February 4, 2018

Angst...Ad Nauseam

[Ed. note: This post is simply because I am setting at the kitchen table in Wichita, KS knowing that I should write something Catholic because, well, writing of things Catholic needs to be said nowadays. I actually did though...another defense of the SSPX (not that they need me to defend them) to a fool and his ad nauseam and still obnoxious comment about them being "out of communion" (no..no link. I am not giving license to such) but I accidentally erased it and got disgusted and went and took a shower. I do remember most of it though and probably will rewrite it sometime soon.

Meanwhile, I hope you will enjoy (or not?) this little piece of a fictional (well...let's just say semi-fictional and leave it go at that, Hmmm?) parody of today's PC correctness that fries so many brain receptors in today's modern youth.]

I am an Independent Democratic Republican with Conservative ideologies that sometimes lean to the Liberal side. Being a baby boomer, I am an original Snowflake product of the 60's full of Peace and Love and Brotherhood to all men, but yet enjoyed my time as an armament technician (AKA: Warmonger) in the USAF for almost 2 decades. I am 5'4" tall (Well, OK...in my shoes. So what?), but have been self-identifying as 6'4" for many years and insist on being called "Tiny" and if you don't, you are a racist and hate people of short tall stature and you are going to hell. I don't debate emotions and have no time for drama queens, but if you don't agree with everything I stand for I will shame you on social media until I have a million-gazillion hits and get interviewed on CNN/MSNBC/BBC for my stance in upholding my personal social justice memes that I demand all peoples of any color and any stature to embrace, because...well...I am right and you are not!

Oh no! Have I offended anybody? Good grief! I AM SOOOO SORRY! I woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep and I wasn't in my best form being sleepy and all and I know I shouldn't have written anything unless it was warm and sunny and 93 degrees and I had had a full breakfast. If I had done things correctly, I would have reflected for at least 3 hours before my hands engaged the laptop keys. I AM SOOO SORRY! DID I SAY THAT ALREADY? Will you forgive me?

Will you still be my Friend? Please don't unfriend me! PLEASE!!!

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