September 4, 2018


"...and he will thoroughly cleanse his floor and gather his wheat into the barn; but the chaff he will burn with unquenchable fire."

None of us should think that the above quotation from the Gospel of St. Matthew is not now in its beginning stages. After so many decades of (criminal) coverups and chessboarding known pedophile/homosexual priests around various dioceses and safe houses, THE CLEAN UP HAS BEGUN. (Ed. Note: Although I began writing the draft of this post a couple of weeks ago, my thanks to Canon 212 for posting a corroborating sermon of the above by Fr. Robert Altier).

The wheels of justice and their blindfolds have turned and lifted slowly, but they will now progress with unrelenting crescendo to their various obvious conclusions. And inevitably, there will be more revelations forthcoming; more posturing by those in charge to escape their possible criminal culpability (as we have seen in various official diocesan [non] responses); more neutering of the serious criminal and civil facts by the defenders of the status quo; more die hard defenders of the current Pope - whose hands have already been dirtied with complicity and should just shut-up, take responsibility, admit that he is incapable of governing Christ's Church and resign himself into Argentinian obscurity (preferably somewhere where the sheep are the dirtiest). 

Which leads to this, even with the corresponding Ratzinger Emeritus equation in play should a PF resignation occur:

Where once it was a given that following the Ratzinger and Bergoglio Papacies a continuing Modernist Pope of like breed would be elected, in my opinion that certainty is not now quite so...certain. Our Lord Jesus Christ - and perhaps through His Immaculate Mother (as noted above by Fr. Altier) - is allowing the secular authorities to perform the cleansing that His Apostolic Ministers themselves have been unable unwilling to do. 

The clean up is upon us and I for one am glad to see it. 

Perhaps all the current (and hopefully with more forthcoming from various US states) grand jury revelations will open the eyes of many more Catholics and allow them to see the horrible truth. And perhaps not. Perhaps all the above revelations will open the eyes of many more to just how far the Church has fallen since - and in many ways, because of - Vatican II and its neutering of the Roman Catholic Faith. And perhaps not. 

Regardless, "hope and change" is coming, and it is coming with the force of secular law. When my children were young, I often told them that a person can either change for the better voluntarily, wherein they retain control of a particular situation, or that a person can be forced into a change involuntarily, wherein others take control of a particular situation and that person is then forced into a change for the better under conditions that may not be favorable to him. Such is what is happening in the Church today, at least in the US. 

Civil punishments will come and heads will eventually roll; only the severity of the punishments and the number of rolling heads are yet to be known. 

I for one am hoping that gilded thrones that have been used to usurp the teachings and doctrines of Holy Mother Church will be upended, and that those more worthy will be appointed.  

Perhaps a Athanasius Cardinal Schneider or a Bernard Cardinal Fellay is not so far off...

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