January 27, 2019

In No Particular Order:

St. Thomas Aquinas, Feast Day January 28

1. Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus.

2. Build the damn wall to protect national sovereignty and the legal immigrants already in this country.

3. As emphatically stated by God Himself - and therefore unchangeable by any mere mortal - adultery is still a mortal sin that will send a Soul to Hell if one dies unrepentant.

4. Homosexual clergy should immediately be laicized.

5. Bishops are afraid to excommunicate Catholic politicians who openly and actively support abortion and homosexuality because they fear losing their exalted positions amongst the rich and powerful - and also the donations that would suffer as a result.

6. Pope Francis is most certainly NOT a demigod, as much as others would like to portray him as such.

7. Modern Catholics do not read Catholic news outside of diocese-approved venues.

8. Vatican II and the vernacular Mass are still dying a slow death.

9. Jesus Christ is King of the entire world and will eventually be proclaimed as such by all countries and governments.

10. That which is old - the Tridentine Mass - will again be fully renewed.

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