While this blog was first begun primarily as a means of  defending Catholic marriage, especially my own, it has since evolved into all matters of Catholicism, personal commentary or whatever strikes me as relevant. It is, still, a "niche" blog with a specific targeted audience in mind - Roman Catholics - but now has the more broader goal of defending Roman Catholicism as it was handed down by Our Lord Jesus Christ. Others will always do it so much better than I will be able to, but all Catholics must defend Her as best they can and especially so from Her internal enemies. Even if those enemies are wearing white, red or purple cassocks..

If you don't like what I write, then don't read the blog. If you think I'm overly-dramatic or that I'm against happy marriages, don't read the blog. If you think I hate the current Pope, then you especially should not read this blog. You do not belong here, so stop torturing yourself. Use the comm box if you want; if you can prove with facts that I am wrong, I'll either justify what I've written, modify it or delete it. But, I will delete what you've written if I believe you write emotions-only comments.

This blog rightfully belongs to the Immaculate Heart of Mary; I write for Her as the editor and am ultimately responsible to Her.

(Updated November 12, 2019)

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