May 1, 2019

This Pope, Immigration and Subversion

It is a truth of these modern times that the Roman Catholic Church has become less the instrument whereby Souls are led to Heaven and more the socio-political arm of its current Apparatchik, the Pope himself.

With his half-million dollar donation to assist the foreign invaders of US sovereignty, the pope has more formally become a fomenter of anarchy (as if he weren't already); an out-of-the-closet Alinsky disciple; an advocate of open rebellion against another nation's laws. In times past, Catholic Kings and Queens would, if they were faced with such interference:

  • raise an army and surround the walls of the Vatican State; 
  • demand an immediate cessation of his non-Spiritual activities; 
  • tell him to refrain from interfering in another nation's laws, and, 
  • be told to leave temporal affairs to the respective countries, or be involuntarily compelled into doing so by force of arms.

Sort of like what Philip the Fair did to Pope Boniface VIII (my emphasis and comments):

"Pope Boniface VIII put hungrily some of the strongest claims to temporal as well as spiritual supremacy of any Pope and intervened incessantly in foreign affairs. He proclaimed that it "is necessary for salvation that every living creature be under submission to the Roman pontiff" (something "This Pope" most likely, albeit secretly, desires) pushing Papal Supremacy to its historical extreme. Boniface's quarrel with Philip the Fair became so resentful that he excommunicated him in 1303. However, before the Pope could lay France under an interdict, Boniface was seized by Philip. Although he was released from captivity after four days, he died of shock 6 months later. No subsequent popes were to repeat Boniface VIII's claims (until This Pope, anyway)" [from Wikipedia]

But, alas...gone are the Catholic Kings and Queens of old.

Instead, This Pope is hailed as a true "all one-world-big-happy-family-hero" for his compassion and largesse - and probably even by his own dirty, smelly sheep. There are, I am sure, some of these dirty, smelly sheep who will disprove of the Apparatchik using their hard-earned donations for This Pope's personal and political gain, but, in the end, they are powerless to stop it. 

Well...not really.

They can reduce or end their donations to "Peter's Pence". And I would urge the dirty, smelly sheep in the USA to do just that: forget about the Peter's Pence collection for the remainder of the Apparatchik's term, the main reason being that the USA is the foremost contributor to the Peter's Pence collection. The USA Catholics are being fleeced to finance 28% of this fund. Why, then, should the Catholic citizens of the USA pay to the head of a foreign nation monies that will be used to eventually foment open rebellion to the immigration laws of the USA?


The USCCB informs us that "... the Peter's Pence Collection supports the Pope's philanthropy by giving the Holy Father the means to provide emergency assistance to those in need because of natural disaster, war, oppression, and disease..". 

Does this description refer to the citizens of foreign countries being given aid in loco and within their own countries, or, to these same citizens illegally caravanning through a half dozen other nations on the way to storming illegally the United States Southern border??

You be the judge and act accordingly as your conscience dictates.

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