January 27, 2019

In No Particular Order:

St. Thomas Aquinas, Feast Day January 28

1. Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus.

2. Build the damn wall to protect national sovereignty and the legal immigrants already in this country.

3. As emphatically stated by God Himself - and therefore unchangeable by any mere mortal - adultery is still a mortal sin that will send a Soul to Hell if one dies unrepentant.

4. Homosexual clergy should immediately be laicized.

5. Bishops are afraid to excommunicate Catholic politicians who openly and actively support abortion and homosexuality because they fear losing their exalted positions amongst the rich and powerful - and also the donations that would suffer as a result.

6. Pope Francis is most certainly NOT a demigod, as much as others would like to portray him as such.

7. Modern Catholics do not read Catholic news outside of diocese-approved venues.

8. Vatican II and the vernacular Mass are still dying a slow death.

9. Jesus Christ is King of the entire world and will eventually be proclaimed as such by all countries and governments.

10. That which is old - the Tridentine Mass - will again be fully renewed.

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January 13, 2019

Reflections on Vatican II

Vatican II and the Francis Pontificate simply cannot go on for much longer. In writing draft after draft of this particular commentary, I stumbled across a two-year old post from The Deus Ex Machina blog that seems to mirror my thoughts that Vatican II and its resulting wasteland have begun their descent into (hopeful) oblivion.  In his words and emphasis, "...it would appear that the “spirit of Vatican II” is being EUTHENIZED!"

Ah...can we but hope & pray it proves true!

There have been numerous Catholic blogs and news outlets - Traditional or not - that have already alluded to Vatican II's demise (truly, how many last gasps can an already dead body have left??), but it doesn't take a theologian, a Cardinal, nor a reporter to understand that the essential outline of death has already been written:

  • in the daily headlines of the newest and ongoing pedophile/homosexual scandal within and without the Vatican walls. (Just peruse Canon 212's headlines)
  • in the marked drop in Mass attendance. (see here.)
  • in the defiant reluctance to actually fire, demote and/or laicize Cardinals, Bishops and priests who are known homosexuals and instead advance them up the ranks. (James Martin and Tucho Fernandez, just to drop a name or two...but there are others.)
  • in the decreased percentage of those who profess to be Roman Catholic. (See here for a corroborating October 2018 article.)
  • in the number of Catholics who blindly follow the current occupant of the Chair of Peter...and he isn't even dead yet, let alone abdicated. 
  • in the majority of priests, Bishops and Cardinals who also blindly follow the current occupant demigod of the Chair of Peter by their refusing to correct said demigod when he publishes and promotes quasi-heretical and/or heretical teachings.

I for one can't wait for it to hurry up and die.

I will bask in the glorious sunshine of the moment as I witness (maybe) the fall of the supposed Chosen Ones (the Cupich variety Cardinals) and their seemingly demigod Leader.

I will relish seeing the brick wall that their ever-increasing impunity and arrogance will hit when they discover that what they had believed secured and unfailing is suddenly facing collapse amongst a multitude of Attorneys General subpoenas.

I will utter prayers of Thanksgiving as I attend Mass in some rundown building leased by the local diocese as the "new" Cathedral because the former opulent edifice and residence of the Bishop had to be abandoned for lack of funds for its upkeep (An OORAH! to the lemmings laity!!).

Now, I am no Sociologist...hell, I'm not even a professional, but I do have the eyes, ears, intellect and reason that God endowed me with at birth. And as I said above, you don't need to be a religious, sociologist or even an academician to see the writing on the wall as it concerns the current state of affairs in the Roman Catholic Church. You have but to use the gifts God has freely given to you, balanced with the Faith as handed down from Our Lord Jesus Christ, His Apostles and the constant Teachings of the Church. It won't - or shouldn't anyway - take very long for everyone to see beyond the forest full of trees to the quagmire lying just beyond and take drastic action to save their Soul.

And NOT by going all Sedevacantist, Protestant or God-Is-Love-In-All-Forms-Catholic-Church-INC, either.

It just requires of us an understanding that the path to Salvation lies within the Roman Catholic Church as handed down from Our Lord. Our Lord asks of us to follow His Calvary, if called upon to do so. He asks of us to perform penanances and to pray for the deceased Souls, that they may be released from Purgatory, for "unless your justice abound more than that of the scribes and Pharisees, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven."
Vatican II is on its deathbed and being kept alive by the constant resuscitation efforts of its handlers. But the handlers are getting old, and now the civil authorities are becoming heavily involved. Many yet think their positions still safe and secure, but they are living in a glass house. And the rocks still yet to be thrown are boulders compared to the past. The house will crack. It must crack. It will crack and it will crack from the top down. That is the temporal, worldly reality. 

And then there is something else that comes into play; Someone that those in charge have seemingly forgotten about:

Will the defiant ones answer Him with this:


Or with this:

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