October 30, 2018

Of Caravans, Invasions and National Sovereignty

Just a few comments below on the mob-rule caravan of foreign immigrants that are attempting to usurp and trample under foot the immigration laws of the USA (with the willing complicity of SJW's). Which laws were enacted to protect this country's borders, infrastructure and culture, but more importantly, her own citizens, of any ethnicity, Hispanic or otherwise. 

In somewhat descending order:

1. This is an attempt of a forcible invasion of the United States of America. Any sane and common sense individual can see and understand this particular factoid.

2. #1 above is the legal and just cause of President Donald Trump's use of the US Military (Active and/or National Guard) to assist in repelling this invasion. The invaders demand to be allowed to enter the US illegally; what the presence of US Military personal is telling them is: No...you are not.

3. It is not the fault nor the problem of the USA that The Mob cannot find jobs, food, housing, medical care, etc in their own countries. It is the fault of The Mob's respective countries' leadership that their own cannot provide for their citizens. The Mob has no inherent right to demand anything of the USA; they do, however, possess the inherent right to demand everything of their own countries, that they may lead productive lives. Mexico has presented an invitation for jobs, medical care, housing, etc to The Mob, but they have refused this offer from a country willing to give them what they ask - what does that tell us of the Mob's true intentions?

4. It is the moral duty of the USA to share her largesse with those less fortunate in other countries. It is not the moral duty of the USA to provide in toto for other countries citizens; that remains the legal and moral duty of those countries. 

5. Should the mob succeed in their invasion, local, State and Federal social service agencies will be overwhelmed. No agencies staff will be prepared for an influx of thousands of applicants. Workers will be forced to work long hours, forcing the local/state/federal agencies to spend  more tax dollars in their support; it will force your taxes to be raised to support the social service infrastructure of these invaders.

It is well to remember that the taxes of those in Hollywood and of Liberals will not be exempt from added taxes that will be needed to support the former's cause célèbre. They should, in fact, be unquestioningly onboard with raising their own taxes. If they don't, then they are simply hypocrites. 

6. The mission statement of the mob organizers is the disruption of the midterm elections and to test the Trump Presidency by forcing his hand on the rules of the US Immigration laws. If Trump doesn't stop them, the Republicans are toast and the Democrats will rule. The Republicans' base will abandon him enmasse;the SJW's and Hollywood will have won. 

Conversely, should Trump use the US Military to halt the caravan at the border, it will secure the midterms for the Republicans. But it will, thereafter, be a public relations nightmare for the next two years as it cements the political battle cries for all Democrat and "Bernie" candidates: 

¡Viva la invasión! 

¡Salva a los pobres ya las familias pobres de América Central y del Sur!

¡Ayúdanos a alimentar a los niños sin hogar y sus madres!'

¡Abramos nuestros corazones y billeteras a estos pueblos marginados!

7. Mob immigration infiltration of a country's borders without obeying its immigration laws is illegal. Therefore, all who attempt to do so are potential criminals. If they succeed, they are criminals and should have every expectation of being detained and deported. There is no shame in a country protecting its own borders - and its citizens - in this manner.

8. If SJW's and others that believe in open immigration are true patriots to their cause, then they should live their beliefs and allow open immigration to all who come onto their properties and to their door. They should put no limits on how many come or how much they may eat. They should support them by paying them a weekly or monthly stipend and give them free use of their phone. They must pay for their medical care. The Conservative battle-cry should be to all SJW's: "Tear down the wall that surrounds your properties so that immigrants can infiltrate your "country" at their leisure and freely partake of your bounty!!!"

Such are my thoughts on the matter; I will leave it to others more knowledgeable than I to determine their veracity.

Only God knows how all this will sort out.

Copyright 2018 David Heath - All Rights Reserved


  1. Thank you for the moment of sanity.

    1. Thank you as well, Kam. Common Sense has become "uncommon" nowadays, as one of my sons has said numerous times.


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