November 13, 2019

Thoughts on Trump and Democrats

The Democratic Circus is about to start. Once again, the Democrats will attempt to unseat a sitting President, as they have been doing since November of 2016. They are still reeling from the devastating loss of an election by a woman who will never - ever - be President. The Democratic Party has become a petulant child unwilling to take "NO!" for an answer and to just go back to playing with the toy they already have. Now they find themselves debasing their official offices, the House of Representatives, the Constitution and anything or anyone else that stands in their way of getting to ALL the cookies in the cookie jar. Like the ever-petulant child they are, they have resorted to throwing a Constitution-sized temper-tantrum in order to get their way. No holding their breath until their faces turn blue, no siree...they are going for the jugular in full berserker mode!!

They will not succeed, of course. They have nothing concrete and impeachable to run on, else it would all have been over with by now. Trump would have already resigned, Mike Pence would be the President, Hillary Clinton would still NOT be President and Nancy Pelosi would have more feathers surrounding her already frail body that she could preen daily in front of the cameras. And Adam Schiff would go back to being what he has always been (whatever that is, but it certainly is NOT as "The Honorable Mr...").

And then there's the Senate to consider, also. I know the Republican majority is slim, but despite repeated posturing by some Republicans, few will actually vote for impeachment. Only those whose seats are politically secure would even chance endangering their reelection in 2020. Those in less secure settings won't chance angering their voters - Trump voters - and will wiggle and squirm accordingly, but will toe the line in the end. 

You know what I would do were I Donald John Trump having endured all the lies, deceits, attacks - both personal and familial - and negativity that has spanned the 3 years since my election? I would go on National TV and place before the American people my case, defend my innocence, denounce the anarchists trying to overthrow the Constitutional process and remind the people how much I love and admire them and our country. And then tell them:

"I'm outta here. If you truly want the Democrats in charge, you can have them. I don't need the headaches and constant strain upon my family. And I certainly don't need these assholes trying to railroad me into oblivion. can have them; their socialist ideas; their anti-gun and anti-life policies; their hatred of America. I don't need it. I don't need the money. I don't need any of this. See ya!"

But...I am not Donald John Trump. The real one is doing what is best for his Country, his Office and his Honor: fighting the bastards who are trying to overthrow a valid US election and get Hillary Clinton in the White House in 2020 (however unlikely that most certainly is). I applaud and support him in this, even though I have some major disagreements with certain of his policies. What is happening to him and to the Presidency is unprecedented, unjust, unConstitutional and is doomed to failure. The saving grace in it all is that it will forever cement the unworthiness of Democrats to hold any office higher than House or Senate Page. They are not honorable men and women, as this debacle markedly shows, and they will suffer for it at the polls and for a long time hence. 

Some will say my thoughts and views are naive. It may well be so, but the gross miscarriage of justice presently being carried on in the hallowed halls of Congress is enough to make me believe otherwise. Even if man himself does not see this, the God in Heaven does. If ever a man on earth deserved immediate Heavenly support, such a man is Donald John Trump. He is as close to a Catholic President as we have had in a very long time, and by that I mean his thoughts, words and actions of his vision for a strong country mirrors those of Catholic teachings (I said Catholic, not modernist). Every Catholic should be supporting him in fighting the injustice about to be inflicted upon him, regardless of their party affiliation. Many won't, but they should.

I am certain, however, that DJT has some very Powerful Allies that will watch over and protect him as he prepares for war. Let us bolster his defenses by prayers and Rosaries on his behalf to his Heavenly Guardians.

Copyright 2019 David Heath - All Rights Reserved