June 12, 2020

ANTIFA & Anarchy

I am in disbelief of the ongoing events in the former city of Seattle, Washington. Intelligent, elected officials have taken an active part in the insurrection and destruction of their own city and then waffle over the best way to get it back. There is only one way, and it won't be a pretty one; anything less is pure folly. Even when if the city arrests the criminals that now infest its streets, Seattle herself will never be the same. She is done. She has already been overshadowed by these preventable events, and that shadow will just keep getting darker. Politically, I believe the left just dropped itself into a quagmire that will take it decades to overcome.
My further commentary on the matter is below. Ed


The rules of law - Natural or Moral; City, State or Federal - no longer apply to the former Seattle, Washington, USA. Seattle has been lost - irrevocably - to any form of civil law. Mob rule is now the law in this new psuedo-state Utopian dream. A Socialist-Marxist enclave within the continental United States of America. And it comes with overt official approval at the highest levels: the Mayor and certain City Council members. These elected officials have surrendered control of their City to un-elected ANTIFA anarchists. The citizens of Seattle and, ultimately, Washington State itself, have every reason to fear that this same type of ineffective government may now find its way downstream to their cities. That fear would be justified in my not-so-humble opinion, unless strong preventative measures are taken by every Mayor and City Council member of every city in Washington.

For now, though, a six-square block area the city has been transformed into East Berlin, Seattle, Washington. Barricaded for now, but the barbed wire will come later. Already the rot has begun and it won't take long before it runs its course in both directions. Armed anarchist police (what happened to the anti-gun wing of ANTIFA?) now patrol East Berlin, Seattle, the lawfully hired and professionally trained police having been told to retreat by their elected officials. How humiliating that must have been! However, were I a Seattle cop, I doubt I would want to give my life in the defense of appeasers and spineless idiots anyway, so I can't blame any cop for his or her retreat. They no longer had the support of the city they served so: "Why risk my life? Why put myself in harms way?" 

The Pyrrhic victory of ANTIFA will be short-lived, but sadly within its lifespan many lives will change, businesses will close & the "city" itself will suffer a slow, strangulated death. And it will most assuredly die because everyone within its borders will soon tire of the novelty. When the emotional high runs its course and the anarchists finally awake from their stupor, reality has a way of rearing its not-so-pretty head: 
  • Who will live within its walls? 
  • How will businesses thrive? 
  • How will its infrastructure be funded with but a few businesses & "citizens" to tax? 
  • Will they now mint their own money?
  • Will their official currency be known as the "antifa", with an exchange rate on par with that of Iran or Venezuela?
  • What other entity would want to do business with such an unstable "city"? 
Another point to ponder: the anarchists involved in the insurrection have, in effect, renounced their US citizenship, they cannot ask for assistance from either the State or the Nation to which they no longer pledge allegiance. Quite the pickle for them, eh? 

I also marvel at how their brazen actions are on full display for the world to see, and yet, they all seem to want to cover their faces in hopes of remaining anonymous instead of showing true courage for "the cause" by being unmasked. Or do they fear the inevitable retributions and want to be able to slink away into the dark of night when the real police arrive to take back their city? 

Cowards, much?

And the really big question (to me): Who is/are the current Head(s) of State and how long before he/she/they get overthrown? 

Frankly...I don't give a damn if they are. Everyone of them deserve a quick arraignment, fair trial and a very long prison sentence that will allow them to think on what a privilege it is  -or was - to be an American.

May God have mercy on them all. And especially, may the Holy Ghost enlighten these immature cretins to see what pawns they have become to their handlers, who - behind closed doors - call them what they truly are: canon fodder.

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June 5, 2020

REPOST: The Lion

I wrote this post a couple of months ago. It was - is - allegorical in many ways, even more so now. I will leave it to my readers to connect the allegorical dots to recent current events. Ed

There was blood on the wounded animal and his enemies smelled it. 

They could feel the victory just ahead, if only they can keep on his heels. A nip; a slash; a painful, flesh tearing bite. But their prey yet manages to escape the pack's sharp claws, although they know he is getting tired of the fight - and of the chase. 

It seemed a lifetime ago when the rest of his pack left, and the sting of that defection was still fresh in his mind, especially of their meek acquiescence of surrender without so much as a whimper or howl. He shook his head to clear away the confusion; he supposed just the thought of an early death by an unseen enemy and the enticing prospect of being saved was just too much to let go. He could not convince them otherwise and, little by little, his pack easily gave up all they had struggled to maintain - all that their ancestors had won generations ago. 

But still, he vowed to keep his enemies at bay, for as long as possible. He might yet be a beacon of hope for his pack, the spark that would awaken them from their mind-numbing slumber. He hoped he would live long enough to see them all turn to face their enemies, legs set, muscles taught, minds clear as to their task.

But his heart refused the comfort such thoughts gave and all he could do was steel himself for the inevitable, final battle that he knew was coming.

He knows that he cannot stop the coming fight. His allegiance to a higher calling prevents it, at least until - as he heard someone once say - he's given "his last full measure." 

"So that's what it's all about, then", he tells himself as its clarity hit him full face, "the last full measure." And he understood, now, how his pack could be swayed so easily by the sirens song of their enemies: they were not yet ready to give their last full measure. They had enjoyed their ease and their free-range lifestyle too much and had forgotten the cost the others before them had paid for the privilege they now enjoyed. 

He stopped then, and turned to face the enemies that were almost upon him: his legs set; his muscles taught; his mind clear as to his task. 

And he smiled a knowing smile, for he knew the one thing his enemies did not: this might be his end, but it was not the end.

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