February 10, 2018

The SSPX "Full Communion" Dichotomy


[2/10/2018: updated to correct some grammatical errors-Ed.)

"I look forward to hearing news from the SSPX when they are in full communion with the catholic church. Untill then, with a heavy heart, I will pass."

And I look forward to the day when such comments as the above to a recent SSPX News video are expunged from the world. To me, it bespeaks of Catholicism "My Way", a particular mindset that seems to pervade Catholic thought nowadays more so than in times past, thanks in no small part to the current Pontificate.

In a Catholic world where one's personal Conscience can now determine it is at peace with Our Lord while immersed within the confines of adultery or sodomy and can therefore receive His Body and Blood worthily; in a Catholic world where even its current Pope can authoritatively declare the 6th and 9th Commandments null and void to a select few minority of Catholic adulterers, while implicitly leaving it in effect for all others; in a Catholic world where the Pope can openly promote gay clerics to esteemed positions; in a Catholic world where nuns can promote pro-choice agendas; in a Catholic world where Cardinals and Bishops willingly choose to not correct a Pope that is openly promoting an objectively immoral lifestyle; in a Catholic world where Bishops and their priests openly support blessing gay lifestyles and promotes such as good and holy; etc, etc, etc...

It begs questions that I must ask in all sincerity:

Who exactly is in "Full Communion" with the Roman Catholic Church and who is not? Who is following and promoting the Church as it was established by Our Lord Jesus Christ? Who remains Faithful to Rome - including its current Pope - yet will rightfully not follow this same Church and Pope when they deviate from Tradition? Who remains unfearful in defending the Catholic Faith as handed down from Apostolic times, when most other Cardinals, Bishops and priests are openly working to destroy it (and yet remain in "Full Communion"?!?!?).

"Full Communion" is nothing more than a red-herring. What does "Full Communion" really mean, anyway? Being Faithful to Our Lord Jesus Christ? (hell, even Rome isn't doing that...can Rome be "out of communion" with herself?) Being Faithful to post Vatican II Rome? (then you are "out of communion" with Our Lord because VII promotes ecumenism.) Being Faithful to God's Ten Commandments, especially the 6th and 9th? (then you are "out of communion" with today's Modernist Rome, BUT...you are in "Full Communion" with God and Our Lord Jesus Christ. Quite the dichotomy, eh?? Try asking your parish priest for advice on that one!!).

The aforementioned quote at the beginning of this post is ludicrous; to say one will not listen to news from the SSPX solely on the basis of an ambiguity is ludicrous. Really...does news - Catholic or otherwise - become less truthful or morally harmful simply because it is read or promoted by the SSPX? Does the 
"good" news of a human interest story read to us by an atheist become less "good" and morally harmful simply because he/she is an atheist and not Christian? (Does anyone know exactly how many newscasters are atheist? Does anyone really care??

The SSPX doesn't need me to defend them. In truth, they probably could care less about being defended by anyone (why would they?), especially me. They have Objective Truth on their side and that particular fact needs no defense. But it is high time for this stupid and ubiquitous phrase "Full Communion" (as applied to the SSPX) be confined to the trash bin of antiquity, for it has no objectively true meaning in today's post-VII Catholic Church.

Anyone with any sensus catholicus, basic Catholicism 101, or just simply the Conscience that God gave them can see through the facade of "Full Communion" and see it for what it truly is:

A tool of Satan.

Where even a blind person can "see" the facade just by listening, I yet marvel at those who have the privilege of sight and yet remain blind to what they see, let alone hear. The SSPX will always have its detractors just as they will always have its defenders. They remain by choice Faithful to the Catholic Faith and loyal to the current Pope - despite his own unfaithfulness to Catholicism.

Can one be in "Full Communion" anymore than that?

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