May 27, 2018

A Random Thought Process - Pt II

(Part I here)

And I still blame my parents in toto for re-making of me what I never actively pursued, at least up to my 30th year, give or take:

Just a plain old run-of-the-mill Roman Catholic who:

- is rigid in holding fast to all that was taught by Our Lord. 

- a believer in Christs' Love for all and equally as fearful of His Judgments. 

- a believer of the 10 Commandments - AS WRITTEN, WITH NO SUBSETS - and the requisite knowledge that failure to live within them can lead to (despite what some Catholic priests say to the contrary) Hell. 

- a supporter of the SSPX and the now-numerous other Traditionalist Orders, i.e. ICKFSSPBenedictines of Mary, etc.

- the very-rare ability (which I had mistakenly supposed every Roman Catholic to have) to see through the man-centered, New World Order orientation of the Modern Church. A Church that now openly embraces many non-Catholic schemas: ecumenism, sodomy, fornication and anarchy (relative to mass immigration and open borders), to name a few of the many. 

But mostly, I have the (apparently innate) ability to see the wolves in sheeps clothing, up to and including Pope Francis as he (seemingly) struggles with teaching the One True Faith to the World. Regardless, I believe he is the Pope and pray for him at each Rosary (although some of his actions can lead anyone to conclude that Francis himself doesn't believe in toto the Catholic Faith). 

So why this post? Why my bully-pulpit rants?

Because of my disbelief in how fellow Catholics within the Modern church cannot see these same wolves feasting upon the Body (and Souls of my fellow Catholics) of the earthly Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, whilst simultaneously neutering its very core. 


- Why didn't the New York Faithful vent their displeasure over the Diocese/Vatican approved MET gala by withholding funds from the Sunday Collections, say...for one year?

- Why haven't the Catholic Bishops of the world stood enmasse before the Face of the Catholic Church on Earth and read him the riot act? And no, IMHO, he is not deserving of anything less than the riot act because he has done more worse to various Catholic Faithful the past 5 years.

- Why haven't the Cardinals who elected Jorge Mario Bergoglio done the same as what the Bishops ought to have already done? Are they, too, protecting their gilded and most exalted positions, perhaps? A man cannot serve two masters, ya'll...

- Why have ordinary Catholic pewsitters seemingly abrogated their own knowledge of the Bible, Christ's teachings, past Papal documents and Objective Truth? Why follow unquestioningly most everything that comes from Rome - and especially Pope Francis - as straight-from-Mount-Sinai-commandments, when such pronouncements are objectively proven to be otherwise, vis-a-vis adding subsets to the 6th and 9th Commandments to make fornication and adultery morally licit.  

Some may mistakenly think this post a "I-am-sooo-much-holier-and-smarter-than-thou" pontificating or as RadTrad right-wing Catholicism. Such is not my intention. What is my intention is trying to understand mindsets that allow an unquestioningly blind obedience to what has heretofore always been verboten. How can a mere mortal - Pope or not - change what God Himself has stated is immoral and illicit? God can never be wrong about anything...(duh!) If a man can be born a homosexual (so says The Francis) by God's Providence, then Sodom and Gomorrah was a lie. 

If Sodom and Gomorrah was a lie, then so was the Old Testament. And if the Old Testament was a lie, then God is a lie (as atheists believe). And if God is a lie, then so is Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph. They were just a family of Jews that happened to be very meek and very holy, that also had an unspeakable horror inflicted upon their son. (So much for Roman justice, eh??)

And so...where does all the above eventually lead?  Isn't it right where we are at this moment in time? Alone and adrift in a sea of Who am I's? Am I saved? Am I Sedevacantist? Am I Opus Dei-ist? Am I Radical Traditionalist? Am I Alphabet Soup-ist?

Where did all the Roman Catholics go? How did we all start self-identifying as something other than what we are and believing our particular flavor is right? More importantly, how did we all get the notion that the Vatican - populated as it is with various capricious avarice immoral mortal human beings who sometimes masquerade as religious - can suddenly have all the answers to all the world's problems and that those answers lie in having to neuter the Catholic Faith, promote socialism and making of Christ Our Lord just a good buddy to us all?

I am really, really tired...does anyone have a new Catholicism flavor I can try that doesn't make me so tired but still gets me to Heaven? And more importantly, does not get God so mad at me that the pearly gate gets locked before I even get to knock?

But then, again, just how hard is it to simply be a Roman Catholic, live (or try to, as our fallen nature permits) as Our Lord intended and His Church (and not the Vatican II/Francis version) asks?

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