? 

Yes, albeit grudgingly. But...I will never "like" the new Mass, which has devolved into a (Low Mass) mixture of Latin-English liturgy, sung-not sung parts of the Mass, and Protestant/secular words set to the more beautiful polyphonic music of ages-old Catholic hymns. 

Ed. note: I have many times attended the OF Mass at the (now) local Wichita parish during past travels, which is staffed by a very well-liked and much respected orthodox priest and his young associate. Both give excellent sermons on what it means to be and to live Catholic; avoidance of sin; frequent need of Confession and Holy Communion, etc. The OF Masses are said as reverently (if a bit rushed and robotic) as the OF Mass can be, with no "personal touches" thrown into the mix. In short, my recommendation of this parish to anyone looking to fulfil their Sunday/Holy Day obligation would always be given (and this knowing full well some will strenuously object to the mix of girl and boy altar is what it is, people.) I currently attend the SSPX Church in Wichita (or the Diocesan Latin Mass on the odd Sundays) unless otherwise prevented from doing so.)

I'm not even sure that I am even a sinner, anymore. 
I mean...Amoris Laetitia, et al. If one can now self-discern that living in adultery makes them good, holy and pleasing before both God the Father and God the Son, then who am I to judge otherwise. If a sodomitical relationship can apparently lead both of the sinners penitents partners (enter the appropriate gender-neutral term here) to Sanctity, then who am I to judge what The Francis and his current co-leaders of the Catholic Church approve over what even God himself deemed to be aberrant - and abhorrent - behavior. If the 6th and 9th Commandments can now each have their own subset (and you can pretty much nowadays name your own subs and sets) for moral legitimacy, who am I to judge? If adulterers can receive the Blessed Sacrament after the self-cleansing of their continued fornication through the careful discernment of a priest, then who am I to judge?

Indeed...who am I to judge?

Who am I?

I'm a Roman Catholic, baptized into Holy Mother Church on March 27, 1954. I was confirmed by Bishop William A. O'Connor at St. Patrick's Catholic Church, Grafton IL and graduated from St. Francis Catholic Grade School, in Jerseyville.

I am a public high school graduate who never finished college, but did attend and graduate from a Vocational one. I've held jobs far above my pay grade and knowledge base, but eventually became proficient and successful in all of them. I never really practised my Faith outside of the usual youthful pre-Vatican II mode - I came of age just when all the changes hit around 7th grade - and involuntarily followed my parents as they drove around trying to find a decent Latin Mass (Ugh! oh what a bother!! Again, Mom! Why can't we just continue to go to St. Pat's like before? Huh???). 

In my youth I had served at many Tridentine Masses and after high school served in the US Air Force. I rarely went to Mass and/or Confession while on active duty (the Military was well entrenched with VII stuff by then), fantasized for the "girl-in-every-port" meme, bought more than one copy of Playboy Magazine, tried smoking cigarettes and got stone-cold drunk at least 3 times. And all the while I carried in my pocket my trusty Rosary, even though I rarely - if ever (my memory is not that good 40 years on) - said 5 decades.

In sum, I was never a fervent Catholic in my youth, sinned often, and lived with mortal sin (and somewhat uncaringly at that...) on my Soul for a very long time. I rarely practiced my Faith the way Christ intended or wanted, internally or externally, and sometimes even wished that I wasn't Catholic (that pesky Conscience thingy was always getting in the way, though). I was ambivalent, mediocre, insincere, lazy and perhaps even a bit agnostic at times. 

(Continued next week)

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May 13, 2018

REPOST: Divorce & Parent Alienation Syndrome

[My apology for the dearth of writing for the past few months...hopefully that is now at an end as I write now from my new home (and new job) in Wichita, KS...DEO GRATIAS!! As long as the kitchen table stays clear while the home office gets arranged, I can write more often (though I promise nothing except my good intentions) and begin life anew.

In the meantime...this is from March 2015 and I am reposting it because I've heard of another Catholic Family about to be decimated ...]


                       Divorce & Parent Alienation Syndrome

"...Well, the respect that is due to Dad is not something that can be discarded without consequence. If we start treating our parents as bumbling fools then we actually start breaking the Fourth Commandment—a serious sin which contributes to the breakdown of the family. We must watch our hearts and remember that the natural respect that sons and daughters should have for their fathers and mothers is something the Lord set up to orient us toward himself. If we honor our parents, our hearts will be in a great place to honor God. If we honor our parents, then we too can obtain by grace the “long life in the land which the Lord our God is giving us.” That land, of course, is heaven." (Dr. Mark Giszczak, Dad’s Due Respect, Catholic Exchange, 12/27/2013)

There is no way to ease a prospective respondent into what can be expected from an unwanted divorce, other than: You. Can't. Stop. It. Such is the ravage of No Fault Divorce, or NFD. Such is the ravage of Parent Alienation Syndrome, or PAS, but which for clarity and context of this article I'll call PALS (Parent ALienation Syndrome.). NFD and PALS is the result of two spouses who have made marital mistakes, but where one seeks the easy road to correction. Both NFD and PALS have been documented to cause harm to the the innocent. But for one spouse - and maybe both in some cases - even that knowledge fails to stop the notion that their personal happiness comes before that of any children. The catch-all justification: "I'm doing it for the children!" placates and subdues the Reason that would otherwise cause parents to shrink in holy terror from initiating an action that willingly causes harm to their own children!

