April 12, 2020

A Holy and Blessed Easter To All

Have a Holy & Blessed Easter everyone!

Though we may be prevented from properly giving thanks to Our Lord Jesus Christ for our redemption, we know the separation is temporary. The wheat is being separated from the chaff & the wheat that is left will bring forth much good fruit.

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April 4, 2020

3rd Station: Jesus' First Fall

We are in the midst of our agony here on earth, much like Our Lord and Savior himself during his final few weeks and days. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass has been suspended pretty much everywhere; even the SSPX has now done so, as much a victim of the ever-changing Chinese Virus rules & regulations as we laity. It made sense for the SSPX to do so: they are a missionary order and responsible for numerous satellite parishes away from their home priory. They could all be on a plane heading to their assignment and upon arriving find the civil authority has further restricted gatherings, preventing the laity from evening attending. In my opinion their action was just a matter of time. Regardless, we all are - willingly or unwillingly - walking beside Our Lord this Passion tide. 

As I was reading the Stations of the Cross at home this past Friday evening, the words of the 3rd Station (from The Roman Catholic Daily Missal) suddenly jumped out at me with more clarity than ever before. It seems that Holy Mother Church foresaw such as we are in now and placed these particular prayers, for this particular time, in this Penitential season, for our comfort and succor. Read the highlighted section especially, but pay closer attention to the underlined passage:

With the USA - indeed, almost the entire Catholic world - on lock-down, do not these words speak of our own Little Way of the Cross that we are now enduring? Does not the last sentence of the passage speak truly of the ache in our hearts as we endure forced separation from family, friends and co-workers in isolation at home, hospitals or nursing homes? And what of the deep agony of families whose loved ones lay dying, alone and bereft of family by their side, who then find they are unable to even have a normal burial? 

Indeed, we are in our own Little Way of the Cross, and only Our Lord Himself knows when all this will end. 

As our taken-for-granted liberties keep eroding on a daily basis in the name of fighting this medical "war" (that is increasingly being seen by many as nefarious overreach by local, State and, especially, Federal governments), many keep asking: 

"When, Lord...when? When will you grant  "...deliverance to them that are shut up."

Sadly, Our Lord is the only one that we can hope to deliver us from this pestilence, for the Pope and his Bishops have fallen to the world:

"They have not called upon God: there have they trembled for fear, where there was no fear. For God hath scattered the bones of them that please men: they have been confounded, because God hath despised them." [Psalms 52:6]
(my emphasis) 

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