February 3, 2019

A Dead State Walking


Every person in New York who is not a Liberal and/or Infanticide Democrat should be quaking in their shoes, or rather, waiting for the next moral shoe to drop. Having now proudly promoted itself as a certified-by-the-state-legislature Death State, it can only be a matter of time before the very old join the very young in a one-way ticket into oblivion. As can now be clearly seen, it only took a span of less than 50 years and the stroke of a pen to rid a society of full term innocent babies deemed undesirable by a small minority of mind-numbed, immoral demigods. What protections may yet remain for the very old and/or invalid adults that might become burdensome, when even full term babies have now become an endangered species?

 Adolf Hitler (himself a demigod of sorts) tried to rid himself and his utopian society of innocent adult and child undesirables by legislation and by force - and in a shorter amount of time than did New York. But a world still firmly ensconced inside its moral womb rightly rejected his desires and ultimately prevailed, though it took a World War to stop him. 

In 2019, however, the enlightened minds of a group of Planned Parenthood educated children, years in the making, has reached its fruition, to wit: (1) the legal extermination by the state of its very near and/or full term children citizens; (2) the full acceptance of the reign of Baal in their lives; and (3) the final scourging and crucifixion of what's left of their moral conscience. This is George Orwell's "1984"; Suzanne Collins's "The Hunger Games"; Lois Lowry's "The Giver" (which portrays infanticide by state fiat in the movie version-I've never read the book) in real life. Hollywood has been outclassed and outmaneuvered by a small class of Eastern demigods. 

Ultimately, however, what New York its and small "c" catholic Governor have done amounts to an anarchy, as it removes from the hierarchical structure an entire class of defenseless people. We went to war in 1941 to - in part - defend the defenseless against tyranny, dictators and militarists seeking to impose their version of Utopia. Now, almost 80 years later, we applaud and codone the same sort of tyrants and dictators as we thought to rid the world of those many years ago. New York has set a precedent and certainly cracked the moral glass ceiling. They have set forth the Medusa's curse that has turned their hearts into stone before the ink even dried on the death warrant now being served to innocent children. New York has let loose the flood: the state of Virginia is actively pursuing similar legislation, as is New Mexico. Others will surely follow...can California be that far behind?

The legacy that New York and its small "c" catholic Governor will give to themselves and its female citizens will not be the freedom to abort full term babies, but the legacy of more Souls innocent of any guilt that will be lost to this inhumane and immoral travesty of justice. 

In his Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma, Ludwig Ott wrote:

"The Union Councils of Lyons and of Florence declared that the souls of the damned are punished with unequal punishments . . . This is probably intended to assert not merely a specific difference in the punishment of original sin and of personal sins, but also a difference in the degree of punishment for personal sins [cf. Matt. 11:22; Luke 20:47]

. . . . St. Augustine teaches "In their wretchedness the lot of some of the damned will be more tolerable than that of others. Justice demands that the punishment be commensurate with the guilt." (Ott, Fundamentals, 482)

If the above should be true (I am no theologian), the then-silent scream of a full term child's - nay, any preborn child's - body being ripped apart during an abortion could very well be a very loud crescendo of screams that is heard for all eternity by those involved in its making.

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