"I'm doing it for the children" is a lie", by the way. We all have Free Will and it is a Free Will choice to divorce that was made, and made despite knowing your children will go through a hell they do not deserve. Children have nothing to do with choosing divorce; no child ever asked Mom to divorce Dad or asked Dad to divorce Mom. Hell...they don't and won't ever truly understand what divorce is anyway, so why attempt to put such a burden upon their shoulders?!?! All that crutch-of-a-statement does is show the parent(s) own weakness and an inability to work together for the common good - even if it means staying in a supposedly loveless or indifferent marriage. And no...a happy marriage is not part of Catholic Marriage vows (remember the "...for worse..." part?) Nor is it a valid justification for annulment, either, as the late Cardinal Edward Egan, a former Rotal judge and Canon Lawyer taught (see  Mary’s Advocates Observations: Separation, Divorce, and Annulment, page 37.)

 No... NFD is all about the individual. If a disaffected spouse/parent Googled "Children and Divorce" - before they pull the divorce trigger, not after - I find it hard to believe that they would still put their signature on a document that would turn their children into a statistic and that has such a horrible track record for bringing any "happiness" at all to children. One of the many inherent evils of NFD, "PAL" will always be around some, if not all, of your children, forever whispering in their ear all the reasons they should keep him, "PAL", around, instead of remembering the one reason they should let him go. Parent Alienation is the devil's offspring no less so than divorce, for they share the same bloodline.

Richard Gardner was an American psychiatrist who first studied PALS in the 70's and was himself a divorced parent. I might imagine that his own divorce was perhaps a catalyst for this study, which has, to date, not been listed in the DSM-5 Manual. Though it remains contested by many of his peers, some professionals have found it has some validity in more recent times. Gardner described PALS as "...the child's campaign of denigration against a parent, a campaign that has no justification" and that it results from "...the combination of a programming (brainwashing) parent's indoctrination's and the child's own contributions to the vilification of the target parent."

What this means in practical terms for the respondent - usually the Father - is simply the following:

  • no Birthday, Father's Day, Christmas or Thanksgiving Cards will be received;
  • no hugs or kisses from children when you drop them off at the airport;
  • no response to your "Hi Kids" when you come home from work;
  • no chance of ever experiencing in your kids the healing power of Christ's Forgiveness, for there is none forthcoming, at least in your lifetime.

This is what divorce and PALS does - causes children to ignore the basic requirements of parental respect, the 4th Commandment and Catholic Charity. And yet, you say you are divorcing "for the sake of the children"?? It's for the children and they'll be "just fine"?? Everyone will so-o-o-o "happy"?? Are you that naive that you believe that that somehow relinquishes your own culpability? That's not only naive, but just plain selfish. Why? B-E-C-A-U-S-E. I-T. H-A-R-M-S. Y-O-U-R. C-H-I-L-D-R-E-N. 

Need I say more?

Divorce is not the way to end marital problems, any more than an adulterous relationship will bring you contentment. Happiness, perhaps. But contentment? "Not hardly", as the Duke used to say. It's impossible, because you put yourself at odds with your Catholic Faith. Which is what, in my opinion, all the divorced and remarried couples are looking for who wish to remain in mortal sin, yet be allowed to receive the Body and Blood of Christ - Contentment. It will never come until they correct the sin, however, which is what I hope the Catholic Church reminds them of come October.

Divorce and children. PALS and children. Children in therapy due to divorce. Children in therapy due to PALS. Children of divorce ignoring a loving parent. Children of PALS ignoring the 4th commandment. How can any Catholic couple justify divorce? More importantly, what is the respondent parent to do knowing full well what awaits their children if they do not change? The only thing they can do: continue the non-reciprocal love they need, continue to offer prayers and sacrifices for their enlightenment and to always be there if and when they should ever call. In other words, just be the good parent you always strove to be.

And remember, as Dr. Giszczak stated above, that:

"We must watch our hearts and remember that the natural respect that sons and daughters should have for their fathers and mothers is something the Lord set up to orient us toward himself. If we honor our parents, our hearts will be in a great place to honor God. If we honor our parents, then we too can obtain by grace the “long life in the land which the Lord our God is giving us.” That land, of course, is heaven."

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