October 23, 2018

The Hiding Place Church

Hide Here...and fear not your sins.

Yes...there is a church in Wichita where you can go and hide from your sins. And I suppose the prying eyes of Our Lord. And yourself, too, I'm guessing. Times were in past decades, we all used to try and hide our sins didn't we? At least from the prying eyes of our neighbors, if not ourselves. But we knew instinctively that we could not hide them from Our Lord Jesus Christ, and so when the Conscience became unbearable, we sought the refuge of the Confessional. 

But...however...wait a minute.

What was formerly bad; is now good! 

Nowadays hiding one's sins are s-o-o-o démodé. It is now de rigueur to "let it all hang out", if I may borrow from my 60's childhood. There are very few sins that one needs to go to Confession for. Oh, they may still be "on the books (or Tablet)" as it were, but they really aren't sins any longer. Sodomy. Homosexuality. Adultery. Fornication. Being a God-man. Even priests, bishops and cardinals don't hide their sins any longer, as many prefer to let their blackened Souls be on public display - and arrogantly so, if I may add. 

Seemingly, however, the only priests, bishops and cardinals in hiding are those who stand up and defend the Traditional Roman Catholic Faith, a la Bp. Carlo Vigano or Fr. Paul Kalchik (both of whom have gone to ground, apparently). God bless them and keep them strong, for they are having to live their Faith and vocations in secret, lest they run afoul of the modernist bishops and cardinals and get shipped off to Barrow, Alaska as curates. Can't cause too much trouble up there, can they? Out of sight...out of mind.

It is a sad state in which we find ourselves when even the priests of the Roman Catholic Church openly parade their sins in front of their congregations. Congregations who in all likelihood hide the truth from themselves because Father Timmy-John is very well liked, gets along with everyone, and loves to watch NFL football. In other words, he is just one of the guys...no matter that he is an active homosexual and is a walking, talking advertisement for mortal sin. 
Some lemmings sheep might say: 

Who in the hell are we to judge? What he does in his private life is OK, right? Who are we to judge, anyway? If he, by his personal example, promotes homosexuality, it must be fine and dandy, right? The Church's teaching must have changed, right? God got it wrong, right? Lemmings were all Catholic before they went extinct walking off that there cliff, doncha know? So it's all good!

Good grief...

At Mass this past Sunday, Father spoke of the upcoming Feast of Christ the King. To paraphrase as best I can (as I don't take notes nor record Sunday homilies) he mentioned that in the modern church this Feast now has essentially "turned off" the light of  Christ by "hiding" the Feast at the end of the church's liturgical year, as if to put forth the idea that, yes, Christ is King of the World, but his reign will only be at the end times. Him reigning before is just not possible as man is simply incapable in the present times of acknowledging Him as our earthly King. It's just too hard. So Christ has, for all practical purposes, been "...put under a bushel" rather than "upon a candlestick, that it may shine to all that are in the house."

I do not disagree with Father's premise. We apparently don't need to hide our sins nowadays...we only need to hide Our Lord Jesus Christ, Sovereign King. When the Catholic Church decided to hide Him under the bushel, along with His Feast Days, Processions, Holy Days of Obligations, Sacred Music, et al, the Church brought out of the darkness and enabled many of the evils which afflict her today. Granted, these evils were always there (and always will be until His second coming), but weren't they held in check by the Sacred Tridentine Liturgy, the St. Michael the Archangel prayer after Mass, and the weakly preaching of Chastity, Virtue and the Baltimore Catechism from the pulpit? 

I don't think it naivete to believe so...but then again I am getting old.

Who is to know where it will all end? Who's to know if the lightening bolt that next strikes Saint Peters causes more than just superficial damage, as if in warning to those in charge?  Will they heed the warning? Did the believers and non-believers all heed the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima two centuries ago? 

Canonizing the Pope who pretty much owns Vatican II and all of its progeny signals, to me anyway, that the wolves are effectively in charge of Christ's Church on earth, only giving the lemmings sheep in the pews a bit of conservative and traditional porridge every now and then to keep them in line - and under thumb. No one wants to be excommunicated eaten by the wolves by being banned from their modernist church, do they?  So they toe the line and don't make waves. It's all good anyway if the Pope/Cardinal/Bishop/Priest says it is, isn't it? No it is not, my dear sweet little lemmings. Not if it contradicts what your Creator stated most clearly way back in the days of Moses. And that the Roman Catholic Church held as Objective Truth, at least until Vatican II darkened our Conscience.

Come back from the darkness, my little lemmings. See and understand what your little men-gods in Rome are doing. They and their actions are not from God, for "By their fruits you shall know them", for they all contradict the very laws made by God Himself and spoken by His Son on earth. 

We all must account for our actions and inactions at our Particular Judgement...does anyone truly want to stand kneel before Christ the King and attempt to defend themselves by saying "the Bishops and Pope said it was OK, Lord! Who was I to judge otherwise?"

If you do, then all you may hear in reply is: "... Bind his hands and feet, and cast him into the exterior darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth."

Not one of us will be able to hide from the truth that was our life.

Not one of us will be able to hide from the Truth that is Our Lord Jesus Christ.

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