December 5, 2018

Channeling Nostradamus...

A look into the near future (hopefully):

I see a new Pope, a totally unexpected dark-horse that no one but Christ Himself was expecting, step onto the balcony and pronounce forcefully three warlike and militaristic words: "Viva Cristo Rey!!" He then quietly retires back inside to start his war day, an innocuous smile breaking his otherwise impassive demeanor as the fainting echoes of the crowd outside chants "VIVA IL PAPA! VIVA CRISTO REY! VIVA CRISTO REY!! VIVA CRISTO REY!!!" 

Inevitably, the dominoes start falling almost immediately:

- The religious and secular journalists of the Mainstream Media (MSM) get frantic, wondering aloud about the meaning of those first Papal words - words that the crowd already knows the answer to, even if the media does not. Many in the MSM will write of the Cristero War in Mexico and try to connect the dots to this new Papacy, but their efforts will fall not unexpectedly short. The news researchers will scramble to find the tiniest morsel of news about this stern-faced man who now holds the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. 

- The German Bishops Conference leaders go into crisis mode, meeting to discuss and decide upon their next moves, for they, too, know the meaning of "Viva Cristo Rey". They release the already prepared statement declaring - as they did previously - that Germany is ready to go it alone, thereby pledging their allegiance not to the Pope and to Rome, but to the Kirchensteuer and the German State. They know their control over the Papacy has ended. "If this Pope wants war, he will get it!" said the last line, of the last paragraph, of the last "official" communique from the first group of Bishops to fall into schism. Will it be the last or will more follow? German and International "divorce" lawyers are already re-scheduling their appointments as they lay the groundwork in international courts for the distribution of properties of the respondent and the petitioners. 

- The USCCB also goes into emergency session to decide how best to spin this new Pope's first statement. They decide that he is bluffing. They are too powerful (even more so than the German Church) to be worried and know that the Vatican needs their monies and that this unknown quantity of a man won't chance angering the US Bishops. Still, their atrophied hearts feel the prick of an unknown fear of this new Pope, for none missed the look of his impenetrable gaze as he stood on the balcony and blessed the crowd below - and they wonder aloud if his blessing will be a Grace or a curse upon them. Regardless, they release their already prepared statement professing loyalty and submission to this new Pontiff, secure in the knowledge that were they to do otherwise it would lead to an outright rebellion by their sheep. And they won't chance any reduction by the sheep of their weekly tithes.

- In Menzingen, Switzerland, in the office of the Superior General of the Fraternal Society of St. Pius X, a phone call from the new Pope to the Superior General has just ended, with the promise that the SSPX is as of this day fully integrated into the bosom of Holy Mother Church, confirms that they always have been and that they can now operate freely under the previously offered Personal Prelature. The official document is presently being made ready for the Papal signature and will soon be forwarded on to Menzingen. 

 - Father James Martin, SJ  sits in stony silence, having just hung up from talking to his Bishop, who told him that by Papal directive, he is to cease all public appearances, speeches, and writings immediately. He will be reassigned to the major seminary of the SSPX in Switzerland on sabbatical, at the end of which he must choose between his clerical or LGBT collar. If the former, he will remain at the seminary to re-acquaint himself with his priesthood and the Tridentine Mass; if the latter, he will be immediately laicized and sent home to live his life as anything he wants - excepting that of a priest. 

- In the Inboxes of every diocesan Bishop worldwide rests an an email - with the official notification coming within a fortnight - that effective on the First Sunday of Advent the next year, the Novus Ordo Mass will be relegated to the Extraordinary Form and that the Tridentine Latin Mass will revert back to the Ordinary Form worldwide. All priests not presently able to celebrate the Latin Mass will be given ample time to train under the auspices of the SSPX, FSSP, ICK or one of the other Traditional Order of priests as specified by the Bishop for his particular diocese.

- In the pits of Hell, Satan and his minions wail and gnash their teeth over this devastating loss of Souls.

- And on this day, the most beautiful Aurora Borealis ever produced by the Hand of God can be seen in the Northern sky.

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