November 19, 2018

Bless me, Father, for I confess...

" Almighty God and to you, Father, that I have sinned. 

I hate this Pope for what he is doing to the Catholic Faith. I hate his sycophant and gutless puppets who purport to be Cardinals while advancing his heretical agenda. I hate the fawning and effeminate underlings who masquerade as Bishops, and who are too attached to their gilded thrones to chance confronting a man who, by all appearances, is heretical. I hate those priests who are openly homosexual and actively support practicing homosexuals within the Catholic Church. I hate them all who  proudly and arrogantly thumb their noses at God's Commandments, the Bible and Christ's own words by teaching and promoting practises and doctrine that oppose 2,000 years of Tradition. I hate the nuns-on-the-bus who promote feminism, pro-choice, women priests, illegal immigration and national anarchy. I hate the priest-pedophiles who arrogantly roam the parish and school halls looking to devour another innocent Soul.

I hate the lemmings in the pews who allow themselves to be led to spiritual slaughter. They shoulder-shrug away their Consciences when faced with obvious Catholic errors in the words and actions of the Pope, and the Cardinals, Bishops, Priests and Nuns under his control. I mean, look at the 50 percent of Catholics who voted Democrat, Father!! They are traitors to the Sacrament of Confirmation, are they not? Haven't they all surrendered, in toto, to the enemies of Christ? Doesn't the Pope fancy himself a demigod - didn't he change the 6th Commandment and approve adultery? Do not the Cardinals and Bishops preen over his every word and action to promote this demigod image? 

And I hate myself because I hate them and can't stand the sight of most. I am a Pharisee, aren't I?

Why do I remain in the Church, Father? Why remain a Catholic, huh? Hasn't Rome truly lost her Faith? Why does Christ allow these men to rule, unpunished and with impunity, His Church? Why doesn't He smite them all - like Sodom and Gomorrah of old - into dust? Why can't the ordinary Catholic see and understand the same as I? What is wrong with them...with us...with me???

I think that I want out of the Faith, Father...I can't take it anymore. It is too painful to comprehend. And if I have lost Faith in the religious leaders of Christ's Church on earth, am I not already outside the Church anyway?? 

Why stick around to a dying institution, filled with dying religious trying to fill their coffers with money from a dying Faithful? Even the secular world sees this...

I am sorry for all the sins of my past life, especially for those that now are no longer sinful, apparently, but that my Conscience yet retains sorrow for. <sigh>

That is all, Father...

and please, please help me, for I am frightened to death.


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