January 1, 2018


For those who might be interested enough to read them, here are of few of my resolutions for Anno Domini 2018:

Nothing will change here. I will still love and miss them like always: their voices; their faces; their particular personalities; their traits; their mere presence of being. I have been a non-entity with most these past 7-1/2 years, having heard from one of the older ones with whom a normal parent/child relationship exists that ..."they don't care." Well, that sentiment is more the shame for them than for me. I am a parent and used to such verbal petulance from a child, but not young adults with whom the capacity to see things as they should be under God's 4th Commandment is still extant, even if it is ignored and continually subdued. It does not change their culpability in neglecting - nay, to even attempt -  to correct an obvious wrong. Even as my own culpability remains in continuing to pursue the resumption of normal parent/child relations despite past failures. So, 2018 will continue the trend of one-way communications unfortunately. Or at least until their Blessed Mother brings them back to reality...

Nothing will change here either, I fear. Though he is still - and will always remain - in my prayers for his conversion back to Catholicism, he yet remains a walking, talking, jetsetter; an attention loving, dialoguing, glad-hander for the sworn-enemies-of-Catholics club; the de facto leader of the changelings-in-red (who themselves are supposed to be upholding the Roman Catholic Faith.) A Pope who is publically promoting heresy, with the blessings, praise and adulation of his underlings, the Cardinals...and their underlings, the Bishops..and their underlings, the priests...and their underlings, the pewsitters. Too harsh? Not really...any Catholic with even the most basic understanding of Sensus Catholicus and the 10 Commandments should be publicly speaking out against all the heretical, quasi-heretical or anarchic garbage that is currently promoted by the Modernist church in Rome. The 6th and 9th Commandments were meant by God the Father to mean one thing - NO! God is Absolute. God is Truth. God is Unambiguous. God is Mercy. God is Justice. God did not provide any subset to His Laws to account for future generations, cultural aberrations or societal deviances. What was defide then on Mt. Sinai, remains so even now in Rome. No Pope or nor his minions can change that Objective Truth, try as they might.

Nothing  changes here, neither. Like #2 above, he remains in my prayers, with the added bonus for a long and successful pontificate presidency. He continues to chart his own course, rile and daze the Hollywood elite and does not back down in the face of RHINO's who seemingly defeat his agenda. He just makes them all the more ineffectual by simply writing it off - at the moment - as a bad business decision and then presses on to more important matters. As a good businessman should. At least the above is my take on the "All My Children in Congress and Hollywood" soap opera available on C-SPAN.

Nothing changes here for 2018. I remain a committed Traditional Catholic of the 1962 liturgy type. Though born in 1954, I was nurtured on the 1962 liturgy and it is that liturgy and Faith that kept me from turning to the "dark side" in my young adult coming-of-age era, especially in the military and beyond. I could have - and probably wanted to at times - just shucked it all and start having "fun". Not worry about going to Mass (which I didn't for a rather long period, except when home on leave); not worry about the 6th Commandment; not worry about praying; not worry about my Soul. And especially, not worry about that pesky old Conscience. Fortunately for me, my Mother - the Heavenly One - never gave up on me (not that my earthly one ever did, God rest her Soul) and gently and firmly, continued to guide me (albeit unknowingly on my part) back to Catholic Reality. Which is probably why I remain closely attached to Her. Ad Jesum per Mariam!

What can I say? They have to have my prayers...they're too stupid to understand anything. I've never seen anyone or any class of people who were so aptly described by Del Spooner...a fitting description if ever there was one. They are more to be pitied... I sometimes equate them with Our Lord's final words from His Cross about his executioners: "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do". Reality will be a rude awakening for most of them, I fear.

Aside from the misuse of the word Catholic, these people are spiritually dead and will continue to be in my prayers for 2018 for their conversion back to the One True Faith. Also that they will be reminded of the Sanctity of Life and that the Creator of their life and the life of others, especially those within the womb, belong to the Creator alone to decide their fate.

A new one, this is. The only true way for Mexico to help herself is to revert to her Catholic roots, turn the civil government back to Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Lady of Guadalupe. Civil and religious authorities in communion with each other need to turn to Our Lady to bring them out of the chaos and confusion they presently find themselves in. Enshrine images of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts of Jesus and Mary in their Congress and Presidential Palace and I am sure peace would surely soon follow. And the drug cartels would in all probability be a thing of the past. If a Rosary Crusade initiated by  a Capuchin Friar can stop a Communist takeover of a country, why cannot Mexico achieve the above? (For that matter, why not the United States of America as well.)

That I can continue to maintain the good health I presently enjoy - my 63 years notwithstanding - and especially, to re-loose the 15 pounds I have gained since winter and the standard time change took away my incentive for walking in the evening while saying the Rosary.

I know...but I have to blame something for my weight gain. It's not my fault that winter and the time change interfered with my exercise schedule. Is it?

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