April 27, 2019

THE (smiling) FACE OF NO SHAME...

The Defender of  Catholicism or the Defender of Islam?

Via Canon 212, here is the link to the above article.

Not much more can be or needs be said about the incompetence and unsuitability of this individual for the office he holds. Unfortunately, Our Lord has "gifted" us with this individual for a period of time known but to Him.

Christ is merciful to us by allowing we Catholics to suffer endless amounts of humiliation at the hands of this man, regardless of him being the reigning Pope. Let us pray for this Pope and for the humility and resignation to accept this particular Cross, but at the same time, we must utilize the courage granted to us at our Confirmations to fight against this Pope's modernist, un-Catholic and unbecoming-of-his-office behavior. 

 "Grant me the grace, O Jesus! to consider myself a pilgrim as long as I live...Give me patience in adversities, and so strengthen me, that I may willingly obey the lawful authority, though its laws and regulations should come hard and its tribute press upon me." (Rev. Fr. Leonard Goffine'sThe Church's Year: INSTRUCTION ON THE THIRD SUNDAY AFTER EASTER)

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