October 13, 2018

Of Apostasy, Simpletons and Catholic Lemmings

Rome, by all appearances, has seemingly lost Her Faith, as if there was ever any doubt by any Catholic with even a modicum of Catholicism left in their bones: 

  • the ordination of known homosexual men to the priesthood;  
  • the ordination of known homosexual priests to Bishop;
  • the denial of Christ as King by a Bishop;
  • the denial of the Virginity of Mary by Pope Francis;
  • the denial of the 6th Commandment by Pope Francis;
  • the decades-long and extensive cover up of homosexality and pedophilia in the seminaries;
  • the suppression and ejection of orthodox men from the seminaries;
  • the advancement of known homosexuals through the priestly ranks;
  • priests and Cardinals having sex/drug parties in Rome;
  • openly gay or pro-gay priests in positions of authority within the Vatican;
  • orthodox priests ejected from their parishes for defending the Roman Catholic Faith;
  • mockery of the Ten Commandments, especially the 1st, 6th and 9th.

You don't need me to provide links to any of the bullets above...a simple Google search will come up with enough hits. Or peruse the headlines on Canon 212 and Pewsitter. Read The RemnantMundabor, and Ann Barnhardt. Patronize the blog of Vox Cantoris. And we have, also, Our Lady of La Salette in Her own words:

"Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of Antichrist. Yet the Heathen Rome will disappear. See, here is the Beast with its subjects that claims to be the Savior of the world. Proudly it rises in the air to go straight to Heaven, but it will be strangled by the Archangel Michael and cast down..."

The facts are out there if anyone cares to look.

I find it fascinating that on a daily basis Roman Catholicism has another part of Her Heart excised, without anesthesia, by the "Doktor" Bishops and Cardinals of the Universal Church, all of whom are simpleton Sycophants of the current Pope. There is no other way to describe them and/or the situation. They willingly sell their Souls in the open market, in front of the imposing edifice of Holy Mother Church, in front of The Blessed Trinity, The Blessed Virgin Mary and the Angelic Choirs of Angels. And they could give a shit about what any of the former think of their actions. They have no fear of Hell, apparently. 

Almost every word spewing forth from their lips is in direct opposition to the Words of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible:
  • the Bible condemns homosexuality and immorality; the modern Church embraces it;
  • Our Lord condemns adultery; the modern Church embraces and raises it to an almost-sacrament;
  • Our Lord condemns harm to children; the modern Church doesn't give a shit about the children, as evidenced by the active homosexual cabals within the Church preying on the Souls of the innocent;
  • Our Lord has said that nothing unclean will enter Heaven; the modern Church says even practicing sodomites and lesbians can be admitted.

I must ask: Whom does modernist Rome think they are kidding? 

Regardless of the lemming-style acquiescence by most of the laity to whatever comes from Rome ("it must be OK if the Pope or Cardinal or Bishop or Priest says it is"), it remains a fact that every Roman Catholic must accept the Bible in its entirety as the inspired Word of God, "letters from Heaven to earth..." as the Baltimore Catechism #3 states. God does not lie and speaks in clear language for all to understand. And yet, the Bible is continually being updated by Modernist Rome to reflect today's societal norms. However, the Bible is not a "living" document, in that it continually needs updating. When God said "Thou shalt not commit adultery" He meant just that. Period. When God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of their rampant and unrepentant immorality, he spoke damn clear that homosexuality will send you to Hell. 

Here then is just a couple of many points to ponder...

  • Why do Catholics follow blindly the Hierarchy when they so brazenly usurp and reinterpret the Catholic Faith, sometimes daily? 
  • Why do they believe that a tiny human man - who believes himself to know more than God - can change the meaning of the 6th Commandment?

Lest any reader think otherwise, I am not promoting sedevacantism. Despite my reservations of the man, Pope Francis is the reigning Pope of the Church Militant on earth and has my prayers, always. But - and this is a very, very BIG "But" - he does not always get my allegiance when he deviates from what the Bible and/or the Catholic Church has always taught, unless such teaching is done ex cathedra (see Baltimore Catechism #3 above, Q.#534). And I don't believe anything he has changed has been done "ex cathedra", but I am open to correction if he has.

To sum up this perhaps rambling post, I will leave you with some Baltimore Catechism lessons for consideration:

Q. 528. How do you know that the Church can not err?

A. I know that the Church can not err because Christ promised that the Holy Ghost would remain with it forever and save it from error. If, therefore, the Church has erred, the Holy Ghost must have abandoned it and Christ has failed to keep His promise, which is a thing impossible.

Q. 529. Since the Church can not err, could it ever be reformed in its teaching of faith or morals?

A. Since the Church can not err, it could never be reformed in its teaching of faith or morals. Those who say the Church needed reformation in faith or morals accuse Our Lord of falsehood and deception.

Q. 530. When does the Church teach infallibly?

A. The Church teaches infallibly when it speaks through the Pope and Bishops united in general council, or through the Pope alone when he proclaims to all the faithful a doctrine of faith or morals.

Q. 531. What is necessary that the Pope may speak infallibly or ex-cathedra?

A. That the Pope may speak infallibly, or ex-cathedra:
   1. He must speak on a subject of faith or morals;
   2. He must speak as the Vicar of Christ and to the whole Church;
   3. He must indicate by certain words, such as, we define, we proclaim, etc., that he intends to speak infallibly.

Q. 532. Is the Pope infallible in everything he says and does?

A. The Pope is not infallible in everything he says and does, because the Holy Ghost was not promised to make him infallible in everything, but only in matters of faith and morals for the whole Church. Nevertheless, the Pope's opinion on any subject deserves our greatest respect on account of his learning, experience and dignity.

Q. 533. Can the Pope commit sin?

A. The Pope can commit sin and he must seek forgiveness in the Sacrament of Penance as others do. Infallibility does not prevent him from sinning, but from teaching falsehood when he speaks ex-cathedra.

We are all Roman Catholics; we are not Catholic lemmings. We do not and should not follow blindly those that are leading us to a precipice that will destroy our Immortal Soul. We are all capable of discerning Truth, and it is time we all yell in unison to Rome and the hierarchy: 

"ENOUGH!! Return to the Roman Catholic Faith, or return to being a Pauper!" 

Please, Dear God, may the next Pope be one who understands what "Roman Catholic" truly means. 

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