October 3, 2019

"Can a Mother Be Without Tenderness..."

In the case of abortion, yes... 

Calvary Cemetery, Wichita, Kansas
Their silent voices heard by none; cold; uncaring; unloved; alone.
Crying, their Angel Guardians carry them Home.

Before the face of their Father, with tenderness, are they placed,
The pain of their death now overtaken, by Grace.

Such Tenderness! Such Love! Now do they see, 
In the eyes of their Savior, what should have been Thee.

Now only He will behold them full grown, 
And bestow upon them rewards that were stole.

By the one who was made, to bring them to life, 
But, willingly, did forfeit that God-given right. 

'Do you forgive?' each one shall be asked,
'This creature, this woman, this One I did task?'

'Oh, Yes, Dearest Savior! There can be no other,
that ever will we Love and Pray for:

For She Is Our Mother!' 

( © David Heath)

Copyright 2019 David Heath - All Rights Reserved

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