February 1, 2020

Commentary on Priestly Celibacy and a Decision To Be Made

I have maintained that BerGOGlio is Pope, though my feelings have always demanded otherwise. But I'm not Catholic because of my feelings, but because of my Baptism. Once a Catholic, always a Catholic.

Numerous times I've found my self wanting to turn my back on Rome, much as She has done to me. The pain is sometimes too great and, much like a cuckolded husband, I've yearned to find the comfort and solace that I once felt with Her. But then I realize it is not Rome, but the Romans who have turned. Rome Herself is still standing, proud and strong, but sadly has been lately covered in so much slime it is hard to see the beauty that lies beneath. But still, I have always been able - through Grace, no doubt - to reject that cuckolded feeling and retain my attachment and allegiance to earthly Rome, and its earthly head as well. That, however, may yet come to an end.

Should BerGOGlio do the unthinkable and end priestly celibacy, no matter how little of an inroad is allowed, the crossroad that I keep fearing might finally be upon me. Not that I plan on reneging on the Baptismal vows spoken by my Godparents on my behalf, but of calling BerGOGlio the true Vicar of Christ and head of His visible church. No true head of Our Lord's Church on Earth would attempt to remove a foundation stone of Catholicism - and the Priesthood - as celibacy. As Ann Barnhardt correctly wrote:

"The rule from DAY ONE was that married men who were ordained had to observe PERFECT, PERPETUAL CONTINENCE. They could never have sex with their wives again. Because, to be a priest and offer the Holy Sacrifice is to be mystically espoused to the Church, and to Christ Himself. The Mass is a nuptial act."

We have been inundated with an actively  homosexual hierarchy - are we now about to be inundated with an actively heterosexual married clergy? And what would happen if a married priest and his wife divorce? What will happen to any children? Will we see a single-parent priest trying to balance his priestly duties with that of a single parent trying to get his kids to soccer, school plays and proms? Will we now have, in addition to lay readers and lay EMHC's, lay Nanny's to watch the priests toddlers while he goes to "work" each Sunday morning? And which Soul will he choose to save if both of these calls come at once: his teenage son's to come pick him up lest he has to drive home drunk from a party, or, the nurse's telling him a dying, fallen away Catholic is on their death-bed and has asked for a priest? Which Soul is more important to him as a Father? Which Soul is more important to him as a Priest? Which Soul would he choose to save? Which Soul would YOU choose to save??

Perhaps the above scenarios would never happen. Perhaps the Hierarchy has already plans in place to assist a married priest in conflict between his clerical and secular duties and responsibilities. Perhaps I am playing the naive fool. Perhaps my lack of a S.T.B. or S.T.L. is telling. Perhaps...perhaps...

Should BerGOGlio actually promulgate approval of married clergy, it may well be the straw that breaks this camels back of acknowledging him as the true head of Christ's Church on earth. He has already made himself a demi-god with Amoris Laetita; now he will try to advance to full-god status by totally redefining the priesthood established by Our Lord Jesus Christ. And that, to me, is the act of a very, very proud man who has no fear of his Lord; King and Creator. 

When - IF - priestly celibacy is rescinded, it may well also be the day when I can no longer look upon BerGOGlio as Pope. 

Pray, Lord, stop this evil bastard, lest we all perish. 

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A Child's Unconditional Love

[This article first appeared at Catholic365.com. Publishing requirements limited the number of photos allowed per article, so I here re-post my original article with the missing photos included. I urge my readers to frequent Catholic 365 for additional Catholic commentary on various subjects of importance to the Catholic world. Ed]

Sculpture to mothers who have lost babies through abortion, created by art student Martin Hudáček of Slovakia. (LINK)

In this month of the 47th anniversary of Roe V Wade, it bears us to remember the children - some 60,069,971 since 1973 - that have been denied the right to life. A life that even animals themselves seem to enjoy in modern society, replete with laws that protect them from being harmed or killed. It has become de rigueur in modern society to champion the cause of animals, to ensure that the homeless or abused are found, cared for and put up for adoption. And well they should have such protections, for even they are created by God.

It is repugnant, however, to know that a baby, created in the image and likeness of God and while still in the womb, does not enjoy the same privilege to life as mere animals. What does that say about our modern society where animals - and even criminals - have more rights than a preborn child? Has society sunk so low that we value brute animals and criminals over that of an unborn child?

Regardless, and although many preborn children have been denied this right to life, my newest niece & nephew - Molly & Christian - were not. 

Molly J. (used by permission)
Christian I. (used by permission)

These two beautiful children's parents chose life and to them and to all Parents and Mothers who choose life, I say: 

Thank you and may God Bless you!

To those children denied their lives, denied the right to love, to smile and to repose in the arms of a loving Mother, I offer to and for them: 

A Child's Unconditional Love

Silent voices, heard by none; Yet, that cry!
They are frightened, unloved and alone.
Until their Angel Guardians carry them Home.

Into the hands of their Father,
with tenderness, are they placed;
The pains of death now overtaken by Grace.

Tenderness and Joy, with their eyes they do see,
In the face of their Savior: Love,
Love! that should have been Thee!

Now only He can behold them full grown,
And return them His gift:
Their lives, that were stole;

By the one who was made, to bring them to life.
But, willingly, did forfeit that God-given right.
'Can you forgive?' each child shall be asked,

'This creature, this woman, this One I did task?'
'Oh, Yes, Dearest Savior! There can be no other,
That ever will we Love, for:

She Is Our Mother!'

(© 2019 David Heath)

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