July 21, 2019

The End of An Epochal Event...

(I felt that a final commentary was in order...Ed.)

The Holy Family

This past May my youngest child graduated from high school, so ending a travesty that started over 10 years ago. I have, overall, fared better than most I suppose. Primarily, I have managed to keep my Catholic Faith, though not without the temptation to just chuck it in the early stages of coping with divorce. That I didn't remains a testament to Christ's mercy and to the constant pleading of my Blessed Mother before Him on my behalf, unbeknownst to me most likely. If I lived as long as Methuselah, I still will not have lived long enough to pay back this debt to such a loving Mother. 

Beyond that, divorce remains nothing that I would wish upon anyone - whether friend or enemy - and is especially heinous when children are involved. Divorce serves no useful purpose; it never has and ever will it remain so. Even Ronald Reagan "admitted it was the biggest mistake of his political life" so I am in good company. Divorce sucks. Divorce stinks. Divorce reeks of sulphur, as it should being the tool of the devil used solely to destroy families. Divorce has been "tolerated" for so long by the Catholic Church that it is almost a surety that no Catholic Marriage is truly secure and, within a marriage tribunal, will never be adequately defended by the cleric charged to do so. Annulment following divorce has become as easy as heading to the McDonald's drive thru, made more so because now the cost is apparently free to all comers.

My personal opinion still remains that any Catholic who actively pursues divorce should be excommunicated, mainly for kicking one of the seven Sacraments to the curb with malice aforethought. Additionally, there is also the harm they will have inflicted upon their own flesh and blood, innocents all, and who are simply incapable of understanding the repercussions about to hit them full force. A select few children might come through more or less intact, but all will be affected to a degree nonetheless. 

Now be honest and ask yourselves: In a divorce, who really gains the least? Who truly loses the most? Who will carry the scars the longest? The answers: Your children. 

Are you sure you want to do that???

Live abortions of children are done not only in abortuariams...they are done in civil divorce courts and Catholic marriage tribunals each and every day, with nary a peep from our brave little bishops (or "swishops" as one Catholic website calls them, and not without some truth). Catholic marriages in trouble have very few friends within the Church hierarchy, despite Retrouvaille. How many priests or Bishops would actually tell one or both spouses they will cause grave harm to themselves, their family and their Faith should they actively pursue divorce? How many priests will inform one or both spouses that they cannot seek divorce without their Bishop's permission per Canon Law? How many priests or bishops fail to understand or even acknowledge their grave responsibility in this regard? Most would not, unfortunately. 

This intentional bleeding of Catholic families will hopefully cease the day that Holy Mother Church consigns Vatican II to the trash heap of Church history. Akin to the adage "everything old will become new again", when the day comes that the Extraordinary becomes the Ordinary; when Incense envelops the tambourines and guitars; when the organ and Gregorian chant drowns out the piano and the Trembling Trio...this will certainly be the sign of the final end of the New Springtime. 

More importantly, however, it will also signal the beginning of the restoration of Catholic marriages and families to the exalted positions they once held.

Please God...let it be soon.

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