December 29, 2019

Crystal Balling With BerGOGlio

What is going to happen in the Catholic Church over the next 2-3 years? No one can know for certain, mainly because we don't know how long Jorge BerGOGlio has to live (or who his successor might be). What is certain, however, is that changes will come constantly as long as BerGOGlio is the earthly leader of the Church. We already know this. Just look at the recent Catholic news and you'll see: 

  • the German Catholic Hierarchy proposing outright schism, and silence from BerGOGlio's Vatican.
  • BerGOGlio's re-writing of the 6th Commandment, and silence from the Curia and Cardinals.
  • BerGOGlio's continued shellacking of Traditional Catholicism, its ancient practices and the Catholics who embrace it, and silence from the greater majority of Bishops who could have and should have defended them all, despite VII's saintly status within the hierarchy.
  • BerGOGlio's pro-homosexual sermons, interviews, writings and behavior that require priests to reconcile the Catechism of the Catholic Church's teaching to that of the "living" Catechism of BerGOGlio - and do so with a straight face in front of their parishioners. 
  • BerGOGlio's brazen worshipping of the Paka-Waka-Mama idol in the very heart of Rome with Cardinals and other clerics - in silence - beside him.

"Trust me!" he says. "Hagan Lio!" he does.

So, how does one reconcile BerGOGlio's God of Surprises, who apparently loves to see homosexuality in His priests, adultery in His children and idol worshipping in His Temple, to the Triune God who punished Sodom and Gomorrah with fire, told Mary Magdalene to cease adultery and banished the idolaters of Mt Sinai to Hell? One cannot, for each is diametrically opposed to the other. So, then, as Catholics, whom are we required to follow when presented with two versions of Truth: God or BerGOGlio? 

The answer is written pretty clearly in Revelations (concerning Heaven): "There shall not enter into it any thing defiled, or that worketh abomination or maketh a lie, but they that are written in the book of life of the Lamb."

Sobering words. Remember them well.

It's hard not to believe that BerGOGlio has a tablet at his bedside (a gift from his Masonic & Gay handlers, perhaps) with all of the changes already listed that he will enact. All he need do at the end of each day is to check off what's been accomplished that has accelerated the making of the Roman Catholic Church into just another subsidiary religion under the control of the United Nations. And each day he awakens to another New Dawn, another New Aggiornamento to repeat the process.

But, I here ask, what of that day forthcoming when Bergoglio doesn't awaken from his sleep? What will happen in the days and weeks beyond that event? 

The man is already a living-saint to some and I will venture to say that Bergoglio will have a meteoric rise to sainthood. He will be remembered and honored in the hallowed halls of the United Nations, the mosques of Abu Dhabi and the United States House of Representatives (which currently enjoys a majority of his fans in residence). Accolades and joyous choruses will be heard from New Ways Ministry and its pro-homosexual adherent churches (no links), who will also name BerGOGlio as their Patron Saint. And Father James Martin, S.J. will be the Honorary Reader who will present BerGOGlio's eulogy to the masses huddled inside the protected walls of St. Peters.

Sadly, though, as the mourners will be restricted to advance ticket holders, all others, i.e. the smelly sheep of the Amazonians, the boat people of Lampedusa and the marginalized poor of Rome itself, will need to be content with an ear to the Vatican walls. (Sorry is limited and there is, um...the wall, you know? Heh.Heh.) I prescient or what? 

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